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Found 23 results

  1. I think the Ruddy Flesh-Barbarian Flesh-Warrior Flesh combination might be my new favorite skintone (Tanned Flesh triad used to be) - really like this result!
  2. This is an example of why the RMS Tanned Skin Triad is my favorite skintone recipe; I do tend to experiment on skintones a lot, but when I know I need something to come out as well as my skills allow for, I always return to it!
  3. This is Argantyr II, which is a form that is midway between human and werewolf (the miniature is also around 40mm to reflect the growth between forms). Through his use of his wolf cloak and his tome of gramarye (On the Black Art of the Fenrir and Becoming the Lycanthrope) Argantyr can control his transformations, which will be more fully revealed in upcoming tales by Howie K. Bentley.
  4. Latest paintjob - The Lion's Queen from my line. This one is special because it was created using images of my wife combined with ideas for this miniature that had been in my head for some time. Sculpt is by Micah Nichols and concept art by Brian Brinlee.
  5. I just finished up this miniature - it is sculpted by Reaper veteran Matt Gubser and is based on concept art and ideas from myself and Byron Roberts (the creator of Caylen-Tor in his fiction and his lyrics for the mighty Bal-Sagoth).
  6. I don't share a lot of WIP shots but I am really pleased how the skintones are coming along on this.... First couple of base layers were with Warcolours flesh tones and then started mixing in Reaper Fair Skin, and will add it in a few more times before finishing off with mixing in some Reaper Fair Highlight for a layer or two. I am thinking Reaper Rosy Skin might work for the base as well, the shadow and midtones there are similar to Warcolours Flesh 5 and 4.
  7. Hello all! It has been a longtime dream of mine to have a line of barbarian miniatures, and I am finally going to try and make that happen via crowdfunding. This is the preview link to my campaign that has been approved and will launch on June 1, barring the need for massive overhaul or other catastrophe (perhaps invading barbarians). Barbaric Splendor Kickstarter One: Personalities (preview mode) Thanks for looking! edit: I am not sure how to get the Prelaunch tag to show in the thread title? EDIT: Campaign is live - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1327314385/barbaric-splendor-kickstarter-one-personalities
  8. Jungle Lord from Forge of Ice - great sculpt! I went back to my stand-by Reaper Master Series Tanned Skin Triad for the skintones on this one and am pretty pleased with how it came out.
  9. I finally finished Death Dealer 1 from Bronze Age Miniatures after putting off the horse due to hating to paint black...but I think it came out well. I will be working on another of these official Frazetta Death Dealers soon!
  10. I have had this Bronze Age Miniatures barbarian on the WIP shelf for far too long; its a great sculpt - very Frazetta-ish! I tried to do the skin in a paler tone, and worked more with glazes than my usual layering/blending. I used Army Painter Barbarian Flesh as the base, then glazed that with Reaper Flesh Wash a couple of times and started working back up with the Barbarian Flesh plus an old Ral Partha Noble Flesh added in for each successive glaze/layer. The hair came out a little blue but I am going to leave it and move on. As always, I love David's sculpts and he has a ton of other great barbarians I look forward to getting to.
  11. Front view linked for nudity, a barbarian from David Drage, that I based to leap into battle, leading a barbarian horde. I worked with some slightly different colors than I usually do and was pleased with the outcome. The hair is the Reaper Red Hair Triad. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v465/kevd82/Draegia 1_zpsa21bdhzk.jpg
  12. This is one of the harder to find Grenadier Fantasy Warriors Barbarians as he is not currently in production - I gave him a club and shield instead of the halberd he inexpicably had in the USA pack (he had a sword in the UK pack). I used the Reaper Ruddy Flesh-Barbarian Flesh-Warrior Flesh triad, along with some Olive Skin Shadow as a glaze over the basecoat and mixed in the first few layers. The pictures are a little overexposed I think, but I am pleased with the skintone results! This is also an example of how well Tamiya Smoke can work as a glaze over metal - I really like the tone on the shield.
