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Found 4 results

  1. I finally finished all the Pathfinder Iconics. (Until Bones 4 arrives.) Some of them turned out great, and for some, the best I can say is that they arent much worse than a pre-paint would be. Either way, these guys will be called into service whenever a generic NPC is required. 89038 Oloch, Warpriest 89037 Quinn, Investigator 89036 Reiko, Ninja 89017 Imrijka, Inquisitor 89018 Sajan, Monk 89019 Nakayama Hayato, Samurai 89020 Harsk, Ranger and 77216 Biter, Badger 89022 Alahazra, Oracle 89023 Balazar, Summoner 89025 Alain, Cavalier 89027 Lini, Druid and Droogami, 77216 Snow Leopard 89034 Crowe, Bloodrager And lastly a group shot of all the Iconics, including the ones from Bones 1:
  2. This was the first mini I painted in over 25 years. And I had only painted a few pewter battle tech and D&D minis back then. This was a result of watching lots of youtube videos for some tips. I think it came out OK, but I have seen some really nice examples of this one by other people. Well, here's my crack at it... I painted another Bones mini after this one (Iconic Alchemist) and it came out a little better. One thing I noticed on this mini is that I didn't really trim up the mold lines very well around the hands. Thanks for looking.
  3. My wife's first attempt at painting a figure. She did this guy up to be a very goofy character from our game. She would like feedback. She has a bachelors in art..... so trust me when I say she can take your critique, and honestly wants to know what she can do to improve. A sample conversation regarding Bartok, a quest giver that provides some manner of annoyance to the party.... as he typically likes to accompany them, as a "fellow adventurer" Bartock:"fear my ancient runes of power!!!" Player: "bartok..... that's a smiley face...." Bartok: "an ancient draconic smiley face... of power?" Player: "no."
  4. In my Wednesday night game, I'm currently running Idyls of the Rat King. The mid-dungeon boss is a Gnome Necromancer named Narzy Hilspeck. Unsurprisingly, no one actually makes a Gnome Necromancer miniature. There are some Gnome Wizards, but none of them have that Plays With Dead Things vibe that a proper Necromancer should give off. I've been planning this campaign for some time (and actually hadn't planned to run it til next year, using Kickstarter Bones). As soon as the model for Balazar, Iconic Summoner was released I knew I'd be using him as the base for my Gnome Necromancer. The combination of the heavy robes and wild mustache/eyebrows made him the perfect base. With the right paintjob, he could pass for a necromancer as is. But he'd need some dark gothic bling to really fit the role. So I removed the little symbol from his hat and replaced it with a skull. POW. Instant Necromancer.
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