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Found 6 results

  1. I started painting up Cthulhu tonight. So far I've just got the base coat on the head and body. I hope to get this done fairly quickly.
  2. I present you my latest effort... I painted this one faster than I thought as I was driven to finish. SOMETHING prevented me from giving him that scary ugly monster treatment...not sure what though ! My version of his lord and master CTHULHU bones version 77194. (usual disclaimer on how I suck at taking pics...) Thanks for looking
  3. My goal is to finish this one by the end of 2016. I've been working on it since summer, and I've only gotten this far, so I hope I'm not putting too much pressure on myself! Planning stages: My inspiration - My MSPaint skillz - My basing skillz - I used some Sculpey on my then brand new Basius Plaguelands stamp. (That tells you how long this thing has been sitting around waiting for me.) I mashed together various sections to make a nice swampy area. I'll glue the integral base to the void, and fill with greenstuff prior to priming. Mr. Bathalian will be sort of a testbed for the color scheme I want to use on the big man himself. Badly overprimed in Army Painter Alien Purple - Badly over-washed in Nightmare Black, staff based in I think Concrete Grey - Blocked primary sections in what I imagine are the main colors I want to use - Inner robe: based with Rich Indigo, shaded with Nightmare Black, and highlighted with Gem Purple. Future highlights will go pale purple-ish. Outer robe: based with Witchcraft Purple, shade will probably be Rich Indigo, and highlights will go to pink-ish. Skin: based with Cactus Flower, shade TBD, highlights to white-ish. Staff: needs to be more bone-ish, future TBD. More to come-ish!
  4. I have built up the courage to paint my Cthulhu from the bones one kickstarter, he has been played with as a 3d jigsaw by my two lads for the past year, but I have decided to face the fear of the model and get it painted. So far I have cleaned off some of the mold line, there are not that many that can be cleaned off completely and it has been wash. The next step is to give it an undercoat, the plan is to paint the body, base and head as three peices. So first up I need to glue the body together and use some gree stuff to fill in any gaps.
  5. Here's some photos of the finished Cthulhu from my WIP thread: (http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/57825-gcb-paints-77194-cthulhu/) For some reason, I forgot everything that I learned about model photography and spent most of the afternoon fussing about with the setup, only to discover most of them were useless because I didn't set the white balance right -- Blue and pink Cthulhu in almost every picture! I'll have to come back to it later, to take the 2015 paint contest photos.
  6. Okay, new project! Last weekend, I based C'thulhu with FolkArt Multi-Surface Paint (thinned with water and airbrushed), which I've found really sticks well to Bones and MSP sticks to it. I chose Thicket Green for the body and Bark Brown for the base. I chose to use the Moss Colors Triad as the main colors for the body. I sprayed Jungle Moss for the undercoat, with Highlands Moss sprayed as zenithal highlighting. I then drybrushed the shadows with Highlands Moss, and the highlights with Pale Lichen. Nice... I haven't really decided what to do with the base yet, but I like the idea making the main colors of the model green and purple, so I started the base with Violet Shadow. ...and that's where I ended for the night.
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