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Found 10 results

  1. Just getting these out of the way
  2. It started last year, when stonehaven offered a feathered dinosaur and a frog knight. I decided to make a diorama of one of my wife's fav jokes. Since it involved a library, it would be perfect for her to keep on her desk at work. the frog knight didn't work out, so I got a different frog from reaper. I got as far as priming, and starting a base-coat on the "chicken". In December, kicked the project into high gear. WIP The Joke
  3. So it all started with a joke I learned and told to my librarian wife. Hopefully will it be displayed on her (back office) desk at my wife's library. I will write "Bok" or book behind the chicken (likely on the base) and "Reddit " behind the frog Some early ideas didn't work out so this is about my third configuration. I bought a stonehaven raptor and mounted frog knight for this, but the frog knight was too small, is not obviously a frog (with the armor and all) this frog is a little large, but its going to be seen mostly from a few feet way. The scene will take place inside the library, originally the street outside was also a possibility. I didn't want to put it in the marsh, because I wanted the library in the scene, and an inside tablue fit better. What works well for carpet? It have a handle on crafting a book, just haven't started it yet. It will be sitting on the floor between them . 02665: Killer Frogs x1 02703: Gothic Archway x1 77318: Bookshelf x2 Stonehaven raptor mount 21 days remaining
  4. I painted up the bookshelf (77318) and table and benches (77319) to go in my cottage. (WIP here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/68003-cottage-wip/ ) The table and benches were super simple and I just used the same colors to do the wood as I used to do the floor and roof timbers on the cottage. The bookshelf is a bit wonky but hey, maybe the wood was warped. I wanted colorful books that looked well cared for. I love reading and have shelves full of books myself! I included a few of my favorites in this bookshelf. A few were hard to photograph as I did the covers on a few of the books that presented covers, I included a close up picture of one of the spines that I detailed.
  5. Here is some dungeon filler I have collected. I can't remember who I got the non reaper stuff from or I would tag them. The traps/stairs are paper terrain on foam. Of course the main attraction are the lovely Reaper pieces.
  6. Here's a few random Bones minis that I've finished over the last couple of months. I finally got around to photographing them when I finished the bookshelves recently. 77318 Bookshelves I didn't pick any of these up during the Bones II KS, but we grabbed a few during the 12 days promotion. Love the detail on these and can't beat the Bones prices! They work really well with DwarvenForge Game Tiles and I wanted to get them painted in time for the City System KS shipments. 77156 Owlbear This was a pretty quick paint job. I had initially planned to do more with him, but after finishing a few basic steps, I looked at it and said, looks good, don't mess it up! 77144 Mummy Another simple paint job. I painted him quite awhile ago as he was a test piece to see how different sealers worked on Bones. I've had some poor luck with Krylon sprays (turn glossy over time, no matter how matte it looks initially), so this was a test with just testor's dullcote. Definitely no shine months later, although not sure it really provides that much protection either. Luckily, it's Bones, durable, and a simple figure, so I'm not concerned. Thanks for looking!
  7. Finally had a chance to finish up a bunch of dungeon dressing I started back in May. I took a couple depths of focus on this scene; to get everything in focus: And finally, the Stalagmites from Bones 2:
  8. The other day I introduced a friend to mini painting. This was the one that I worked on. The photo showed me a few spots I'd missed that were invisible to me by eye.
  9. 77318: Bookshelves x 3 77248: Crates x 2 (minus small crates) 77249: Barrels x 2 (minus small barrels)
  10. I'm taking the time to do some of the dungeon dressing from Bones I and II, today, I cleaned mould lines, and stuck a bunch of pieces to my craft sticks: And I got a couple pieces base-coated, the treasure chest: And the other "treasure chest": C&C welcome! :)
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