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Found 6 results

  1. Howdy, The fish of the day is... Kev!
  2. Learned a lot in the painting of this mini. I modified the original model to get away from the nautical theme by removing the anglerfish antenna and the gig on the spear. Initially I was shooting for a color scheme/theme that would work for a character of any alignment. As the mini grew into itself though, it seemed to lean toward more of a good/neutral cleric or wizard. After applying the wash I was immediately nervous that I went overkill with it, but I actually like how it turned out after giving myself some time with it. He's not really a prissy temple cleric or pompous library wizard, he's more the kind that will spend a week in the underdark and get down and dirty with the rest of the adventuring party. My overhead lighting casts a fairly harsh yellow glow, so the layered vestment sort of fabric over the robe, tassles and glove fringes appear a tan or almost gold, but are really a weathered dirty white. Obviously not winning any awards with this guy, but he's definitely a high character tabletop addition imo. Experimented with a bunch of new (to me) techniques with this one and had a lot of fun! Critiques are very welcome, please and thanks!
  3. This is Reaper's 77215: Eregris Darkfathom, some sort of evil fish priest, which is how I mentally labeled him before I looked up his name and SKU for his post. Unusually for Reaper, they don't seem to list who the sculptor is in the online store. I was painting him up as part of a pack of aquatic baddies, but lost a bit of steam until the new year's Conga Line. He's got lots of layers; I particularly like the ruffled live scallop effect of the bottom of his skirts. I made liberal use of semi-translucent metallics and iridescents. His face is barely indicated in all that regalia.
  4. This was supposed to be my entry for the most recent Bones Beauty Pageant, but something weird happened in my brain and I translated May 4th to May 6th as the finish date... and finished him late By like, a day. Go figure. Anyway, when I was looking for inspiration for him I turned to my Hubby, as usual, because he has interesting ideas. Almost immediately he thought of a portion of the Dethlok song Mermaider II, which references a prophet. For a reference picture he gave me the special edition cover of Dethalbum II, which is a really awesome, dark merman wielding two tridents. So for my prophet I decided to go for dark tones, staying in the cool ranges. Mostly, I just wanted to keep him really dark, as though he was lurking at the bottom of an abyss. His armour is all grey, with a dark charcoal sample paint standing in for dark elf shadow (which I don't yet have), then I used dark elf skin, and dark elf highlight. The every light points (which are inspired by the bright points on piranha scales) is rainy grey. I washed the armour with watered down brown liner, to give it an aged, grey bone look, though I don't think I achieved that as well as I would have liked. His bottom most skirt is black, with carnival purple highlights. The pleated skirt was based in forest green, then highlighted with a blend of minty sample paint and forest green which made a nice teal. The dark blue layers are nightmare black with some P3 blue highlights. And that's about what I remember of his skirts. Aside from that I came to the conclusion that he probably never gets undressed, unless he has very good motivation (and help getting dress afterwards ). Finally, I did the OSL effect from his bobble with Atlantean Aqua, lightened with white and watered down a lot. The water effect is entirely new to me and caused me no end of nervousness while I was at work and it was curing. I was pretty sure I had ruined him. But it looks pretty neat, especially with the red in there. Looks like he just murdered something And the cat hair is not attached, it's just my cat's way of photobombing Reference picture: Reference lyrics:
  5. Alright, this is less showing off and more about getting critiques about my more recent "ambitious but rubbish" project. I had three goals in mind when doing this one, make him look the part of a nasty angler fish with appropriate coloration, paint corrosion on the copper/brass armor, and attempt to make it look like his lure was glowing with an osl effect. The latter two things I haven't done before and from the looks of this current effort I still need some practice.
  6. I was searching about for a fourth mini to slap some paint on for the RPChallenge this month and came across this guy in the beauty pageant thread. "He's a really neat sculpt," I thought. "I bet I could do some really kick-elf lighting effects with his lure." The banded mail greens are various blends of 29846 Spruce Green and some other assorted greens and yellows, which is a really fantastic nigh-turquoise color. Glazing a purple over it gives you a rather neat effect. A lot of the fishy-color is 29811 Turf Green, because why not? I have these Bones II colors sitting out, I might as well try them. I'm not as much a fan of turf green yet but I'm sure I'll find something for it eventually. Until then it's sort of a muddy green, the kind I often make by accident. I didn't get the contrast high enough to really pull off the OSL I was hoping, at least not in photos. (It's a little more apparent in person, where you can spin him around, but that doesn't mean I got the contrast right.) I also made the absolutely hilarious mistake of not looking at the official Reaper paint job, so I had no idea that thing in his mouth was actually a face. Oh well! It's a tongue now. The most hideous tongue the world has ever known.
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