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Found 39 results

  1. Hello forum folks I have not been painting anything the last half year or so, as my left elbow and lower arm have not been working properly, ligament problems leaving me unable to hold anything small still for any length of time, or at all. But it is getting better, and I have been getting a lot of prepwork done on of alot of the masses and masses of minis that have arrived, fulfilling the last years kickstarters. The Kings of War and Reaper Bones has been delivered and are now complete, and the third and last Dreadball shipment is probably in the mail, leaving me with more minis than space to put them. And several more are on their way…and the Bones are doing a second kickstarter at the moment…uh oh. At any rate, I am trying to get back in to it now, and have chosen the “Reaper Beauty Pageant 2013″ forum competition as a suitable target to actually get something done. I seem to need a deadline these days, or it gets put off. In this competion, one is to enter the Bones mini called “Lysette”, and elven sword toting maiden. Quite intrically detailed, so I might fail utterly as I still cant seem to hold it completely stlll for painting. And there is really small detail on this piece. Giving it a go, here is the first WIP shots of Murkette the Dark elf: You see where this is headed. Black undercoat, mantic base. I like mantic bases better than citadel ones these days. The Bones’ integral bases are quite easy to trim down to fit the hole, fill with a spot of green stuff and away we go! Speaking about bases… I am at something of an impasse about basing the Bones. Traditionally I have based most everything to fit with Warhammer. However…Why on Earth have I been doing that? There are lots more base options available these days. Such as the “lipped” bases (left). I find I really like those bases too, even more than the round beveled of yesteryear. And lovely sculpted bases in resin are readily available. I am not sure the square bases are as nice. I think I like round bases better in general. And these days you get something newfangled called “movement trays”…and many of these can be ordered with precut holes or slots to fit whatever size or shape base I might like to have. So any shape can actually fit Warhammer or whatever. And for games such as Kings of War, the need for individual basing is eliminated altogether, all models in a unit goes on a single base, as the minis themselves are not used as wound counters. This means that an entire unit can be based as a kind of diorama, greatly enhancing the look of the unit as a whole, and speeding up movement in-game. This also lets one play around a bit more: “a 20-man strong unit of skeletons” but… I dont really get to play any more. At all. So why even bother following that paradigm? Or any at all? So, maybe taking a more individual approach, basing each model on whim more than any special uniformity is the right way forward. What do you think about this? Any thoughts are appreciated.
  2. reversednormals

    ReversedNormals's Sculpting Party

    Hello everyone! Just got some of the green stuff and thought I'd share what I'm doing with it. At first I was just going to use it for improving the bases of my minis, but I quickly realized I'll be using it to mod some of them and eventually do full on figures of my own. First up, I made some rocks for this wizard's base: Next, after finding that working with the stuff is so fun, I decided to make a lil' skull: And for fun, here are a couple of digital sculpts I did when I first got ZBrush earlier in this year. An orc head, and a Chinese style dragon that I got frustrated with and didn't finish: Anyway, I'll just keep updating this thread as I sculpt more stuff in the future. Comments and critiques are welcome.
  3. When rebasing Bones should you use a pin or could you just superglue the figure to the base? On my first Bones figure, the Bugbear, I used a pin. Drilling the plastic was easer than drilling metal, but I found it took aa bit more care to ensure the hole was straight and of the desired depth because the bit cut so quickly. It turned out fine, but I was wondering how well the pin will hold it's place in the plastic foot and, if given how little the mini weights, if it is worth the bother of pinning rather than simply super gluing the figure to the base. I will appreciate your thoughts
  4. Some of these minis are done, but most I'm still working on, which is why this is in WIP. These started as plain flat bases except for the little green and grey one in the middle, which is an RAFM mini with a nicely-sculpted but too narrow base which I glued to a penny. The two on the far right are Reaper minis I glued to one-inch fender washers. The rest of them are Hasslefree minis on the slotted plastic bases that came with them, 25mm except for the little girl who is on a 15mm base. The three on the left have asphalt-effect, which I did by stippling with a small round hog's bristle brush in shades of black, white, grey, and brown. It's hard to see in the photo, but the lower left figure, a vampire, doesn't have a shadow where the other two do. The four on the front and right are stippled for grass, with a small flat hog's bristle brush held parallel to the base and subtle shades of green mixed with yellow and brown put on. The three in front center also have rocks painted on, using similar colors to the asphalt but with sable brushes using washes and blending. The two in the back have rocks and flagstones painted on with shadows and in one case lighting effects from fire, painted with sable brushes, washes and blending. All of the bases (except for that RAFM one) are flat as pancakes. A different view of the bases. A view of the grassy bases. A view of the asphalt and stone bases.
  5. I'm generally not a huge fan of fancy basing, but I thought it would be a nice treat to put the minis I paint up as the PCs for my upcoming D&D game on some custom bases. However, no one seems to sell pre-made bases for fewer than six at a go (most places I've found sell packs of ten) and I was hoping to be able to pick a different style of base for each mini, as appropriate. Does anyone offer such a service, either selling individual bases or mix-and-match packs of a given size?
  6. I'm looking to get some 1 inch square bases for my bones figures and noticed that the 12 pack of bases are $4.99 and a single base is 25 cents, so if I buy them separately it comes to $3, I was wondering why its cheaper to buy them separately then in a pack? here are the links to the bases http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Bases/sku-down/74056 http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Bases/sku-down/74015
  7. What are you going to do for basing on the Bones KS figures? Litko? GF9? Secret Weapon? Nothing?
  8. http://www.secretweaponminiatures.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=79_30_105
  9. http://www.darkartminiatures.com/New_Releases/cat1768315_1615185.aspx
  10. http://titan-forge.com/bases_halloween_round_bases_halloween_round_bases_full_set
  11. These are relatively new and look like a fun choise for undead or other planar creatures.. http://microartstudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=20402
  12. Can anyone help me with a suggestion as to where to buy round, plastic unslotted 25 mm bases? I found some years back but don't remember the manufacturer. I wish I had bought more at the time. Now I'm having trouble finding a source for more.
  13. Hi all, I haven't ever made a base for my miniature before. I was thinking of creating a wooden saloon floor for my Huckster (Western Gambler) mini. Does anyone have any tips on how to go about doing that? Do I use sculpy to create the floor? Thanks in advance, ~TxGator
  14. Not sure if I am posting in the right board, as it's my first post. First off, I just thought I'd mention that this forum is fantastic and I've learnt so much already just from lurking. I've noticed that some minis are glued to bases with no visible edge. (The edge I am talking about is visible in models on inset bases such as Chammady, Grey Maiden, or Freebooter's Master Assassin.) I want to avoid this edge so that the top surface of the base extends as far as the bottom of the base. I have seen this effect achieved by two methods. Style 1 seems to be one-piece bases made entirely of greenstuff? Actually I have no idea how they are made--but they look GREAT! Examples: DSM's Lady in Waiting, DSM's Lysa, Templar Knight, and to a certain extent Sajan. Style 2 seems to be plastic topped with greenstuff. They also look very good. Examples: Ape-X, Liriel, and replacing plastic with wood (I think?), Weibe's Visiting Grandpa diorama. My question is, how do you produce the bases seen in Style 1? And if any of my observations are wrong, please correct me! Thanks, Reaperboard!