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  1. I decided to do Nethyrmaul as a green dragon, not really for any good reason than because I had not seen him as a green yet - black, blue and red, sure. I hadn't originally thought of doing a WIP, so took the first pic fairly late in the game. The Muscle is Carnage Red. Skin is Bloodless skin, with a wash of pale lichen Scales are Highlands moss with some pale lichen as a highlight, and some Forest Green as a shadow. The rock is basecoated Walnut Brown. The eyes are linen white. Tongue has a layer of carnage red, then bloodless skin, then spots of walnut brown washed on a
  2. Not sure if this fits the show off section so I posted it here instead. I have been making a farm board for my two sons for a few months and it has coincided with painting some Bones so I thought I would show off the creation here. Defending the house from untold nasties. The people inside the house. Sleeping quarters And a full overview complete with a car!
  3. Hey Reaper peeps, I've picked up my first Bones figure, the Ogre Chieftan and I'll be shooting video of the entire painting process and posting it here via my youtube. Here's the first video: Now, that's just me ramblin' on about the mini and why I'm shooting video on this project without any painting, so if you're only interested in the painting parts, just skip this intro here as it's just a monologue and I tend to go on about my favorite subject, minis, if I have a platform to do so. I'll be posting a video once a day, about 5 times a week until this project is done.
  4. After the vacation from hell, and my grandmother's passing, I'm finally getting back to work. Goldar is presented here as a Half-Orc, for our Pathfinder game. As always, thoughts, opinions, and thrown pottery welcome. Reaper Bones - Goldar, Barbarian LA Pandora Cavaliers - Grim Reaper LA Alarion APM - Locust
  5. This guy, like the Purple Worms I shared recently, was a Bones figure I picked up before the Kickstarter campaign who spent most of the last year part-painted until I finally finished him properly more recently. The “learning experience” with this guy was to practice blending from unnatural skin tones (ie, the green) to more natural ones (the flesh). I saw some fine work done in this manner on Citadel Dragon Ogres many years ago, and it’s also been used to some extent on the Games Workshop LotR trolls – which is one of the places this guy can do duty, along with Pathfinder and even wargames li
  6. When painting the “Iron” Golem, I wanted to play with warm metallics (copper, bronze) and verdigris, so I happily disregarded the “Iron” portion of the model. Much of the model was actually fun to work with. I utilised a lot of heavy drybrushing that worked well on the model to bring out all the slight imperfections of the cast, and helped to create a bit of a pitted, cast-metal look, which was perfect for my ends. The rear shot of the left forearm shows it pretty well. While I’m not especially happy with the way the sword blade turned out, being a cheap Bones model, I’m happy to cal
  7. So, there isn't one for this dude yet, right? If there is feel free to move it. I've got one of mine pretty much painted up: Needs some finishing touches on the feather parts, and I'm not happy with a black beak, even though most of the owls I found online had that. Now I'm trying to convert my other one a bit. Some of you probably realized at this point, but I hate having identical monsters :P So far this is what I got, cut the left arm(?) and head off, and reattached them. Wanted to share this because I found it looked awesome. Looks like he's in the process of bull rushing so
  8. This is the Group WIP thread for the Swamp Things set from the kickstarter. Here is an image of all four models with some possible paint choices that I have for them. I will be starting with Lizardman Warrior (the guy with the club).
  9. I would consider myself far more of a gamer than a painter. In fact, I got in on the Reaper Kickstarter specifically because I saw so much potential in their miniatures for use in -that- tabletop game. As a gamer, I therefore tend to paint for the tabletop rather than aspiring towards some of the amazing work I've been browsing through on these forums over the past few days. That's not to say that I don't keep telling myself that if I actually managed to force myself to sit and work on the same mini for days or weeks at a time that I might not be able to achieve something appealing...but there
  10. This here is another Bones model. A halfling rogue that a friend wants to use for a campaign we play in. I did some new things for me here, mainly the (what is supposed to be) NMM. The sword mainly. Now I should have known better then to start NMM with a small weapon. I tried a long time, posted some WIPs, got some feedback. I think I am slowly getting a little better, but I also thought it was not really worth it to keep working on it till it is perfect. NMM comes with time right? So here is: 77165: Hellakin Goregutter, Halfling Rogue
  11. So, this will be a dumping ground, akin to my older one (http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/48067-pinkys-stuff-old-and-new-multiple-manufacturers/?hl=pinky), but dedicated to post-Kickstarter stuff. First off, I apologize in advance for some of the graininess caused by dust on some of these; next time I will run a brush over my figures before snapping pics. First up, Burning Sphere, 77081: Nothing too crazy there, but it was a fun one to throw together (and really quick). Next, non-KS Dwarf 77011: More to follow shortly.
