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Found 15 results

  1. About 9 hours total, mostly done w/ Walmart acrylics. Hope you like:
  2. I was miserably ill last month. Gargling razor blades, everything hurt, and I could barely think. So I painted Death. But he's cute death, and I didn't really care if I fudged up a Bones chibi. I kinda hate painting skeletons, but eh, it was a relaxing paint job. Lots of "woulda shoulda coulda" on making the paint blend smoother, go for more contrast... blah blah. I was sick and decided to taunt Death a little by putting in less than 100% effort on him. Not too shabby for a figure that I may end up flinging on the table willy nilly.
  3. Any tips on how to do either/both of these? I'm getting ready to do my mock up for Ma'al and I'm not really sure how to approach it. I've done black before so I have a little bit of an idea of how to go about it but for white I've no idea. I'm tempted to buy like all the greys/blacks/whites that reaper has and go at it that way but I'm thinking it might be more cost effective to buy the Scale 75 black and white paint set. Maybe. So tips, tricks, paint recommendations? All of the above?
  4. Right then, here's another question about the Reaper paint line. The last question was two months ago but I still feel like I'm bugging everyone. Anyway, I've decided to finally take the plunge and do some serious paint ordering for my solo game miniatures. Before I order at the end of the month (to get that Diva model for nothing), there seems to be a hiccup: there are a few different black paints in the line. I'm looking for a black to basecoat... black, funnily enough. There's Pure Black, Dragon Black, Noir Black, Nightmare Black, etc. Which of these (and the others not listed) would be closest to Citadel's Abaddon Black? Some of the blacks have a blue hue, brown hue, or whatever for different looks, but it's hard to tell from the sample mockups which ones have those hues and which don't. If anyone could break those down for me, I'd be grateful.
  5. This is a figure from the Goth set from the game "Wild in the Streets" by Slow Death Games. Thanks to FishNJeeps for directing me to them when I needed miniatures of modern people in goth-punk wear for a World of Darkness game. I painted up the figure as a vampire. It didn't originally have any facial hair; that's all painted on. There isn't a WIP thread. So as a quick note, although I have seen people able to do wonderfully subtle and menacing vampires who still look like vampires, I find that unless I paint mine in stark black and white they look like regular people.
  6. I was wondering what kind of alloy the figures are made of. I want to have one coated in vantablack, but I don't know if they can withstand 300° temperatures unscathed. For those who don't know, this coating reflects virtually all light and makes anything appear 2D. Perfect for making shadow minis if this works.
  7. Greetings! Presenting Reaper's January 25th Anniversary miniature - Grim Reaper. This was quite a straightforward mini to paint, done in a veritable rainbow of dark colours. Working out how to do the hourglass (glass) was a bit tricky, I painted it all black & added a layer of light brown for sand in each half (level with the ground). I wanted to try & make the actual glass purple tinged so I gave the top of each half a purple spot dry-brush then coated both halves with a purple glaze. this did help to tint both the empty & full sections of the hourglass in colour but it's probably too subtle & can't really be seen on the pics. Finally I gave the glass parts a gloss varnish. 1 Down, 11 to go......... (hopefully!)....... Thanks for looking!
  8. Well, I finally did it. I painted a dragon. I've got T'raukzul and Stormwing both coming from the Kickstarter, and a Deathsleet and a Blightfang here still waiting for me to be brave enough to apply paint to them. I feel more confident about that now that I've done Ebonwrath. It's a pretty traditional color scheme, I know. I don't have a light box or anything fancy. Just my phone. Hence the crappy photos. I'd like to base him sometime. I'm thinking the wetlands from Secret Weapon. Put him in a swamp. I need more resources though. And I'd need to practice on something smaller to make sure I don't muck it up. Anyway, c&c welcome!
