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  1. Top Ten Tabletop Kickstarters: How They Do It Matt Forbeck expands on ICv2's article "Why are tabletop games outdoing even video games, which are far more popular in general? It has to do with the economies of scale of plastic miniatures."
  2. For one of my PFRPG games, the PCs will be running into a group of snakemen. I prefer my snakemen to have human torsos and snake lower bodies, but most of the snakemen minis are either snake-women that fit this description, or snakemen who are just huge snakes with arms. Now that Bones are coming, conversions are cheap, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. I will be combining Lindir, Elf Archer with Vandorendra Demon [warning, store link nudity alert]. 30 minutes with an exacto knife and some greenstuff and he has a new pair of legs! Comments on the conversion are welcome, but they nee
  3. Been away a while, stuff happened. But I did get to finish a single Bone miniature, the Werewolf. A relatively quick and easy paint job, mostly basecoat -inkwash-drybrush, also a new way (for me) of finishing the base. This looks much better than the mid green I used before. Mould lines are a problem with the Bones I have gotten my tacky paws on, as the material resists scraping and filing. The mould lines need to be sliced off, which in many cases probably will ruin more detail than just leaving them on. So here I opted to leave them for the most part, they were not tha
  4. Here's my last 2 Bones models until the Kickstarter package arrives. Not my best work I don't think, but overall I'm still happy with them. 77026 - Young Dragon This guy gave me a lot of trouble with shading/highlighting. I don't think I have a handle on red yet. I learned a few things, which is good, since this guy was mainly meant as a practice run before the large dragons in the Kickstarter. I'm happy with the overall color scheme, but my red shading is going to need some work. It looks a little better in person than it does here, as I ended up with too much gl
  5. So, Bryan suggested a ton of little threads rather than one massive thread, and some people who showed up on that massive thread made it clear they were non-painters. So, how about suggestions for fun ways to decorate the Bones minis which aren't too hard for non-painters to essay, assuming that they may not wish to put in all the time and effort and money on supplies to learn how to paint 'em. Basically, it's for people interested in differentiating their Bones on the table without doing full blown paint jobs. And for anyone looking at this thread alone, please wash the bones with
  6. I've been working on my Bones Werewolf Cut and Reposition and finally he's done. All C&C welcome.
  7. Here are two more speed-painted tabletop figures for D&D. They are Reaper Bones line versions of 02811 Dain Deepaxe and 60044 Damiel Iconic Alchemist. They took me longer than my last speed-paint, because they are more detailed. (Darn Damiel and his fiddly bits!) But they still are speedy for me, about 5-6 hours each, instead of my usual 12-15. They each have a coat of gloss, covered by a coat of matte, for heavy handling, and so they have a few shiny spots here and there.
  8. Hello all, I saw prototypes of CAV bones, any word on how they will be arriving (straight or kickstarter? and price) I thought perhaps this list will have more info.
  9. First up is my trio of Bones Orc Swordsmen (77019) These are my first minis in over a year, and first time using Bones. Sorry for the camera pic. For these I tried out a number of new things (new to me at least) including Litko 3mm wooden bases and Liquitex's Resin Sand for basing material. They were primed in Army Painter Uniform Grey (no tackiness at all, yay!) and haven't been varnished/sealed yet. After taking the picture, I did notice some spots that need to be touched up but these are just going to be used for tabletop so I may not. For my next Bones project, I'll probably ei
  10. Because of the convergence of fields I wasn't sure where I'd get the best response. I chose CP&T as the most relevant... As a Bones supporter I'm getting http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/almaran/sku-down/03292 which is an almost perfect match for my character. Except it's human... and wingless. My paladin is a Scion of Arkhosia so I need wings and a head swap. I don't want to go crazy and get the Dragonman Conversion Kit just for 2 pieces... I can use the head from the Dragonman Warrior I'm already getting then buy a pair of wings. So this is where I ask for your help. Wil
  11. Hello. I have been into miniatures, painting, and gaming for a long time. A long time. Long time... You'd think I would be better at it. But I digress. I bought into the KS as many of you did, and picked up a couple of already released Bones to give the material a spin. Here's how the Werewolf came out. I like these models quite a bit so far. Good detail, take paint pretty well. And then there's the price. I had purchased a Reaper mini or two over the years, but now I am going to have a ton of them. Thanks for looking. Since we can post models from any company here I
  12. As my first project after doing LTPK #1, I decided to try my hand at the Gnoll Warrior. I figured the armor+fur techniques I've learned so far would apply well. However, I thought I'd try to do something a little different with the fur color. Here's the pics, more info after: I'm pretty happy with the mace and shield at this point (True Silver + wash of Black Ink for the metal, Intense Brown + wash with Walnut Brown for wood on the shield). The fur, on the other hand, I'm not so sure about. The idea was to make this a "frost gnoll" or something like that by getting some sort
  13. With a double vampire sitting on my kitchen table, and not really wanting to just push them back in the boxes, what methods ate you going to use to easily find the figure you want? I thought amount monsters in one Baggie, chronoscopes and IMEF types in another, armored in another, casters, etc... Not sure I will ever be satisfied with what I choose, but dumping them back after 2+hours of sorting is NOT going to happen.
