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  1. The no nonsense but lovable father figure of the Blacktalons. While no longer in his prime as a warrior, he is the man with all the plans and the experience to make them work. Formerly a senior trainer with the Order of Justicar, his own experiences growing up in one of the most dangerous and crime-ridden areas of the great city of Leoplain gave him a knack for taking recruits from similar “troubled” backgrounds and turning them into, mostly, well-rounded knights (Including Neave and Shakana). This has left him with many friends and allies within the Order that are still willing to help him out, despite his current fugitive status. Presenting Hendrick the Silver Wolf, part of the Blacktalons character set for Warhammer:- Age of Sigmar by Games Workshop. Pretty pleased with this one, even if my satin varnish insisted on drying pretty glossy in places, just need to paint the remaining four members. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
  2. Lately, I've been having a bit of trouble doing the fine detail work on my minis and it's actually been putting me off painting a bit (And I really don't need any more excuses not to paint!). To help me regain my mojo, I've set everything aside and dug out a "bigature" to work on:- My large scale Durgin Paint Forge Dwarf (Agrax Earthshade pot for scale). At this point he's been assembled and mostly undercoated (I'm waiting on a big base to attach his decorative base to before I work on it). Assembly went pretty well, although I'm not too happy about his shield, I've attached it in the same place as it is on the store piccys and it does fit, but from certain angles it does appear to just be floating there. Tomorrow I'll start working on his skin and go from there. Although the main question is, can I paint the whole thing without snapping that bird off?
  3. Reaper Bones Grave Knight with Axe. Part of my Children of the Night Project. WIP Here: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/79298-children-of-the-night-by-glitterwolf/page/28/ ********************* Facing the Undead is terrifying, sure their weapons and armor may be rusty and they move slow, but they also never get tired. They keep coming and in the end they will overwhelm you. Try to kill it, it will just stand up again. Best to avoid such creatures. *******************
  4. Presenting a Chain Lord, the head of the Slaver Guild set for the game Necromunda from Games Workshop. Had my eye on the Necromunda range for awhile, but bad past experiences with Forgeworld resin put me off (Still the triangles haunt me!), the stuff's not too bad now, still a big pain in the bum to clean up though! Anyways, really pleased with how this guy painted up, just got the rest of the gang to do now. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
  5. Presenting Brisket, a member of the Butcher's Guild from the OOP game Guild Ball by Steamforged Games. I can't find my pile of game cards at the moment, so I'm not sure if this one is OG Brisket or Veteran Brisket. Painting a Guild ball mini seems to have become my go to method for overcoming a case of the "Hobby Wobbles", not sure why. Anyways, pretty happy with this one. Wish her weird, puffy, split sleeve thing was a bit neater but that's about it. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
  6. Given the fractured nature of their reality, Survivors settlements can evolve at vastly different rates. One can be full of artisan blacksmiths creating elaborate arms and armour from exotic materials, while their neighbours are still stuck in the stone age, relying on sharpened rocks and bone clubs. This is not necessarily a good thing though. While their settlement is no longer one rampaging lion attack away from ruin, they run the risk of attracting more dangerous entities, ones that enjoy hunting prey that can put up a good fight. Presenting the Alpha Armoured Survivor (Male Version) from Kingdom Death. This is what I love most about their range, not the sexy ladies or wacky monsters, but the dudes (and dudettes) in silly, impractical suits of armour. Really pleased with this one, although it's difficult to photograph thanks to its pose (His breastplate is another screaming, mustachioed face but I couldn't get the right angle to show it off), hopefully the female version gets re-released at some point so I can paint that one too. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
  7. Hello All, Here is a Bones plastic 77736 "Ankoa, Barbarian Hero" I completed last January. Thank you for looking.
  8. The body is from a tehnolog roman and the arms, head and shield are from an oathmark dwarf infantry sprue! It was a very fun kitbash and a qucik paintjob 🙂 Thanks for looking!
  9. A quick and easy paintjob! Thanks for looking! 🙂
  10. Hello All, I completed this 77074 Dain Deepaxe, Dwarf Fighter miniature yesterday. It is the plastic Bones version. Thank you for looking.
  11. Hey everyone, it been some time since I posted. I managed to complete this one last night. 04006, Arik the "half-orc" barbarian sculpted by Bobby Jackson.
  12. Finally painted her up! Is that a wolf head, an elf head, or... your friend's head in the sack? Can't see too well in the photos, but I did add some blood...
