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Found 4 results

  1. First come the green meteors. They come from a particular region in space, and a given year may see anywhere from one or two events to a dazzling display that outshines fireworks. (Do not look at a shower event without adequate eye protection!) A meteor that lands without burning up completely is like to see peculiar plants grow near it. They share some qualities with normal plants like the bird-of-paradise plant, the sundew, or the genus Nepenthes but otherwise differ markedly from standard Earth flora. A remarkable mobility and incredible response-patterns to local environmental stimuli are among the most notable. They have a specialized organ, a lash extending from their central bloom, coated in a sticky, debilitatingly painful neuroactive compound. Do not let this touch your skin. Do NOT let it get in your eyes! They are also very fast-growing. And aggressive--they actively fling the lash at nearby sources of (heat? vibration? some combination of the two? Research is ongoing). Infestation is common in tropical and subtropical regions if the population is unchecked. Multiple subspecies have been distinguished within the original Trifidus tripes, from the temperate-zone and unpredictable T. t. wyndhami, to the monstrous tropical T. t. horribilis. It is sometimes hypothesized, usually by sweaty and unreliable cryptobotanists, that rapid evolution is on the cusp of producing speciation events, including the proposed classifications Trifidus ambulans and the conjectural T. anthropomimus. Fortunately, this remains the province of wild-eyed crackpots and can safely dismissed as the rantings of an overactive imagination. Guest appearances by Artizan's Miss Greentree, Antediluvian's Professor, a Creeper from Crooked Dice, and Reaper's own Dragon Plant (77505) and Occult Detective (59039).
  2. This is all I got done in August. I gave the coral golem his own thread with more shots as well.
  3. I've had most of these in some state of finished for a while now, but it took me some time to lay hands on a Dragon Plant. But here we have the entire verdant army--not so much tree creatures or fungi, but bosky flowering herbs and forbs. First up, some Vardu plant-people from Hydra Miniatures (while they specialize in retro spacefuture sci-fi, they have some other treasures). A Warrior and eight Sproutlings. More angles: The sproutlings come in two sculpts, but the whippy vine-arms are easily posed and bent. The Warrior comes with an extra head option (petals closed), which I have used below. Next, some Creepers from Crooked Dice! These are magnificent shambling Pod People. I tried to give the fleshy-petaled 'head' a louche, unwholesome look, like something pollinated by carrion beetles. A couple of more sessile forms, maybe an earlier stage in the lifecycle. Couldn't resist the red-and-white color scheme. The Death Star Lilies (77504) are brilliant sculpts--the open and closed form of an organic bear-trap. And the Dragon Plant is clearly related, with the serrated petals and sticky anther lure. Group shots of the less anthropoid plants: And the whole Triffidoid faction:
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