  13. I have been working on this Idol of Crom to use in the Monolith Conan game - made from a bust and then surrounded/based in cork for the rough stone. I started with black and worked up with overbrushed layers of grey, as well as pushing around some nearly dry paints in parts to create texture. There are also washes of black and Secret Weapon Stone involved. I am basically at the final highlight stage, then will do some dirt and grass around the rough stone part. A fun project! First picture, starting to build up the base:
  14. This is an objective/scenery piece I did to use in the Monolith Conan game - thanks for the advice I got in the WIP thread!
  15. The Usurper, finished. Sculpted by Rykar Jové for Barbaric Splendor Miniatures; he made a few masters before sending his sculpts to me, so I have finally gotten this painted! I love the whole sculpt, but Rykar did an especially great job on the tiger emblem on the shield! I will have an update on the Kickstarter that includes this miniature in a couple days - all sculpts are in so they will be going off for master molds soon! I used Reaper Ruddy Flesh, Reaper Barbarian Flesh, and Reaper Warrior Flesh to layer up the skin - the Ruddy Flesh is very dark, so still working on getting this recipe smoother but I am getting there I think.
  16. He stood resplendent in his looted war-gear, taken from a site in the high places of the Cimmerian lands, where his shaman had led him. There, buried around a statue of an ancient barbarian hero, had been found the artifacts from a long ago era, before a great cataclysm his shaman had told him. More Vanir warriors had come to his fight under his banner since, and his shaman assured him there were more such items to be found - and so he led a raiding party once more to Cimmeria, and cresting a small rise he found himself looking into a small vale. Therein stood another statue, but this time also a band of Cimmerian warriors protecting it, shaking their swords and axes as they bellowed forth war cries and challenges. No matter; the helm of Am-Ra would be his - he raised the axe of Gor-na, pointing toward his foes, "Forth Vanir slayers - blood, glory and treasure await!" This is Belegast the Bloodthirsty by Tre at Red Box Games, with a slight conversion to wield an axe from a Fenryll barbarian. For some reason the skintones are washed out by the lights, but I did use a very pale skintone (RMS Fair Skin Triad with Flesh Wash). Otherwise I am pretty pleased with how he came out!
  17. This is a barbarian from Four A Miniatures, sculpted by Matt Gubser who has done some great barbarians for Reaper too. I used the new Ruddy Flesh-Barbarian Flesh-Warrior Flesh on this and really like the result!
  18. Ok, so technically this is from the Grenadier Fantasy Warriors wood elf line, but I think he works better as a barbarian, so here he is!
  19. This is a 54mm barbarian from a small line no longer in production (I have several others I plan to use like this), done as a barbarian ancestor statue for a scenario I have in mind for the Conan game coming soon! First time using Secret Weapon washes and really liked the effect of the Stone Wash!
  20. Once again I have veered off into another project rather than finish the myriad already on my WIP shelf.... this one is an Avatars of War barbarian with a new axe head from Reaper and the lion helm added to make him Conan as King of Aquilonia! The lion helm was done by filing down his hair and head to fit inside a Fenryll piece and then sculpting the mane on.
  21. This is my version of Xanthia from Hasslefree Miniatures, done to represent Belit from the Conan story "Queen of the Black Coast" as she comes ashore to wreak havoc. I got the idea for the base at 3am one morning and had her based before having any paint on her - a reversal of my usual method but I am happy with how it came out. Linked for nudity as the resin master of this (which this is) shows bare breasts as opposed to the metal version which seems to have a disc covering the nipples. Xanthia, front view Xanthia, rear view
  22. It has taken me way too long to finish this, but at long last he is done. This is Orsa Stormbringer, the first miniature I had commissioned and sculpted by Leandro Ventic. He will be part of an upcoming Kickstarter.
  23. This is my finally finished "official" paintjob for one of my Barbaric Splendor miniatures; the RP Challenge got me motivated :) Overall I am pleased with him, but that sword was one problem after another, mostly due to a glaze of Tamiya Smoke creating texture. Not sure what I did wrong there but I tried to fix it as best as possible without actually stripping it. I tried to go a little higher in tone with RMS Tanned Skin triad and that at least seems to have come out well to balance it out!
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