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Found 8 results

  1. Crowley

    Crowley's Blightfang

    With my bride away on a work trip this week, I decided to try to squeeze in a kinda big project... and after dithering about what it should be, I settled on painting one of my many Bones dragons. Blightfang was actually a main antagonist in a D&D campaign I ran a while back... so that's the one I decided to paint! Tonight was spent scrubbing him down, after he'd spent the day soaking in soapy water. I partly glued him together, and then got painting with Green Liner. I'm only partly assembling him, so that I can more easily access the harder to reach spots. Also the back legs don't fit well into the base he came with, so I'm thinking that I might need to make my own out of cork... And this was supposed to be a quick project... we'll see how I do.
  2. Kelcore


    So, this guy showed up on my front door on Friday as a gift from a friend. Fun to paint, a pain to put together, and I couldn't get the tip of the tail to not droop to the floor to save my life (yes, I did several heat and cools). Also, chasing down the areas where the paint rubbed away (despite priming) was pretty frustrating. However, Reaper is still unmatched as far as cool dragons go. And Greens are among my favorites. Anywho, enjoy!
  3. So I started Blightfang, but my wife decide to fix my mistakes with colors and blending
  4. Sirithiliel

    77323: Blightfang (Red)

    Painting up blightfang for a friend. She'll be a red dragon This is basecoated
  5. Evilhalfling

    Evilhalfling's Blightfang the many-eyed

    This one took a while WIP but I wanted to finish it up by the end of the year. I wasn't sure about the eyes at first, but then I started dropping hints about it in my RPG, and now she is showing up as a sleeping guardian in my next game (tomorrow) The base is my most elaborate to date,and my first experience with water effects. The ripples came from a divot I made in the surface that I filled, and then was inspired to change into ripples,with a leaf in the center.
  6. Evilhalfling

    WIP: Blightfang : peacock

    So I started Blightfang Last Saturday (11-22) First I did some test color patterns. Then I went to paint day CMPA and did the tail another day to finish it, adding some red shadow paint for shadows, and glazing with it on the underside. unfortunately I had the angle wrong and will have to redo this tail. again trying different patterns: So I liked the eyes best, but figured that the eyespots on the wings would be more useful as a distraction if they didn't pinpoint the dragons actual location . Started moving forward with a pair of eyes on each wing flap. But I am not thrilled with results, and may go back to an earlier pattern. The body is currently painted up to a mid-tone, with scattered highlights, wings are still rough. More Later - pictures still on camera.
  7. Sirithiliel

    77323: Blue Blightfang

    WIP: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/59697-77323-blightfang-blue/ Finished! I was going for a tropical feel to her =P I also painted up one of the dragon hatchlings (technically the red one, but i painted him blue) for her.
  8. Sirithiliel

    77323: Blightfang (Blue)

    So I'm going to start my Blightfang soon She's going to be a blue water dragon XP So I put her on a Secret Weapon base that has coral like protrusions. I plan to greenstuff in coral and rocks similar to what i did to Coraldrax She does need a bit of greenstuff on some of her seams