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  1. I'm calling it done...
  2. Since I have almost a year of collecting, modding and painting Bones, I thought I might share my observations. I've been working with pewter and plastic miniatures since 1986, so I have some experience to compare the Bones to. I first picked up a Bones Cave Troll at the paint-n-take at Origins 2012. I have since bought and painted around twenty different models. To start out, the price is phenomenal; I haven't been able to buy miniatures so cheap since the 80's. Secondly, the plastic material (a form of PVC, I think) takes detail very well. It rivals the single piece models GW puts out
  3. I haven't seen a thread like this here, so to kill the impatience before the actual minis arrive: What are your plans for converting particular KS Bones miniatures or using them straight in different games? I'm especially interested in the Vampire set. Give me your inspiration! :> Please put your list in 1 post and update it instead of adding more posts, to avoid cluttering the thread! My current list: rats - converted into Malifaux rats for Hamelin Chronoscope gunmen - Kaeris' Gunmen or something Guild (Malifaux) Zombie from Undead Horde or George the Zombie - converted int
  4. Last week I began my first forays into miniature painting. I purchased a metal Pathfinder Amiri and proceeded to spend the following hours alternating between happiness at the fun of painting cool things and cursing at the difficulty of trying to apply paint to something so ridiculously tiny. I knew that miniature painting would be difficult in theory, but I didn't appreciate how much skill there is involved until I got to experience the joy of trying to reach a tiny area of the figure without accidentally bumping the paint-leaden brush against adjacent edge/surfaces. She's not a great
  5. After the disaster of trying to order reaper l2p kits from amazon (me yelling at a vendor after 3 weeks of nothing being shipped) I picked up a couple bones to play with to pass the time I have run into a problem. I ordered a vampire kit for eventual use in pathfinder and using the standard 1" chessix's maps, after debrocoli'ing the cave troll I found to my horror the only way to get (him?) on a 1" base is bending him bolegged which Doesn't look good at all imo. I have a few 1" square swamp tiles like these and a handfull of 1" circles that just seem tiny compared to the stances the bones
  6. forgive me if this has already been asked somewhere else but would it be possible to pickup our KS bones stuff at reapercon? It would save reaper cash and we could get our stuff... Not sure how much trouble it is or if it is worth it to reaper but I would be interested... Max
  7. Not near as happy with this one. Had some damage on the cloak there, and painting black is extremely difficult. Wasn't happy with the base either, but I do like the red on the cloak.
  8. By way of introduction I've been wargaming for a while but nowadays I don't have too much time gaming, so I've set myself the task of improving my painting ability. I ordered the learn to paint kits but while waiting I started on the Bones Werewolf, Basecoated below. I didn't prime this guy, just washed & scrubbed before basecoating. This is my first attempt to go beyond tabletop so C&C definitely welcome I've finished shading for now, the Fur was lighter but I decided to tone it back a bit, still have teeth & claws to complete and of course the base.
  9. This is my third bones to start painting, but my first one to post. A couple of more will be coming later. I was so excited to paint this one that I didn't do any prep work, next time I'll be more diligent.
  10. MonkeySloth's recent posting about more accurately portraying rocks in miniature painting got me thinking about this fellow. I took a photo of a decorative rock pile in my yard and have opted to try and work some of what I see in these rocks into the painting of this fellow. I've already done some customization to this sculpt as you can see. Out of the box, I heated this guy in boiling water, and then hyper-flexed his wings to where they were almost touching before dousing him in cold water. Over a period of 3-4 hours, his wings moved into the position you see here, which is the position p
  11. Here's probably my last completed model until after the Kickstarter haul arrives. He was originally supposed to be a winter gnoll, but my initial color choices for his fur just didn't work for that, so I went a different route. The base on this one immediately made me think of melting ice/snow, which is where the idea of a winter gnoll came from. I did stick with that on the base, and while I think the effect works, I'm not sure it was a good choice. I think the bright base draws a bit too much focus away from the mini itself. I may yet decide to see if I can turn it into some so
  12. What are you going to do for basing on the Bones KS figures? Litko? GF9? Secret Weapon? Nothing?
  13. Here he is! The grayscale troll, aka "I'm still in Kansas!" The colors are pure white, reaper pro blue black and vallejo dark gray. I'll probably still fiddle with some of the shadows and highlights-the skull still doesn't show up well in the photo. If anyone spots anything to fix please let me know. I sculpted the base (except for a few small rocks) and the bat is my favorite part!
