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Found 2 results

  1. I'm doing some character minis for a friend in exchange for minis from his Bones I Kickstarter and some paints. He wanted for me to paint a Paladin, and he was looking at Judas Bloodspire. I said, "His clothes don't look quite right for a paladin type." He said, "Not necessarily," then he showed me the Andoren sourcebook (a Pathfinder country, btw. They favor Blue, gold, and white and dress very 18th Century rather than Medieval.) And so "Judas the Just" was born. If you are familiar with the Mirror Universe concept (see the Old Trek episode "Mirror Mirror." Spock looks great with a beard,) this is where you have evil versions of normally good characters. Well, what's good for the goose... As far as the paint job goes, it is a bit rough in places, particularly the left side of his face and his hair. I think I learned a few good lessons about washes and thinning my paint, though. All in all, I like it, particularly the shading and the armor. I haven't given him back yet, so if anyone has any last-minute suggestions, I'll definitely listen. I may not do them (I'm not spending many more hours on this guy,) but I'll listen. The pictures are really big, click on them to expand:
  2. No, seriously, this is a thing I'm doing. A friend of mine is commissioning me to paint some of his minis - in exchange he's going to load me down with minis from his Bones KS I. Well, that and some paints. Anyway, we were looking for a Paladin - he's playing an Andoren Paladin in a Pathfinder game, and he handed me Judas Bloodspire. I was truly intrigued by the challenge. So, I've made only a few the actual changes. I sliced off the part of the cloak that is definitely making a bat wing, and I used superglue to fill in the eye- and nose-holes of the skulls on his epaulets and the guard of the sword. The intention is to paint them up as big blue gems. The skull on the back of the sword I think I can get to look like a crown - which is actually a not-uncommon historical pommel. I also used an X-acto knife to "de-fang" him, though unfortunately they didn't show up until I started painting the face. This is my progress so far, I decided to take a break today and get this up on the forum to seek advice - besides a really high res picture can help me see fine mistakes. I think I consider the skirts finished, though I could work on them a bit more. The armor is mostly finished but for touch ups, the sword needs real-touching up 'cause it caught paint from the skirts. The hilt and pommel of the sword are completely undone - I haven't mixed up my gold yet. The cloak is base-coated only, I plan do to more work shading there (though most of that will only show up in the back.) I'd like to call the face and hair done, but I'll definitely take good advice on these things - I've probably spent 3-4 hours painting this guy so far, and easily an hour of it has been doing and redoing the face. I've even hit it with Reaper's matte sealer (thanks Ub3r_n3rd!) to take away a bit of roughness. So without further ado, I present an alternate good version of Judas:
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