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  1. This was a fun one where I combined Airbrush with hand painting. Roughly 6 hours of work. The look of the fur is inspired by the striped hyena.
  2. Finally happy with where this is at.. hoping to get it out to the post office tomorrow for the recipient.. FYI the slime also glows in the dark..
  3. Finally finished the Bones Purple Worm. The base I made from rocks, sculpey and green stuff. I altered the position of the worm a bit to make it sit more upright. The bronze effect is walnut brown, carnage red and vallejo ocher brown. The weathering/tarnish is vallejo blue green.
  4. Ok, today I got my Reaper Bones, and painted my first miniature ever (Cave Troll)! So after painting it (with P3) I got my Krylon Matte Sealer ready, and looked up how to seal miniatures online. I read that I should use a gloss coat first, then matte. Now, as I only have matte, is it ok just to use matte sealer by its self, or do I really need a gloss coat? I have also read about "frosting." How can I prevent frosting?
  5. All of the purple on this one was applied with an airbrush. I'm pretty pleased with the speed painting effect. Overall time spent on this was 2 hours.
  6. So, this is obviously a WiP - I've got the base coats down, and most of the fur is pretty much done. I still need to add some washes/dry-brushing for highlights, and dirty up the claws/teeth. This is my second mini in at least 8 or so years, maybe more. I'll be posting my first as soon as my fiance finishes hers :P Sorry for the really bad photo - we don't have very good lighting in our apartment, and this was taken with my phone. If anyone has any good suggestions for a work lamp, it would be greatly appreciated! Preferably the kind that can clip to a desk, as I often work off of one
  7. I've been head down painting for awhile. We'll start with the Ogre Chieftan.
  8. going to base him soon. Thinking about hitting him with a white glaze to tone down the shiny..
  9. I've seen a few threads about conversions of the Bones on here and the thought crossed my mind. "How well does the green stuff and various other modeling compounds work with the Bones material?" The Bones material has some nice qualities but I hope that doesn't present issues when we sculpt over the figure. I have the Bones Great Worm which I found at a local shop for a nice price. And I glued it to a base (2" tile from an architect's samples box I have) and the super glue worked fine. But are there other glues or epoxies we should avoid?
  10. SO, a few weeks back I posted that we had received a lot of Bones. That day, we received five truckloads. Full container trucks. Five. Here's a video Kit shot of us unloading. Now, this is just the first of 5 trucks, which itself is the first of 2 Boatloads coming our way. The important bit is that we have received all of the Vampire packages, and the only thing we're waiting for is the scheduled boatload with the 7 trucks of "Optional Rewards" Well, no. The important bit is that this video is kind of fun and cool and gives you a sneek peek at what our factory wa
  11. Picked up another Great Worm and a Minotaur at my FLGS today. Came home, washed them and scrubbed them with a toothbrush and dish soap and as I went to prime the minotaur I discovered the tail is glued on wrong leaving a big hole in the leg and the seam for the head is still shiny with glue and looks like it could use some filling. (In fairness, looking at the pics on Reaper's site, the head seam is a common issue) Thinking I might be able to cut the tail off and attach it to the spot where it should go. Or else I'll need to suck it up, fill in the hole and try blending it.. Thought
  12. On the larger figures, like the dragons, how rigid are they, assuming some are in house by now? My main concern is for Wyrmgear, as I've got plans.... It's legs don't look overly massive, especially the front one, so how much beyond it's own mass can it handle before things start to bend? I'm looking at doing a diorama involving metal figures with Bones, and wondering if I'm going to need to look at reinforcing Wyrmy. You can feel free to use Gnomes (the traditional metal Gnome, not the new fangled metric Bones Gnome) as a standard measure :)
  13. Here's my entry for the winter wonderland single mini. The Bones really do hold detail well. Once I got a good base coat on him, the shading was just like on a metal mini. The paint still has a tendency to become shiny. Having the ability to move and manipulate the wings is really nice. The colors are pure white, sapphire blue, vallejo dark grey and blue-green. No metallics were harmed during the making of this Bones mini! I made the base out of sculpey and that long grassy stuff from scene-o-rama. I don;t like how the thin glazes got chalky, but I'll just be more patient in the future
  14. it was a cold wet and dreary day today, so I decided to go out and hit the local game shops, I wanted to get a bottle of Armypainter's soft tone ink anyway. Stop #1 had a nice collection of bones on the wall, and there was the great worm. Ive seen all the great variants done here so I figured I would give it a try. This is also the first bones I have painted (Im not counting the kobold I painted at ReaperCon last year at a speed paint) Colors were inspired off of the sandworm in FF XI EDIT: Lowered the brightness on the pics, they were washed out a bit
  15. Was there ever a list compiled of all of the miniatures in all of the sets for the Bones Kickstarter? I remember on the kickstarter site someone had links to a site that showed larger views of figures using the metal versions but I don't recall if it had names... I've been trying to get my miniatures database up to date in preparation of the massive pile of Bones coming, so today I thought that maybe I could get all the Bones data in in advance. But so far my searches haven't found much.