  14. Hey all, just finished up my first Bones figure! Here he is, Mr Troll: Pretty rough paint job all things considered, could spend more time on it but I'm calling him done. Good enough to game with. I thought I'd also put up a few other bits and pieces I've completed over the years (it's a pretty rare occurrence). Here's a Warhammer Dwarf Lord: Felix does the best Dwarf sculpts IMHO, GW shouldn't have let him go. Actually, better that they did, he's doing great work with Avatars of War. Some old-school GW, Man O War Dwarf Nautiluses (Nautili?): These were the ones I had difficult
  15. Come one come all to the First Bones swap meet! Have you received your Vampire package but wish you had a few less elves and a few more Dwarves? (and really who hasn't) Why not come down to Heroes Haven on May 11th? We'll be starting at 2pm and keep going until they kick us out. Besides the Bones trading there will be a paint area and a game of Warlord "King of the Hill" address and link to the stores Face book page Heroes Haven Games & collectibles 1277 Lexington Ave., Mansfield, Ohio 44907 https://www.facebook.com/pages/Heroes-Haven-Games-Collectibles/264820141
  16. So, here are the latest Bones miniatures I've been working on while waiting for the KS box. First, the Great Worm. Not a lot of detail here, but I got to use my old Ral Partha Paints "Mind Flayer Mauve" and "Cormyr Purple": Next, they say a work of art is never finished, but merely abandoned. Here are my latest abandoned progeny: And some kobolds: And here are a few non-Bones conversions. See if you can figure out what anime character I was trying for with this one: Two more models used for PCs: And finally, a non-Reaper altoge
  17. Finally got the minotaur finished. This one took me a long time as I haven't had a lot of opportunities to paint recently (hooray for jury duty and 3 week trial...) In addition, after I was unhappy with the metallics on my bugbear, I figured it was time to try NMM. I'm very happy with the steel NMM, particularly on the axe. I did the cleaver first, and I could already tell I was improving when I worked on the axe. I think the gold trim didn't work as well, although it still looks good enough to sell the effect. This guy is a monster for mold lines. I thought
  18. Hi there, so I have happily come to peace with the understanding that I will be the last human on the face of the earth to receive the Kickstarter stuff, and while waiting for those four paint sets I can just keep using craft paint. Actually, it would be great if the actual last person got a note in their box saying they were last, wouldn't it? Meanwhile, this minotaur is not as good as others. Please ignore the terrible attempt at NMM. Also, the join lines which I didn't fix. Also, the mold lines I missed. Cheers!
  19. Finally got around to doing up a few Bones pieces. Also a few BattleTech pieces for you. As always, thoughts, opinions, and thrown pottery welcome. Reaper Bones - Skeletal Archers Reaper Bones - Skeletal Spearmen Reaper Bones - Skeletal Swordsmen BattleTech - 25mm Elemental BattleTech - Mad Cat
  20. stopped into goblins tonight to pickup some paint for my troll and low and behold one of the employees runs across the back parking lot and grabs me by the shoulders and shakes me while telling me that first of their bones have arrived. excuse the glare, the store faces directly into the sun. I refrained from tearing them open with my teeth. So here's the cool part, the owner wasn't worried about making a profit on this box so he said I can have it for the base cost of the vampire level (+tax ) I texted my friend and decided we are going to split the vampire between us for
  21. I only learned about Reaper Miniatures in February and ordered my first Bones minis in March and I love them. I recently learned about the Kickstarter project that ran last year and I can't believe what everyone is getting for a $100 contribution. IS THERE ANY WAY TO GET IN ON THAT DEAL? Sadly, I know I'm a day late and a dollar short but I felt I needed to at least ask. My real question is, does anyone know when the Kickstarter pieces will actually be available to buy on the website? I see a few of them are listed under “previews” to be released this month and I'm all set to be notified w
  22. I have a game that I'm going to on the 17th this month. I have to drive for over two hours to get to the location so having a few durable Bones for the journey would be perfect. I did two separate Kickstarters. One is Vampire plus one of every dragon and then some. I hold little hope for this making it to my door in time. The 2nd one is a lot smaller; Vampire and a bunch of giants and elementals as add-ons (no large dragons). I’m hoping the 2nd one will make it. Does anyone have a clue where things are at? Is there even a small hope for me? ~ S ~
  23. I am prouder of the "maid of hearts" (right). I have to work her into a campaign, as PC or NPC. till cant get the eyes right.
  24. So when I went in on the Kickstarter, I never intended to actually paint any of them -- I figured I'd just use them as basic unpainted minis, because hey, for that price, why not. But when I had the pile of plastic sitting in front of me, and saw how much gorgeous detail there was on them, I discovered that I wanted to do something with them. So I bought the Learn to Paint Kit 1, did both the minis in that (which you can see in the WIP thread, if you're curious for whatever reason), and then started in on the Bones. My very first "freehand" mini was a space Marine in Packer colors. I have
  25. My deliciously evil partner in crime, currently studying for her Masters in Fine Art, has been taken by Figmentia! I foolishly suggested that she might like to try her hand at painting some miniatures with me and I've created a monster! A Monster in Fine Art, if you will! Although, painting with someone is very fun : ) Behold, her first ever mini, and weep! WEEP! And here's a quick shot of her second: I feel completely inadequate to give her any advice, given that her brush strokes are so much more precise than mine. Any thoughts, oh people who know what
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