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Found 19 results

  1. BEASTS! Who doesn't love them? Isn't a shame we've only got the ones we have? Let's make some ALIEN SPACE BEASTS for planetary encounters and/or arena fights! We'll need some cheap rubber toys from the getting store, a good craft knife, and some Green Stuff. Maybe some bits from the bits box. ' I only steal from the best! Let's make a Mugato! Tail and horn on: I thought of putting the plates on in one step but that proved unwieldy. Instead I cut them off and affixed them individually. Good thing shaggy fur is easy to simulate with Green Stuff! I finished it up with some additional spikes taken from a Nolzur's manticore. Now THAT'S a Space Beast! I also wanted to make something like that hammerhead/rhino thing from Avatar. By this point in the night I was in the crafting zone, so there are fewer pix of the progress. I threw in the sail fin from a Dimetrodon for good measure. More razzamatazz. Had to dip it in boiling water and reshape it to get it to fit the creature's spine properly. Forgot to take pix of putting some jowls and fins on and also the shark tail. This leaves me with a leftover rhino snout, some stegosaur legs, and most of a pre-therapsid reptile. I'll find a use for them someday. I'll post more pix in the Show-Off forum, but here's a sneak preview of the Venerian Blunderbore: And the Resplendent Mugato: Hope you enjoy! Drop your own FrankenBeasts in the comments!
  2. I picked up these 3D prints off Etsy for the amazing price of $8, and they're really good.
  3. Buried deep in my stash I found an old blister of Star Wars Minis by West End Games - specifically the "Aliens of the Galaxy 2". Right now I'm trying to figure out who they are supposed to represent. I'm pretty sure the guy on the left is called Tessek. I had him as an action figure when I was a kid and he was the coolest thing ever! But the other two? I have no idea. I've never seen them in the movies. The devil and E.T.? 🤔 Thanks for your help, maybe the wisdom of this forum can shed a light on their identities?
  4. A day in the Marine Corps is like a day on the farm! Every meal is a banquet. Every paycheck a forture. Every formation a parade! I love the corps. So, I've been hitting these a little at a time since the game was released. I haven't played the game (as I mostly want to recreate the old Leading Edge Games game), but I'm sure I will eventually. On with the show: These are from images I posted over in Off Topic. I just realized last night that I'd finished (or nearly so) over half the box! The eggs and facehuggers were done in batches. I could have done them all the same, but I wanted there to be slight differences. I wasn't able to find a lot of information on the actual prop eggs used, so I kind of winged it based on what others were doing. The eggs were Forest Green, Grass Green, and Jade Green--according to my notes. I think that I started with Pure Black on the bases and drybrushed the Forest Green and Grass Green. The fleshy bits were done in Golden Shadow, Golden Skin, and Golden Highlight for three closed and one open egg and one facehugger. The other set of eggs and facehugger were done with Tanned Skin, Tanned Highlight, and Fair Shadow. I am finding that I'm starting with a triad and then "bumping" it up (or down) to keep the colors "together" but add some variety. The first batch of crates are Stormy Grey, Cloudy Grey, and Misty Grey. Second batch of crates is Chestnut Gold, Palamino Gold, and Buckskin Pale. I am really pleased with the dirty look they have. The sealer was still drying on them, so they were still on the caps when I took the picture. The Weyland-Yutani logo is Pure White and Sunlight Yellow over Pure Black. Still six crates to go (2 will be red, 4 in blue or green). I've already made up some sort of weird rules to allow me to justify using multiple (non-grey) colors, also six computer terminals, and two sentry guns. Those have already been started, so will be quick to finish (hopefully). I've seen some folks do some great things with the terminal screens, but that won't be me.
  5. I have recently been playing a solo / cooperative miniatures game by Nordic Weasel: Five Parsecs Bug Hunt. To that end, I needed Aliens after the inspiration of the Half Life games, Starship Troopers, and the Aliens movies. All parts are from various Bones figures. "Anything worth overdoing", right? (I may have posted one or two of these before -- if that is the case please accept my apologies.)
  6. About REWARDS Our campaign is geared towards producing two opposing factions for the initial launch of the game. The Lords faction fight for mineral resources which sustain their immortality; the Omrath faction fight to protect lands deemed sacred in a religious war. We have designed 5 boxed sets for each factions. If you are seeking to play the game, and not just collect the miniatures, it is recommended to buy all 5 boxed sets for one of the factions. The reward structure is setup so that backers can spend in $50 increments, since all boxed sets have been designed to retail for $50 each. Below are the specifications for each boxed set, across the 2 starter factions: LORDS FACTION OMRATH FACTION
  7. Finished these guys up last night. Will be my Sci/Fi entry at my local Con's painting competition this weekend.
  8. I could bad mouth Prodos all day (KS backer), but instead I'll just share some pictures. Shoulder Cannon Predator, Berserker Predator, and Colonial Marine.
