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Found 8 results

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSRmrapt8f8&feature=youtu.be Hey guys, me again. This time I am back with a anti paladin I did after a few weeks off to pursue some other things I needed to get done. I really like how the colors turned out on this one. I was intending for a black suit of armor, but I ended up giving him a sort of Dracula red armor by accident. Only thing I feel i could of done different or improved on was to use less red and more of another color. However I don't have a clue what that other color would of been to be honest. The photos show the progression, black armor, painted with red. I wanted to give the appearance of black armor caked in the blood of his enemys, while making the cape clearly blood stained on the front where it made sense to be but not on the back. The shield I was aiming for the look of it and the sword being made out of bone but also caked in the well you know I don't need to keep saying it. I feel like the base of the mini could of done with a better paint job but again I wasn't sure the color to use so I went with green grass since I feel like that would make the most sense.
  2. Figure 2 of 3 from World Wide Miniatures Day 2017. Had fun with the shield on this guy. Wasn't really sure where I was going when I started. Pretty happy with the results. Comment and Critiques welcome.
  3. I've been painting a lot lately, but not posting so much. Time to fix that (the posting, not the painting)! I finished this antipaladin a while ago, but hadn't posted him to show off yet. So here he is: I decided to go with a rich color scheme, incorporating red, brown, bone, and three different colored metallics: steel with black, steel with brown, and gold with brown. I'm quite happy with how it all turned out. For the base, I used a technique that I learned from James Wappel's blog (wow, that guy is prolific). I made a round disc out of sculpey, and carved it with the sigil of an evil deity. Then I baked it, and after baking snapped it into pieces. It gives it a nice natural broken stone look, and I got three bases for the price of one! So now I just need to find two other evil characters to populate the other bases. I also used this mini to try out a new mini photography technique, a turntable that I made myself. I included a few details of how I did it in this old forum thread. This allows me to make nice 360 degree animations. I like the way it is able to show the shifting highlights on the metals; it's something you really don't capture with still photos. And the new forum can embed them directly. Cool! Following a suggestion from Cranky Dog, I also made a 3D version. It could still be improved, but I think the technique shows promise. Here are instructions for viewing: Hold your finger close to your screen, in the middle between the two images. Slowly bring your finger toward your nose, keeping your focus on your finger. At some point the two images in the background will merge into one. Shift your focus to the image on the screen, and behold the miracle of 3D! Laugh at all those suckers who wasted hundreds of dollars on fancy VR headsets. Please let me know whether the effect works for you! It took me a few tries to properly view it, but it becomes easier with practice.
  4. 89032: Anti Paladin 89030: Hellknight, ORder of the Nail 89029: Hellknight, Order of the Scourge 77237: Skeletal Archer 77238: Skeletal Guardian 2H sword 77239: Skeletal Guardian Spearman 77240: Skeletal Guardian Sword 77241: Skeletal Guardian Axeman 77175: Ghoul Queen 77122: Tierdeleria, Dark Elf Queen x2 77123: Zalash, Dark Elf Assassin 77150: Ragnaros, Evil Warrior 77121: Liela, Dark Elf Wizard 77065: Norgol, Irongrave Knight (with weapon swap)
  5. Companion to the Hellknight, the Anti Paladin: I am not really satisfied with the cloak, but then again, cloaks are not my forte. This one was painted similarily to the Hellknight. Both are meant for the evil warband for frostgrave as swordsmen / knights. This one might also be a captain if it comes to that. He reminds me of Mola-Ram, that heart-wrenching high priest of the Thugee clan. I imagine these are the kinds of people that would eat deliscious eyeball soup, followed by chilled monkey brain for dessert. 89032: Anti Paladin Reaper Miniatures Bones PVC, KS2 30mm base
  6. Here my first two miniatures that I have painted please let me know what you all think.(update the models are 77279: Narthrax and 89032 Anti Paladin) I modified Narthrax with fire out of the mouth.And I modified Anti Paladin by Thinning the cape out.
  7. So here's a dump of plate-wearers. Isabeau you've already seen here, but she appears here again in the little "diorama" I made because reasons. I came up with a little story idea for these guys, in that the paladins all wear red cloaks/capes/what-have-you and white armor. The anti-paladin was once a member of their same order, but kept his cloak as a sort of middle finger to his old friends. It's a sore spot between them all. Almaran is a bit pale as I was using the Fair Skin paints on him and have decided I'll likely stick to Rosy Skin as the absolute "fairest" I'm going to paint someone who is not undead. He looks sickly, at least in person. Also I didn't see the mold line on his face before I was painting him so he has a kind of Two Face thing going on that he shamefully hides behind his shield. I've actually painted all 3 of the paladins before. My other Almaran is floating around here somewhere. My Duke and Isabeau though are kind of laughably bad, particularly contrasted with their newer, shinier versions, at least to me. We're our own hardest critics, right? Anyway, enjoy!
  8. And, since they didn't fit with the other threads, here's some Pathfinder baddies; the Iconic Anti-Paladin (who apparently isn't a real Iconic, oh well), a Hellknight, and, while not really a Pathfinder piece, old Gauntfield was done up for Rise of the Runelords, so he sort of counts, right?
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