  14. took a hint from buglips and took a crack at my bathalian, there's a spot over the gem on the staff I need to touch up, and I forgot to paint the eyes before taking these pic's.
  15. Working slowly through a bones troll. I realize this is antithetical to the Buglips process (and I eventually hope to speed things up when I get to the other nineteen), but I wanted to get a look at how the effect was working. Basically, I'm trying to blend the dark and the light green. Also trying to decide what to color his hair. Black isn't going to show up well, and I'm not sure what won't look horrible. I'm almost tempted to do a slightly greenish yellow. I haven't decided what I'll do with his boils. If I don't go for the yellow hair, I might give them yellow high
  16. My second Bones project. WIP here
  17. Here's my latest paint job; I think he's my best work yet. 77011 - Dwarf Warrior A big thanks to CashWiley's WIP here for the L2PK5 dwarf. I don't have the L2PK's, but I followed along and used that as a guide. I'm a big fan of dwarves in RPGs, so I really tried to take my time on this one. I'm particularly happy with the eyes/face. I struggled a bit trying to do highlights with metallic paints. They just didn't seem to want to play nice with non-metallic colors for me. Maybe on my next armored mini I'll make an attempt at NMM. Nothing too exciting base-wise, but cleaner
  18. Next up for me was the Cave Troll (although I didn't really paint him in a way that makes me think 'caves'). I had a bit of trouble getting base coat paint to stick to this guy (details here and here). Wren had an excellent suggestion, and after a bit of patching up, he's no worse for the wear. Lesson learned: make sure you're thorough when cleaning these guys. My goal with this one was to focus on the skin blending, and I'm happy with how it turned out. Yes, the base sucks, I don't care. My next project will be the Gnoll. I want to try doing a winter/white wolf type pai
  19. Hey Reaper - I know you have a great miniature gallery today - but it would be great if you created a new one, especially for Bones miniatures. Due to the crazy success of the Bones Kickstarter you're likely going to have a ton of folks who are new to the hobby, and want feedback on their work. Just an idea. :) Nick
  20. I recently received 400 plastic tiles for basing many of the Bones I will be receiving from the Kickstarter. Basing all those Bones Kickstarters After testing their durability when glued straight to the model and after pinning them, I decided to crack open my Werewolf and base him for real. After staring at the figure sitting on the plastic tile for a bit, I decided I wanted to mess with the stance of the creature and change the perspective with out really cutting and repositioning the limbs and such. I did make 2 cuts, one to free the front foot from the base and then other to re
  21. Please forgive the really bad attempt at a light box; I was working with random materials around the house! I also tried using several different cameras. Sadly, the one on my phone seems to be the best I have access to. So, here's my werewolf pack. These are some of the first minis I've painted in the last 8-9 years or so. (technically they are the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th minis, but who's counting? :P) The first one was the rat from LTPK 1. Including the rat, these are the first minis I've ever experimented with fur on. Comments and critiques welcome!
  22. Ok, so kind of in between things and this dude’s been sitting on the desk for a while asking to be painted. So here goes my second Bones project. I call him the Bethalian because ‘Bathalian’ was mis-printed on the initial run of packaging. First I primed him with Army Painter black. I went a bit heavier than usual because even my base coats are thinned and, well, Bones don’t play that. Kind of wanted to try a black primed mini, I had done some orcs like that back in the day and also I’m starting to run low on white primer. I’m loosely basing him on a veined octopus, but after
  23. These are listed in the order in which I painted them. Purple Worm: Werewolf: Gnoll Warrior: I sure wish I hadn't messed up his face. Bugbear: I have no idea where his eyes are supposed to be. Ghost:
  24. I bought an extra Bones gnoll warrior with flail to convert to carrying a spear instead. Pretty simple conversion, I just cut the flail off above and below the paw and drilled through where the remaining haft was gripped in his hand being careful not to damage the fingers. Then I took a length of Evergreen brand plastic rod and forced it through the resulting hole. It gripped it so well that I probably could get away without gluing it at all but I did put a small drop of CA glue just to be sure. Then I drilled a hole in the tip of the pole. Next I dug up a piece of spikey frippery intende
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