  9. Fresh off the paint table, some Rogues from the Stars from...well, "Rogue Stars". They're very retro, and would definitely work for "Slipstream" or "Rogue Stars" as well. The assembled Rogues: The Captain (though he strikes me as more of a Rogue Trader: The Rogue: The Lionman: Sniper-Bot: The Floyd-Bot: Big Bot: The Dominar...er, Crime Lord: Security Officer: The Pirate: Turtle-Turle:
  10. The grand folks at Firaxis games produced a winner for me. They updated the classic XCOM game and produced XCOM 2. I thought it stayed true to the feel of the original game while adding great looks and good game play. The plot is Aliens have invaded Earth and are trying to take over. You have to stop them and save the human race. In the second release you failed and your team are now a rag tag bunch of terrorists trying to bring down the one world government. One of the nice things they did was to throw the game open to modding. If you purchased the game on steam you can also subscribe to the XCOM to developer package free of charge. They make the tools and ALL the assets from the game available. I wanted to see if I could extract game assets and print some mementos for my self. I found out you definitely can extract the assets. The only issue with printing them is they're optimized for visual presentation and not for 3d printing. I started with something simple and edited it for FDM printing. I present the Alien overlord statue! (You show your love for your overlords by blowing it up in the introductory trailing mission) FDM has issues with "overhangs". You can't draw molten plastic with nothing under it. Gravity pulls the molten plastic and it doesn't just hang in mid air. Darn gravity! I split the statue in half so there are minimal overhangs. The arms are built up vertically from the bottom to the top: Each mirrored half was printed: Then a test fitting: Slapped on some one part bondo (for fixing scratches on cars): a bunch of sanding: Then some spray painted gold paint: A 3d printed base: And it's done! I'm happy with the result. The surface texture is still not wonderful. I'm still experimenting with methods to improve that. It's supposed to look like this: Have a great weekend, See you at ReaperCon! Jay
  11. These are the Leaders from the board game Space Cadets: Away Missions by Stronghold games. I was working on these guys from before Christmas, but then had to put all my painting equipment away. It took me a while to finally get it all back out and finish these guys up. I think they painted up a bit better and easier than the minions, though it may have just been that there are so few leaders in comparison. Thematic paint used - Blood Red. These are bad guy leaders, after all.
  12. Here it is! Conclusive evidence of the existence of aliens!!!! Sorry, I may not have got enough sleep this weekend..... Anyway, picture, if you will, a race from another planet, not unlike our own. They discover a new planet with intelligent life. While they journey to meet them, they study the broadcasts of this race's own space exploration. From what they learn they pattern their own uniforms to follow the same colour system as the great explorers of this new species they journey to meet. These guys are just done to tabletop. I needed something to paint at work so ran down to the Bones storage facility on a Sunday night and picked something from the Chronoscope drawer. They were fun and quick to do. I have 20 more to do so they may end up in here at some point in the future.
  13. Episode VII The WIP Awakens It's a time of uncertainly. Dreariness grips the forums as the influence of the Dread Winter spreads, but a glimmer of hope remains in the heroic forces of the Forumites. As they struggle against the dark and cold of the enemy, these brave painters may yet awaken the skill and strength needed to complete new figures.... Now that I've got THAT out of my system.....I think I'll be painting some Sci-Fi stuff over the next little while, mostly Bones 3 stuff but anything else that doesn't deserve a separate, like some old resin barrel terrain pieces I have, will likely end up in here too. Game specific stuff like Counter Blast and (hopefully arriving any day) Mercs: Recon will get their own WIPs. First project, so Bones Gray Aliens. Picked these 5 out at midnight last night so I'd have something to paint today. Gave them a quick scrub and threw them in the paint box to take to work. Gave them all a undercoat of Gray Liner. Based the skin with Rainy Gray. Eyes are Solid Black as will be base coating for any hardware. Thinking about doing the uniforms as if they were an alien Star Trek landing party. Didn't have any decently dark yellows or blues with me, but the obvious red shirt got a base coat of a mix of Walnut Brown and Carnage Red. Goal with these is nice quick table top. As usual for me with Bones tabletop, as the flash was minor it was left as is. Thought the eyes came out decent considering they were testing the fire alarm system randomly throughout lunch....
  14. Allright. I finished 32 Saucermen in about a month, which is pretty intense painting for me. They aren't all perfect but I played a game with some of the painted ones and they looked fine on the table. I probably just shouldn't worry as much. I experimented a bit with various color washes because I think the black was a bit too harsh on the outfit, but in the end I stayed with Reaper's Black Wash. The Flesh Wash wasn't too bad up close, but from far away you couldn't tell it was there. Thematic paint used - Pumpkin Orange. It was October when I did most of the painting so it still counts. Focus on the four different poses. The crouching, single pistol Saucerman was a pain in the rear to paint because he was blocking his chest. The "lightning" design was already tough enough to do without access being restricted. Group shot!
  15. Space Cadets: Away Missions is a cooperative, dungeon crawl style of game set in the era of classic science fiction. Stronghold Games funded the game through Kickstarter in order to add some nicely detailed minis to the game, and by the end they included over 100 minis in the game. For a board game, they are very nice minis and while they are mostly fine as is, they are practically begging for a good paint job. Before I tackled the heroes and classic, Mars Attacks! style aliens, I quickly pained up the Space Leeches and Sentinels to see how they would look.
  16. I'm continuing on my goal of painting up the bones expansion 3 for use in an x-com game. Today I have the gray aliens, I ended up basing them with Mars rocks because they were molded already standing on rocks.
  17. DeadTech Aliens came to earth during Wild West. These robots took over the bodies of the dead and are ready to fight. Here are the first few. I like them, but some sculptings looks like fail casts. Especially the hands. I'm really thinking about filing more details into the hands, if it is possible...
  18. Hey guys Anyone played this game? What are your thoughts? I just picked up some Greys from Reaper for my first game.
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