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  1. Hello folks, I'm trying to figure out how to base my Bones Gnolls (77012, 77104, 77235, 77236) on medium (1 inch) bases. After several failed attempts to somehow get the darn things on 1" round bases (74035) I finally overcame my OCD and bought some square bases. As much as it pains me I'd rather have them based and not matching all of the other miniatures than not based at all. It's worth noting that I intend to use these miniatures on a 1" grid battlemat, so just using larger bases is not desired. I purchased some "1 inch" square bases from Reaper (74038) thinking the Gnolls would fi
  2. Hi guys, I'm starting to think about doing some basing but I'l not really keen on static grass and the like: yes, it gives stunning results but I'm really interested in producing textured dungeon floors and the like with relative ease In all honesty, I could probably get away with two basic textures: Cobblestone / Dungeon floor Bare rock I know that Happy Sepukku and the like have put out some base stamps: does anyone have recommendations on which ones are any good?
  3. Well, i based another mini, minimaly this time. Not to much going on but sometimes a little goes a long way. One of the first mini i did this year but i waited for the right idea for the base. I really love using the juice bottle caps for basing. Always gives a good presentation and there is room for decor without drowning the mini in it. I went classic for this beast. Can't go wrong with that. I'll go crazy if i do another one. Maybe black & white like a holstein. Will see. I recently got some tools to remove the blob bases. Most of them will fare well without'em. Should have done t
  4. Apologies if this is the wrong forum; if so, please move to the correct one mods. Has Reaper considered punching out 55mm bases. Infinity has started using them for some of their units and the availability of them isn't what I'd like. The market for 55mm bases is pretty niche I'll admit, but if the costs of the machining is low enough, it might be achievable. I understand and expect the numbers won't add up, but I thought I'd ask just in case.
  5. Front and side views (bare breasts) I have to say, I was surprised when I got her; she was a lot smaller than I expected. Finished painting in about a day (not hard when you can paint the entire figure all at once) and spent the rest of the time sculpting the base with Apoxie Sculpt and wrestling with liquid water resin. edit: Ah right, I might as well mention the colors, since it's basically only three gradients. Skin: (Walnut Brown) > Old West Rose > Rosy Shadow > Rosy Skin > Maiden Flesh > Vampiric Highlight. Hair: (Walnut Brown) > Woodland Brown > Orange F
  6. Ogre Chieftan, fun to paint. I have a second one waiting as with just one he doesn't have much to be chief of. With 2 they can be bodyguards, with the primitive Ogres from Bones 3 he will finally have a tribe. I did the basing with greenstuff, and tea. In a week or so I will get a Basarius KS pad which is mostly flagstones, but I am impatient.
  7. For my online business, we cut lots of wood and leave lots of pieces in the scrap bin. Well, we just processed a beautiful seasoned branch of oak and cut it every which way right up to the very last piece, the spot where it was cut from the body of the tree. For some reason I spent a few minutes looking at the piece and decided to bring it with me to clean up. As you can see in the pics it cleaned up but I wasn't sure what to do with it. So, I had just posted an ash burl to my website and suggested in the description making it into a treasure horde for your dragon. And I realized what
  8. Alright I want to see what everyone's working on base-wise, even if it's some simple, basic (ha! see what I did there?) stuff. Let's share the bases we are working on. First, I'll show you a couple of the ones I did recently. This was nothing special but one of my first attempts at sculpting any kind of base. Attempted to be some sort of stone/cobblestone street. Just some flattened out milliput then with one of my little clay tools carved in the stones. After it dried, filled it with some white glue and some GF9 grass. Next, I was trying to make some appropriate bases for th
  9. Hi, I made my first freehand, and im very proud of it! Mini is not finished but im so happy because of painting that i need to share. Maybe somebody has idea for base for him? I have to do his mask, face and boots and swords.
  10. Where is the best place to buy plain black plastic round lip presentation bases? I recall finding a nice website with 15, 20, 25, 40, 50mm and resin wood plank bases, but can't for the life of me google back to that website...
  11. Again not sure the right thread for this, sorry if I'm putting them in the wrong section. Baugi, you have created a monster, basing has now become a bit of an obsession. So my idea is this dude on a high cliff overlooking the ocean. How high should I make the cliff? Right now he seems huge. Thanks!
