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  1. Just finished painting my Bones Hydra. Enjoy! And a close up of one of the heads:
  2. Here is the Bones Master List 'Let's Paint Reaper Bones!!!!!' of all WIP of the Bones Miniatures. I gave them the first main colors. I'm not sure which color the sword of the Runemaster will really get. Ok, one dwarf is a pirate and should or could in the pirate group... 77133: Gruff Grimecleaver, Dwarf Pirate and 77075: Khael Stonekindle, Dwarf Wizard
  3. So... I got my bones a few weeks ago, if not a month. but with the new job i havent had a fraction of the time to jump in... but tonight I'm goint to start in on Nethyrmaul... a strange choice I think, considering the sheer number of minis I now have to paint. I'll post some pics later but I wouldn't expect any leaps and bounds... I intend to take it very slow and enjoy every second of it... Haven't yet decided specifially on coloring yet but i think I'm going with an iguana look to the scales and a dirty white/ yellow-teeth/brown look to the protruding bones. any advice or general tho
  4. Had some time yesterday so spent a few hours painting up my Bones Werewolf. I wanted to get some practice in working with the Bones material before my Kickstarter rewards arrive. (Which should be Monday or Tuesday, eeeee!) I've handled him a little bit and haven't noticed any paint coming off and sprayed him with Testors Dullcote and he's not tacky or anything. Very pleased with the Bones plastic.
  5. So my game store recently got his kickstarter in and I am very impressed with the new bones figures, they are fantastic! Here are my first two quick paints, no base coating at all! Love the new minis please keep up the great work. C&C welcome
  6. Finished a few more reaper bones that I forgot to post silly me! We are using the chainsaw chick above and the barbarian below in our Warhammer quest games with much hapiness. And of course the bones were a perfect source of ghosts for that very same game. Hope my FLGS will be able to stock bones again soon. On the other hand I can't blame reaper if they want to take a little well deserved vacation :P
  7. Disclosure: I am not a professional painter. You could probably see this by the pictures. I consider myself the typical average guy who collects and paints minis. That being said, here is my WIP pics for a few of the Bones I did. This first pic is base+some drybrushing on the owlbear and werewolf, and base only on the elemental And here is the elemental all finished up, with some minor work needed on the base and that's it.
  8. Ok, got my bones yesterday and now it's time to paint them! I started by boiling and cooling couple of skeletons and a Pathfinder goblin. It worked and now they're standing straight! So I decided to start my painting marathon (which I think will last for about ten years) by speed painting the straightened goblin to a tabletop quality. I painted base colours straight on with undilluted Citadel paints. This is not a good thing for me 'cause I like to use a wet palette. My paints dry up (slow painter, even when speed painting) and will eventually ruin my brushes. So I think I'll try some spra
  9. So having let them sit and stew for a week or so whilst I decided the best way to go about it I cracked out my paints yesterday and started on the long journey to Bones paintedness! I'm hoping by keeping a log here of my progress it will keep me motivated to keep painting! My initial plan is to break up the small mini's into groups of about 10 to paint then allow myself to paint something big to keep my spirits up. Thats the plan at least, lets see how long that lasts! To begin with I painted a model I've wanted to do for ages Vanja, the Fire Giant Queen. The pics aren't the best but
  10. Don't know if this guy has a product code yet, but it is the Bones version of 3065: Kellen, Nobleman Adventurer. This was my first experiment with Bones painting from the Kickstarter. I did a quick base paint, a little drybrushing and a wash to bring him to tabletop standard. I had a lot of problems with Dullcote over the weekend, which is why the back of the cloak is such a mess.
  11. Let my start off by saying that most of the Bones miniatures are fine. The problem seems to be with large miniatures that have narrow/thin supporting legs or what have you. The Bones with the biggest problem seems to be Jabberwock and one of the dragons (I think the Red Dragon). Both have sagged to the point where their front legs now touch the ground. Does anyone have a suggestion on how this can be addressed? I love these two miniatures but I’m not sure what I can do with them to fix the problem. Thanks, ~ S ~
  12. My third figure. I tried to do layered highlights, which did not work well for me with the skin texture. I would up having to do a bit of dry brushing to correct it. But I'm pretty happy with the result. Don't mind the glue. It's fresh, so it'll dry clear. I am also going to clean up the rim of the base in a big batch once I get a half dozen or so figures done.
