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Found 5 results

  1. I had ordered a bunch of the Christmas figures last week, and they arrived exceptionally fast. Which was awesome! However, the Christmas Knight model had a HUGE piece of flash on his left shoulder. Normally I'd just cut it off and go about painting. But it was the size of his shield, and attached firmly to his shoulder and left side of his face. So I sent a message to the customer service guys with a photo of the figure, and in less than 24hrs, they responded that a new one would be sent out in a couple of days. Kudos folks! You all are still the best in the business! You're customer service is top notch. Love Reaper Minis, and will be looking forward to painting up these great Christmas figures. Especially Christmas Knight, and the animals. :D All the Best, Happy Christmas and Merry New Year Reaper Folks! Tom Nelson Midwest Miniature Guy
  2. I don't want to put this in Show Off, since I didn't make it. It was in my Pinterest feed today. But it's no freakin' cool I and I thought everybody could use a little inspiration to lift them up. Believe me. You're gonna like this. French Modeling Site. Edit: Turns out 1/24 scale.
  3. After 14 months of not touching a brush it feels good to finally be posting some work. Per usual, I just couldn't help myself with respect to color. I was torn between going muted palate to emphasize the 'underdark' nature of the creature, but then my love of color kicked in.... Please be gentle as I'm a bit rusty.
  4. So, I was walking through the General Store and noticed this little pistol case next to all the Mouslings, Pirates, dragons cases. The picture was "different". Lo! and Behold! I picked it up and see that it is a BONES Learn to paint kit! I did not open it, but is shows three miniatures on the front. I will probably buy one today and be able to post the contents a bit better. Just thought you guys might like to know it's out there.
  5. Hello Reaper Forum-goers! I began painting minis with the first Bones Kickstarter. You may have noticed that I've never actually posted a WIP or Shown Off anything...that's because I've been working on something else. Oftentimes I'd find a great tutorial on brushthralls, or YouTube, but invariably the author would use Citadel or VMC or P3 paint colours. Even here on the Reaper forums, Buglips pulls out Coat d'Arms from time-to-time. My colours consisted entirely of Reaper, and I needed a way to determine which colour I could use in the Reaper line to approximate the author's colours. Well, I did some research, and found the Vallejo colour compare spreadsheet PDF like everyone does. The problem is that it's sparse. It only contains exact matches, and not "near matches", and is incredibly difficult to read. Then I found the CIE2000 colour difference formula: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Color_difference#CIEDE2000 on wikipedia. After slamming my face with the math for a bit, I broke out my crappy programming skills and started to do SOME SCIENCE! I wrote a script to compare two colours. Then I extracted the colours of each mini paint company that I could think of, and created RGB colour arrays for each brand. I compared each brand's colours to each other brand's colours to find the best match by first converting to sRGB colour, then XYZ colour, then CIELAB colour and finally determining the colour difference. Sometimes, there was no best match but at least I knew which colour was the closest by selecting the value with the lowest difference. And finally, I compiled the whole thing into a spreadsheet for you to use. Please ignore the bit about the best match being bold, I haven't got around to that yet. Please make as much use of this as I have. Also, if there's a savvy web programmer that could use my script to compare a custom list of colours (or two custom lists to each other) then let me know and I'll post the javascript. Enjoy: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AuXf-f-0SRiHdDk5Q0VOOVUyaUJtR0dvTnNHY3UzdlE&usp=sharing Also let me know if that link works, it's my first time sharing a Google Doc.
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