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Found 3 results

  1. More Beast People! These are just painted up to tabletop use for a homebrewed Oldhammer-ish game a friend made. But look at these li'l guys! They're delightful! Look at them roar their terrible roars and gnash their terrible teeth! That fella with the eyepatch and the pronghorn horns has a kilt MADE OF HUMAN FACES! That's pretty metal! What a rowdy bunch. Love 'em.
  2. I started these Minitaurs months ago, and wanted to paint them like the Khazra from the Diablo video games. I abandoned work on them earlier this year when I took a break from painting for health reasons. At this point I'm kinda jaded and just wanted them off my table. The leader's wrist wraps are too bright, and I might go back and add shadows to tone those down, but otherwise I'm done with these.
  3. It's the weekend and you know what time it is! Got a terrifying little foursome going here this time. Attempted a few new things that have been given to me as feedback over the last few weeks, so thought it was a good time to put them to use. BATTLE REPORT! Wins: * Sticking to a simple color scheme for the skin - trying to only use two tones and building up the colors. Win - kind of. More on that to come. * Making the chest area stand out from the rest of the skin I thank made for a fun touch. Layering was done well, but learned a lot in doing it that next time could be easier. * Eyes. HOLY SMOKES! I'm so happy with the eyes. I did a blacked out eye area, filled in the round white, then used a black to dot in the center. Was a shaking mess doing it? You bet I was, but the outcome was worth it. Each of them have eyes I'm very happy with. * 2 of them have a burnt umber ink wash 4:1 flow improver to DR Ink. The wash went on well and settled into the seems, but I think there's still something I'm missing. Had to go back with another coat and hit just the cracks for deeper color. The other 2 were done with a diluted MSP Brown Liner. The Brown Liner was the better of the two to really draw out the shadows, but still something to be desired. However, both of these methods worked better than a GW wash that usually just dirties them up. * Horns were pretty good prior to the wash I gave them in a transition from dark rust to a bone white. I thought the ridges needed more depth so I washed it with that brown liner. They dont' look bad, but they don't look as good as I hoped. The win was learning this brown liner wash. Misses: * I tried washing over the leather colored kilt with a black wash. Big miss! Messy, wrong tone, and ruined it. Had to do it again. * Tried a red color for the waist cloth (same red you see on the eye-patched minitaur on his wrist bands) and it was too similar in color. I was aiming for brighter colors to break up the model. I don't think it worked. Did it over again with MSP Leather. * I hate the fabrics on their kilts. None of them came out as I hoped. Only one with decent turn out was the eye-patched guy with his kilt-o-faces. * Washes ended up heavy and very, very, very glossy. So glossy in fact, I couldn't even tell if they were dry or just glossy. Using flow improver on top of an ink is basically like making it glass. Good to know, but not desired look. * The swords and metal overall wasn't ideal. Kind of dark for what I wanted. I chickened out on the NMM. Again. I'm happy to have these little guys done and don't think they are bad. Just think they could have been better. Getting to understand the washes, glossiness, what matte cote will do it after, and the eyes - oh those eyes, this was all a project worth doing even if it wasn't my ideal turnout. Here they are. As always send me any feedback you got.
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