  9. HerzogBrian talked me into this color scheme. I guess it works for an evil cleric.
  10. I have a lot of minotaurs. I share them with you here. You can share yours too if you like. This one is big, 50mm toe to brow, nearly 100mm total height. Believed to be from Games Workshop in the '90s. Base is hand-built from wood, sand, and acrylic gel. I meant for the color to resemble a black Angus bull, but it turned out more like a gorilla. WIP More angles:
  11. So I found a UK supplier with okay postage for some Reaper figures - including Ebonwrath, who I've been rather wanting since I first spotted him. So I bought him, and a couple of other bits and bobs, and now I've started painting him. This is the first thing I've painted at home, and so the first thing I've painted without supervision, lol. I've ordered some more paints, because I've got a couple of things I wanna try out, but what do. So um, yes, this thread will follow my attempt at doing this mostly by myself, instead of being able to throw it at Drifter and ask if I've done it right, lol. - So Ebonbothered turned up and was a tad warped in his packaging, but no big deal. Cue my trusty colander and kettle, time to boil and adjust him a bit. His wings had a bit of a weird going on. And now it's the middle of the night and all I've done is manage like half of his base coat. Ew, camera flash, etc. Also, check out my super high tech painting space - a teatowel on my couch and a tuppaware box. Yeah! Black paint is P3 Thamar Black, and I'll be depositing a nice big heap of GW paints on him as soon as they arrive =] Ahh, I feel guilty for posting such a boring basecoat =[ but um, yes, I'll hopefully have my GW paints arrive tomorrow and then I can make him look better and post better things. His wings, despite boiling, are creeping back to form at the moment, so I may bully them back again tomorrow. Once he's fully basecoated also, I'll stick him together - figured I'd just be making work for myself if I stuck him together too early here. Seeing as I've got a whole bundle of dragons coming next year thanks to the Bones III KS, I need to learn to paint them decently >=]
  12. Why is he so gosh darn hard to get clear pictures of? Ugh...oh well...here he is, finally finished. My swampy black dragon. He is the Black Dragon, from WOTC D&D Miniature #40055. He was sculpted by Kim Graham and produced around the year 2000 in limited numbers [Thanks Belerophon for telling me!] He was given to my husband in high school by a friend, and after we married we found him in a box and my husband asked if i could touch him up, as he had some scratches and chips. While I was getting ready to do so, I noticed his details were, in general, just horribly mucky...so I decided to strip him and repaint him entirely. You can read that epic adventure in his WIP thread here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/55156-siris-black-dragon-disaster/
  13. So I had ranted about this fellow a bit in my other, general WIP thread...but I think he deserves a thread of his own. This is a Black Dragon, from WOTC D&D Miniature #40055. He was sculpted by Kim Graham and produced around the year 2000 in limited numbers [Thanks Belerophon for telling me!] Here he is before I started working on him: He was given to my husband in high school by a friend, and after we married we found him in a box and my husband asked if i could touch him up, as he had some scratches and chips. While I was getting ready to do so, I noticed his details were, in general, just horribly mucky...so I decided to strip him and repaint him entirely. Thanks to some advice from fellow forum members, I began soaking him in Green Stuff adn began to scrub...and scrub...and scrub Come to find out, he has been repainted quite a few times on top of the original, because as I scrubbed through the black, I got to a solid red coat...and then another black coat...and finally I'm on the last coat. So this will be my WIP thread for him as I continue to try and restore this poor dragon I took some photos of his glued joints as well...I have NO IDEA what was used to put him together but it has held up after 48 hours of Green Stuff soaking, and was put on extremely messily...as evident in the photos
  14. Given how helpful I found my Pathfinder Red Dragon WIP Thread, I've decided to start a new one for my next large project: Ebonwrath! Here he is assembled: And here's a base. I started with a Renedra 120mm Elipse platic base, then built it up with cork, glue, sand and bonsai stones. Here's the final assembly: I added a little more corck to support his feet, as he doesn't sit perfectly flat, and added green stuff to his joins and the base. For a colour scheme, I decided to stick with making him a panther-like black dragon, but I wanted to experiment with lighting a bit. I've settled on an obsidian theme - high contrast, gleaming skylight from above contrasted with gold and red lava flame from below. Here's a mock-up I did in Photoshop: Next step: Base coat! I'm glad I bought a spare bottle of Pure Black...
  15. Given the problems I had with painting black on Tiviel, and how much I like black, I figured I would try to get better at painting it. The Cleric of Calistria was already primed, between her "official" color scheme being mostly black and looking more like a rogue than a cleric, I decided to do her next. I did the eyes first, getting something that I liked on the 3rd try. I don't think my camera is physically capable of getting a good picture of the face, but I attached the best one I could get. I knew that I didn't want to paint her armor and hair pure black, and I also wanted them to look like different blacks, so I started off with very dark colors. I did her hair with Dark Elf Shadow, but that looked too purple, so I put a black wash over it. It is very close to pure black at this point. The armor is a mix of black, MSP Winter Blue, and Dark Elf Whadow. I plan to highlight the hair towards Dark Elf Highlight and the armor towards Winter Blue. The skin is a mix of MSP Woodland Brown and MSP Caucasian Flesh. Originally my plan was to use that as the shadow and highlight to Caucasian Flesh, but I kind of like how that color turned out and may use it as the midtone instead. Next steps are to color in the little straps and doodads on her pants, boots and shirt. Haven't decided on a color for these, but it probably won't be yellow because I will be mega frustrated trying to get good coverage of yellow over so many tiny things without getting all over the pants. Her daggers also need a few more colors than just dark brown. C&C much appreciated!
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