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Found 1 result

  1. Eviljames began a thread that kind of got me to wondering... any GMs out there ever have players who just have some seriously wacked out ideas about what they want to do with a character? I started out with AD&D, and they were pretty firm about what you could play. Human. Elf. Half elf. Dwarf. Hobbit. Half orc. Gnome. And you could apply one of the available character classes to that. And that was IT. After that, customization was largely a matter of stats and equipment and personal description. And then, that dratted "Winged Elf" thing turned up in the Polyhedron. I didn't see this as being a good thing, and while there was some discussion, no one wanted to press for it, and so we had no winged elves flitting about in our games. There were a great many "NPC character classes" in Dragon magazine. We did have a rather successful Jester, at one point. But while some ideas got pretty wacky, no one ever did anything in the tender days of my youth that I felt were all that campaign breaking. Or, for that matter, stupid. Fast forward to many years later, in the days of 3.5. We were grownups, then. And you'd think grownups would have better ideas? Fat chance. The two that spring to mind were the Drow and the Hell Chicken. I had a player who wanted to play a Drow Elf, a refugee from his Always Chaotic Evil society beneath the earth, come to see a life of good and right beneath the shining sun! "That's not the best idea," I said. "The rules say I can," he said. "Yeah, but drow elves are hated and reviled by all beneath the sun," I said. "You're creating a character that will be lynched on sight in most communities, and the rest of the party will be assumed to be evil as all get out, simply by association with YOU. Do you really want to do that?" "The rules say I can," he repeated. "And Drizz't doesn't have to put up with that." "Drizz't spent two series of novels developing his reputation, and he STILL gets attacked by people who don't know him and haven't heard of him, and he's ridiculously powerful and high level enough that he is resistant to lynching by angry farmers," I said. "YOU, on the other hand, are starting at first level. Again, are you sure you want to do this?" He did. And the campaign began. And sure enough, the party began to take flak for having a dark elf among them. To the point where the other players objected. And it finally reached a point where upon reaching town, one player would go and rent a room... and they'd smuggle D'oh! The Dark Elf in through the back window... and then they'd go hit the taverns and have town adventures while D'oh sat in the dratted room at the inn with the door bolted, fuming. After a brief discussion in which he suggested that the campaign world was being racist and unfair (and the entire table countered with "you read the books," and "you were more than fairly warned," he wound up finally rolling up a new character. After three lynching attempts before he'd even reached third level. *** Another player went out and bought The Book Of Vile Darkness when it came out. And oh my, were there lots of ideas in THERE. In particular, fiendish grafts. This excited one player I knew beyond hope. He had quite a bit of gold sacked up, and began redesigning his character along an entirely new line of customization... in much the same way George Barris started with a rather oddball concept car, and ended up with a Batmobile. Except that in this one guy's case, he ended up with the BatmoBob. "Why can't I have wings?" he growled. "You can have all the wings you want," I said. "Along with glowing red eyes, fangs, tail, and the extra pair of hands. I'm just saying, don't expect to be welcomed into ... um... well, much of any town, city, community, farmstead, church or temple, or... well, much of anywhere, is all." "But WHY?" he said. One of the other players piped up. "Because you look like yo mamma had a thing for pit fiends," he said. "Or you WILL, if you go through with this nonsense. Dude, wings? Glowing red eyes? Fangs? You'll be giving babies nightmares from here to Waterdeep." "But all the bonuses! Darkvision! Flight!" "Don't expect us to rent YOU a room," another player said. He remembered the Drow. "Well, what if I toned it down a little?" said the player in question. "I could get feathered wings instead of fiendish ones." "Yeah," someone else said. "So then you'll look like a Vrock instead of a Pit Fiend." "Or a ... HELL CHICKEN!" someone else crowed. He eventually wound up spending the money on something else; after some thought, he later admitted that perhaps he was being a little excessive. But it would have worked with a DM who was more into wilderness adventures than town adventures! Anyone else ever experienced anything like this?
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