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Found 1 result

  1. In addition to the full-blown Dragons Don't Share set, we also picked up a few of the extra bits of ruined walls, because who doesn't like terrain? Over the course of an absurdly epic combat session of D&D last night, in between preventing a TPK with the help of the Goddess Mishakal*, I painted up these walls. There are a few things I need to tweak, and I plan on adding some flock and talus and so forth, but I'm pretty happy with where this is right now. I've posed my modified Sir Forscale and some Gremlins to model the terrain. I used tube acrylic from Liquitex' "Basics" line. This is the first time I've used artists' acrylics, and it's a pretty interesting experience. Here's a quick color breakdown, keeping in mind that the Basics series is pretty student-grade, so I don't know to what extent some of these are just the names on the tubes, as opposed to actually the genuine pigments used. Regardless, I was pretty astonished by the vibrancy and coverage on all of these. Basecoat overall: apx. 50/50 Burnt Sienna/Primary Yellow (the rest of the table thought I was painting walls on Mars at this point, very orange) Then I took that mix and used a variety of washes with varying additions of Burnt Sienna and Primary Yellow to create some variations in the orange. Next, an overall, pretty thin wash/glaze of about 50/50 Burnt Umber/Phthalocyanine Green went over everything. A touch of the P.Green to thicken the wash back up then went over all the grassy parts and was stippled heavily into the shadows of the stonework. I then started drybrushing the original Burnt Sienna/Primary Yellow mix, stepping it up through yellow several times, onto the higher points. Finally, a really fantastic grey mixed from Dioxazine Purple and Pthalocyanine Green went onto the rubble and into patches on the stonework. Some white went into that mix to hit some highlights. At this point, I still want to put a few more highlights in on the really tippy-top bits, and the ground needs some work as I mentioned, but ultimately this was a ton of fun to play with. I'm looking forward to putting these on the table for a game! A footnote: although I haven't entirely broken myself of the habit, Pingo and like-minded individuals will be glad to know I refrained from using the back of my hand as a palette while using things with names like "Phthalocyanine." *I do mean epic, and I do mean TPK. There were minotaur, a dragon, and bear-riding walrus-men. Walrus-men, I ask you**! The enemies numbered in the dozens, and my cleric was running back and forth between unconscious party members like a madman. We prevailed, but it was a near thing. **The "goo-goo-ga-joob" jokes petered out after the first party member lost 30-odd HP in a single blow.
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