  12. aka All Your Base Are Belong to Us! This tutorial will teach you some basic and some intermediate ways to use Sculpey to create custom bases for your miniatures. First, some basic information. Sculpey is a polymer clay which does not self-harden. It must be cured at 130 C/ 275 F, baking time based on thickness. After it is baked it is rigid, can be sanded, carved and painted. There are several types. Fimo, Sculpey, Super Scupley, Scupley III, Premo, etc. It is less expensive than some of the other sculpting materials available, making it great for basing projects! It is similar
  13. sculpted by Tre Manor. Rather happy with this.
  14. So I signed up for the Figure Exchange that is supposed to end this coming Saturday and picked Vaeloth, Hellborn Paladin from the Bones Kickstarter for my partner (who doesn't know who he or she is). Unfortunately, my summer exploded into all kinds of "too much to do" so I wasn't able to really get down to working on him until about a week ago. My intended recipient requested a scenic base, so this would be the very first time I've tried to base a figure. One problem I ran into, also related to "too much to do" syndrome, was that I wasn't able to locate starter bases at any of the very few
  15. This is the LARGEST I have ever painted at a whopping 5 inches tall! I must admit that it pushed me beyond my comfort zone, but I enjoyed the challenge. There were many times I just wanted to throw the thing at the wall, but didn’t… and I’m happy with the results. I painted Ultraforge’s Vrok (Greater Lord of Change) with a rather cool colorscheme. I had no idea what to paint it and the few I saw online were either a pastel purple or greenish-blue. I have a friend who is planning on possibly purchasing him from me, so I wanted something that wouldn’t be too much of an eyesore with his overa
  16. Hi I'm not sure if this is the right section... but here goes I'm interested in making some dental plaster bases for some of my upcoming minis. I will be making some basic patterns (ie cobblestone, dungeon floor, dirt) and then making molds - since my sister is a dentist she will be assisting in making molds (using the mold making stuff from dentures etc), so they will be about 10cm square max. From peoples experience what is the maximum size a plaster base can be before it starts becoming structurally weak? For making slightly more complex bases, what are the limitations o
  17. I got to wondering this during a discussion of broccoli bases. Awhile back I got the Reaper set DHL Classics: Female Wizards. The figures I got did not seem to have the same bases as those shown in the online store; they appeared noticeably smaller. The central figure, in particular, had just a little rim of base around and under her skirt. I don't mind that at all. I glued the figures to fender washers for stability, and the very small bases made it easier to blend them in. On the other hand, I kind of had to do that because they were less stable because of the small bases.
  18. Hey guys, I want to find a fairly cheap product to use as sand on bases. I've heard of using parsley for grass, cinnamon for dirt, what do you think would work for sand? I was thinking sugar maybe? I just want opinions. Have any of you tried using that? I have some aquarium sand but it's too large for what I want. Just the size and shape are what I need. I can paint it once it dries onto the base. Any ideas? Thank you in advance.
  19. After the disaster of trying to order reaper l2p kits from amazon (me yelling at a vendor after 3 weeks of nothing being shipped) I picked up a couple bones to play with to pass the time I have run into a problem. I ordered a vampire kit for eventual use in pathfinder and using the standard 1" chessix's maps, after debrocoli'ing the cave troll I found to my horror the only way to get (him?) on a 1" base is bending him bolegged which Doesn't look good at all imo. I have a few 1" square swamp tiles like these and a handfull of 1" circles that just seem tiny compared to the stances the bones
  20. I recently received 400 plastic tiles for basing many of the Bones I will be receiving from the Kickstarter. Basing all those Bones Kickstarters After testing their durability when glued straight to the model and after pinning them, I decided to crack open my Werewolf and base him for real. After staring at the figure sitting on the plastic tile for a bit, I decided I wanted to mess with the stance of the creature and change the perspective with out really cutting and repositioning the limbs and such. I did make 2 cuts, one to free the front foot from the base and then other to re
  21. Hey all, Just wondering what techniques you guys use for painting stone bases. I guess I'm referring to stone tile, flagstone, etc. Myself, I've been starting with a white base and covering it with black and brown washes. I then drybrush a bit with light colours. It turns out OK, but probably not as good as it could be. Hopefully I'll have some pictures for y'all as soon as I can get my hands on a camera.
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