  13. Presenting the Tin Man, another member of the Oz Gang from the game Twisted by Demented Games. While I did keep him fairly basic, I'm happy with how he turned out. Unfortunately my inability to photograph metallics properly has kinda ruined my piccys of him. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
  14. Presenting my Beastman Champion and true child of Atmos (In my own fantasy setting I base some of my Games Workshop stuff in, Beastman are a race of former humans who were changed by worshipping an ancient, goat-headed god called Atmos. Occasionally, an actual goat-headed Beastman will be born amongst them and will be considered Atmos's offspring, they then get all the best food and stuff and grow up to be one of the leaders or shamans of the various tribes.) Who is from the Warhammer: Underworlds range by Games Workshop. I'm super pleased with how this guy turned out, but I really need to buckle down and actually finish one of these Underworlds sets. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
  15. Hello everyone, here are pictures of 02811, Dain Deepaxe. This one took me a little longer to finish. There is so many details on this model, it's amazing. This Dark Heaven Legends model was sculpted by Werner Klocke.
  16. Presenting Angry Joe, the last of my Survivors from the Gigalion expansion from Kingdom Death. He believes the best defence against monsters is to wear a suit made of their skin. Had a lot of fun painting this one, Gorm armour is my favourite set despite all the little details, now I just need to paint the Gigalion itself. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly recieved.
  17. I finished this Mountain Troll. It's kind of ironic, I painted him so he gets off my shelf of shame but due to his forward lean pictures were difficult so he is photographed literally ON my shelf of shame . It's not just a shelf, I also have bins of shame in the closet but that's another topic. I originally thought I'd give him a rocky hide and a paler fleshy underbelly but the underbelly turned out a lot darker than my original thoughts, but I still like it anyway. The closeups show the transition between that tone and the hide, it's on his inner arms and upper inner thighs as well because that seemed natural to me. The thing I am unhappy with is that he doesn't "pop". I really liked the look of the craggy hide and how he looked after the Strong Tone wash so I was too scared to highlight him very much because I was afraid to ruin it. I don't drybrush very well and when I layer I feel like I'm stumbling along in the dark so you can see one layer on his hide and the rest is just some edge highlights. I'm still working on layering but it seems hard. Anyway, on to the pictures. Hope you guys like him.
  18. Hadn't painted metal in a while... it was refreshing!
  19. Another quick tabletop paint job completed over the weekend. I think this guy is from KSIV, @TGP told me he is a dwarven hero. I used some basic techniques: basecoat, drybrush, and various washes.
  20. So this is my take at painting Na'Kaat My firend uses this mini as a pc in our dnd campaign. The axe that comes with the mini felt too small to her so I swapped it with the two handed axe from 03197: Thelgar Halfblood, Half Orc Barbarian. All in all this was one was nice to paint and is really nice to look at after Hope you like it too!
  21. Presenting the Rotten Mummy, as the name suggests he's a Mummy that's going rotten, and he's part of the Egyptian faction for the game Twisted by Demented Games. It's a really fun to paint mini that is annoying hard to photograph, but I think I did a decent job on him. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
  22. This is one of the giants that I've painted that I'm the most proud of!
  23. Hi all. I may have finished this guy in record time. I am trying this new thing where when I want to stop and get up from my desk... I don't . This is a bugbear that I just primed with a couple others even though I didn't really have any strong feelings about him. But as I started working on him I started to get more excited, which is something that's been happening to me more now. I just start a mini to get more stuff painted and end up liking the job. I have started to put more effort into highlighting because I got a nudge here on the forums and I am so glad I did. I really like the work I did on his armour, bringing the scales up to a brighter orange and ticking the edges with silver to make it look like the orange was paint wearing off. In person he really glitters with that silver, something that didn't quite come across in the picture. I like the highlighting I did with his skin and loincloth and also the silver rivets on the arm and shin guards. I hope you all like him too!
  24. Keith is very happy that he joined the Cult of the Obsidian Otter. He's met lots of like-minded people, he's getting plenty of fresh air and all that axe-swinging is building his upper body strength. And the fact he can't get She Sells Sanctuary out of his head is just a bonus.
  25. Presenting The Fighter (Echoes of Death version), she's a Kingdom Death: Monster re-imagining of their existing The Fighter mini, who, in turn, was Kingdom Deaths take on a generic fighter class character. Quite pleased with this one. She took a while as I kept finding bits I'd missed hiding under her hair, and I rushed her shield in the end (it needs at least one more highlight, but my hands have been really shaky recently and I didn't want to mess it up) so I may put a bit more work in at a later date. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
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