  16. Hi All, I've been a big fan of Reaper Minis for most of my role playing career. I created a Kickstarter to get my very own RPG produced and Reaper Mini has agreed to provide the minis! w00t! If you're a fan of tabletop RPG's and you're also stoked about the new Bones set check out my Kickstarter! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1711283738/worra-realms-fantasy-rpg Thanks! -Chris
  17. This was supposed to be done as part of the community ogre thread, but paining time has been scarce and took me 4 months to get it done. Working with bones has been interesting. This is my first mini since I stopped painting 6-7 years ago, and had to adjust what few things remembered to the bones. Overall, I'm happy with how it turned out. I've been following the forum since the KS, and it's been incredibly useful, so thanks to all! Comment, criticisms, etc are welcome!
  18. So here are the Bones Orc swordsmen (77019), which are the last of my bones orcs (untill Boneami arrives). And here is the last missing spearman (Bones 77003) that I had blamed the cats for stealing. He was in fact hiding behind some other minis on the shelf. Since he was late to the party he got the bent bronze spear.... And here is the whole tribe (can you find Waldo the warrior?) Fun group to paint, I am sure they will harass adventurers for a long time.
  19. Finished this guy on Friday. Was practicing some of the techniques I learned in LTPK1 earlier in the week with the Anhurian Knight. Finally learning to do shading with something other than quickshade ;-) C&C welcome.
  20. Practicing different techniques for the Dragon challenge..
  21. This is the first thing I have painted since November. Every time I paint a bones I like them more. I am no fan of priming and I really like how they take craft paint. The camera jammed during this photo session (E18, again!) so they aren't the best photos. Happy (Late) New Year and feedback appreciated. Cheers.
  22. Here's my version of Flit. I decided to make a scenic base, before the 'Winter Wonderlands' painting competition was announced. In the dead of night at work, I thought that a simple cut and reglue of Flit's hand would make it seem like he's cupping and the idea of him snatching at a water pool formed in my head. I'm consistently amazed at the quality of the Bones line, and their ability to take paint. I hope you enjoy!
  23. So I started this a couple of days before Christmas and I was racking my head over how to get a good stoney look for my new friend and i remembered a trick i accidentally learned from the l2pk. I primed the mini with reaper brush on primer and the washed the crap out of it with black ink the combination of the ink and primer gives a great stone effect imo, my only thought is that the body held on to the ink more than i wanted and so it's a hair darker than the wings. http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8327302852/'> I will see about getting some decent pictures up tonight.
  24. Ok finally finished this miniatrue, he's painted quickly aiming for tabletop standard only. In the end I did paint a bit more detail than I had originally intended but he hasn't had the level of attention most of the character models I've done recently have recieved. He was rebased onto a Back-2-Base-ix 25mm Celtic Ruins base as part of an early experiement in finding out how hard that would be (easy it turns out).
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