  12. So I managed to finish my first kickstarter bones mini! This was my first try at OSL. I also just this week gained a new camera and I am still getting the hang of it.
  13. I've been slacking off for too long on posting finished pictures of my bones, so this morning I dug out the light box, reloaded my editing software on the new computer (for cropping and resizing only!) and took some pictures. I plan on updating this thread with the majority of my bones as I paint them, so it will definately get a little picture heavy.
  14. Hello! Finally forced myself to put aside the craft paint. What am I going to do with a vampire flesh triad, I thought? Every time I wanted to reach for the old colors I stuck to the challenge: only the stuff from the Kickstarter. I wouldn't normally use the metallic gold but that was part of the challenge. Overall loved this paint. Base coats went on without thinning. The paint has a tendency to run if you thin it too much when doing highlights and shadows, but I was pleased that the learning curve wasn't steep. Everything about painting this figure was fun. I also worked on much
  15. One thing i sure would like to see would be the possibility to order bones in black plastic. I absolutely detest painting on a white undercoat, and as bones are supposted to be paintable staight out of the box, i would prefer black. Seeing as reaper has the option of making them in house, would this not be possible to make an option?
  16. I actually painted them about a year ago. Figured I should share me WiP pics. These three were painted with reaper rust paint. I found the coverage to be much better than with the GW paints! If reaper really expands their selection I'm going to have to shift my paints collection away from GW paints to reaper paints. Now, I don't have any of the foundation paints, so I'm not sure how well those would work. The other 3 were primed with GW black primer. However, I found that painting the unprimed minis with the reaper paints was a much more pleasant experience! I was shocked, but pl
  17. A simple troll-lo-ró-lo-ró! How can you not love trolls? This is a Bones one. Painting it was like this: dark green and each addicional layer with a little more yellow. Fast and fun.
  18. As Kit said, the new KS BONES are for sale in Reaper´s online store! Woohoo!! Shopping Spree in 4..3..2..1..
  19. When I received my Bones Pledge I wouldn't ever tell that Kobolds would be my first choice for painting. The fact is I'm proxying the Descent 1st Edition miniatures into 2nd Edition and the number, size and aspect of these Kobolds were perfect. The original Descent Kobolds are funny and I like the idea of more than one per base, but I really have another vision about Kobolds. They are the sons of a lesser God. They have dragon blood, but no power. So they are inventive and organized. And they are legion. I couldn't find an unpainted image of the original so here it goes a painted one.
  20. 77004: Cave Troll Citadel: knarloc green, camo green, cathlan brown, thraka green, devlan mud MSP: ruddy leather, oiled leather, linen white, sun yellow P3: jack bone Please excuse the poor photography. This was painted for skin practice, it's my first attempt at trying more advanced techniques. I had a lot of fun with this one, and I think I'll be painting another in the near future. Thanks for viewing!
  21. Here's the first of my Orc band. Nothing fancy. Pretty much the classic colors.
  22. Here are two of the orcs I just finished from the Kickstarter package. I did these in an open/group WIP if you'd like to see the progress. When I first saw the sculpts for this line of orcs, I knew I had to do a few in a Blizzard Warcraft style. I've spent so much time in the Warcraft universe in various games, when I think of orcs, this style of orc is the first thing that comes to mind. Still not completely happy with my gold NMM, but I'm very happy with the steel results on the Berserker's 2-handed sword. I used more blue than in past attempts (including the s
  23. I started painting my first Bones mini last night (Mister Bones, appropriately enough), and I was able to use an X-Acto knife, needle files, and my trusty sanding sponge to fairly good effect, but because the sanding sponge is made for wood or metal, it was a bit crude for the task. Then I remembered these things: http://www.amazon.com/COSM-TRIM-Trim-Buffing-Block/dp/B001TSNGF8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1377113332&sr=8-1&keywords=trim+buffing+block I went out at lunchtime just now and picked one up at my neighborhood Target for about $2.50, and I'm going to try it out tonight.
  24. Here is the Bones Master List 'Let's Paint Reaper Bones!!!!!' of all WIP of the Bones Miniatures. Here are few Elves from my Bones: Turanil's Sword is my first try to paint with wetblendling. On the photo it is little more worse to see it. 77076: Lysette, Female Elf 77078: Astrid, Female Bard 77049: Arthrand Nightblade, Elf Ranger 77044: Turanil, Male Elf Paladin 77068: Anirion, Wood Elf Wizard
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