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Found 2 results

  1. "There was an old woman who had three sons, Jacob and James and John, One was hanged and one was drowned, One was lost and never was found, And that was an end of her three sons, Jacob and James and John." ----old nursery rhyme There's always room for brigands in any D&D or adjacent game, and these three ne'er-do-wells sure deliver. Well, in a manner of speaking. Mostly they make other people stand and deliver. Like these honest-ish merchants: Leaping from trees and various emboskments, as one does in an ambuscado, they surround their prey. The waylaid merchants are surrounded, tied up, bludgeoned soundly, and thrown into a thornbush. and the crew make off with their ill-gained spoils! Speaking of spoils, click below on the spoilers for more pics of the crew, including the burly Calbach Greatclub (03231) and the utterly vile Cadwalon (02044). Notes: I did go back and finish up the Drayman's eyes. You'll notice his pack tortoise and the camel (80075) are both extra laden. The extraneous chests and packs are from Nolzur's Adventurers' Campsite set. Chests on the cart are Mantic, I think. The tortoise also has some bottles from a Hobbit action figure, but not very visible at this angle. The Drayman is gloved and with arm outstretched; he is supposed to be holding reins or a carrot on a stick perhaps, but it looks like a great falconing pose. So I gave him one of the vultures from the Tree of Despair. Guest appearances from Esme, Dicarus Darksword, some Gremlins, and a Dark Dwarf Pounder. They either have or will get their own posts later. I see I should probably go back and darkline the Brigands a bit more.
  2. The goal was to keep the same colors used across the three of these baddies as if they are in a gang. I tried to use a Drakenshade wash to mimic black over the zenethal primed area. Didn't work like I had hoped, but the navy shade doesn't look too bad. These guys have a LOT of hardware hanging off of them from satchels (he purse), sacks - to hold coins, scabbards, and straps. Basically I spent most of my time doing all the accessories over the larger areas. I'm still not done! I did these three at the same time as my toads and goblins, so I had time to shift between all of them while I waited for the stupid 4:1 wash mix I made with GW wash and Vallejo glaze. Took FOREVER to dry. On one of my toads it's been well over 4 hours - still not dry in deeper areas. Better use of zenithal priming. Made for less work in the shaded areas, which I made it a point not to try and paint some of those areas no one would even see anyway. Much better use of tie. Win. I'm still having difficulty with wood textures. Ican't figure out a good color to use and then wash/highlight with to make it look like wood. I'm not trying to do 4 layers, but just there's got to be a better mix of 2 colors and wash. I'd hope. I did Khaki with a Nuln Oil wash and it did okay. The big win for me on these three was the use of the Flesh Tones from Reaper. I started with the Fair Shadow, then a Reikland Flesh wash, then came back with Fair shadow, and used the Fair tone to highlight. Since these are brigands I didn't think going lighter was necessary. I mean, they probably bathe like once a month. I think "fair" is being kind to their complexion. So far they are good, but I think I will do more use of dark colors on top and lighter colors underneath. The hooded dagger guy I think didn't come out great with a lighter color on the top. I should have done dark brown on hood and khaki underneath. Meh. I'll still need to highlight and bring out some of the straps/threads. Would love any feedback y'all have at this point. Also - the eyes are getting better. I watched someone say make their eyes aim somewhat like they may be looking down at something. It helped me hit a focal point when doing the eyes. They came out okay. Only one of them looks like he may have taken a few shots from Mike Tyson, but...he's a brigand.
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