  13. Hello! The arrival of the bonenami was initially elating and then overwhelming. Where to start? Do I dare put aside my terrible craft paint and start relearning how to paint with Reaper paint? I was seized with indecision. After two weeks of avoidance I came to the amusing (to me) decision to just keep working on the stuff in the queue, keep using crud paint while gradually working in a Reaper color here and there, and ignore the Kickstarter stuff altogether until I felt like it. Now I feel better. Meanwhile, here is something I did recently. I wanted to go bright as an experiment:
  14. First, for this paint job, I have to give huge thanks/props to paintminion, who did an unbelievable job on this guy earlier. Her paint job was so perfect, that I couldn't see this guy any other way, and I ended up using her's as my primary inspiration/guide for this effort. So thank you for your wonderful color selection! If you like my paint job, please go like hers as well! The basing on this was a lot of fun, and the first time I've ventured beyond simple gravel and flock. The rocks on the base are made of cork board, and a bit of modeling paste to give some m
  15. I've been watching videos on painting Bones to keep me occupied while I wait for any news on my shipment from Reaper, and I've seen people recommend using various putties (mainly "Green Stuff") to cover/fill seams on assembled Bones figures. I used to be a (bad) traditional artist, so I've got a big tub of gesso that's not doing anything. I know it will take paint happily, since I used it to prime canvases, but I'm wondering how well it will adhere to the plastic on the Bones figures. Anyone have any experience?
  16. Ok after last months dismal performance I need to get cracking and finish some miniatures this month! Comments on the minis are always welcome. Finished: (20 of 20) Reaper: Bones Ghost GW: Sam Gamgee WotC: Tiefling Warlock GW: Empire Spearman (6th Ed) GW: Empire Canon Crew (6th Ed) (3) GW: Mordheim Knight Reaper: 02681: Tolzar, Cleric Reaper: 14335: Sielendria, Spell Sister Reaper: 03409: Nadia of the Blade Reaper: 02870: Familiar Pack V (Mouse) WotC: DnD Halfling Monk Reaper: 14311: Kassandra of the Blade AEG: Clan War "Lion's Pride" x4 AEG: Clan War Unicorn Strider x1 Reaper: Bones Gargo
  17. So the bones kickstarter came with 12 giant rats and 2 swarms. some of its not going so well. My young daughter did the brown basecoats, then I tried to clean them up, using some drybrushing. Bleh. advice might be helpful. then I did a swarm, black rats, pink faces, and some gray highlights. it looks okay from a distance, but a hot mess up close. Then I found a WIP thread where someone painted them white. with some pink. This turned out adorable Gaint rats, but my attept to add black shadows did not go perfectly. I think I may stay with the minimalist approach. Just unpainted
  18. I worked on some of my own stuff this weekend. Finished up a couple of the Bones characters. Still getting used to the new photo backgrounds. Hope they aren't to dark.
  19. My normal painting approach for ages has been base colour, brown wash. Works OK for some things (grungy orcs, cowboys) and not so well for others (brightly coloured Elves). More recently, I've been practicing using base colour, an appropriate wash for that colour and then a highlight shade. Feeling more confident with that, I've been working on the Bones Ogre Chieftain today, going up to three layers on most parts, and have to say that as well as being a joy to paint, it really pays off putting the extra effort in. At normal tabletop distance it's probably my favourite paint job to date.
  20. I don´t know if anyone ever tried both ways, but I got myself wondering if the glue (or superglue) will be affected by the boiling water/cold water way to rebend (disbend) the BONES. So, the question is: wich one I do first? Glue or boil?
  21. Hey Everybody, I didn't see a "New people say hi here" thread, so I thought I'd feed two birds with one seed and say hi here while also showing some of the very first miniatures I've ever painted (well, as an adult). That's right. Brand new to painting here. I tried it once as a kid but I didn't know what I was doing and only really managed to massacar a few skeletons and vampires with heavy handed use of enamal paints. I should really try to find those figures some day... If only I could, and strip them down and repaint them - a story of redemption - but I digress. Where are the g
  22. Along with my thanks and appreciation, I thought I'd share a comment about logistics by outgoing Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America president John Scalzi: You've done good work, ladies and gentlemen of Reaper.
  23. Here are the three most recent things I painted. I painted each of them in about an hour. I didn't prep the minis at all so there are plenty of mold lines.
  24. They say a work of art is never completed, merely abandoned. Here are my latest abandoned projects:
  25. I haven't posted a mini in several years. Last child was born 4 years ago, etc. etc. My Wife of Awesomeness +10 gave me an afternoon off today so I finally got some uninterrupted painting time. This took me about 3.5 hours, which is positively frenetic for me. This is one of the few figs that I'm actually happy with, probably because I stole the color scheme from the inspiration gallery (Thanks to Jennifer Haley). Comments and criticism welcome. Good to be back on the horse, if only for a little while.
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