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Found 8 results

  1. Ok, little more blue than black. He's so mad he's kicking the dirt off the side of the base and ready to bring it! I really can't express how much better that sword looks without all the excess lighting for the photo. It was a different sword to work with for me, but I'm very happy with how it turned out anyway. Lots of "glayering" back and forth. I could do more with the skin but decided to stop there for now at least. It was really a wash I liked so much I just went with it and worked around it. Didn't want him tooo clean but just couldn't put blood or anything else on the sword either. Orcs just aren't into hygiene, or weapon care, or care about much at all really. 😄 Suggestions/comments, it's all good. Things I'm learning: you can find all kinds of mistakes to fix with a zoomed photo... Sword colors. Will use again. I think it's time to replace a few 7 or 8 year old paints now tho.
  2. From the the Getting to know you better thread, here is the first mini I ever painted followed by the second and third attempts. The first is a Mage Knight Metal Goblin Grenadier. Painted at the Mage Knight Paint n take at Gencon some 14 years ago. They are all a little dusty from sitting on the shelf. After that I tried Mithril Miniatures LoTR Goblin King Then I tried to paint Reapers 02259: Orc Warrior Of Kargir by Sandra Garrity The last two did not turn out nearly as well as the first attempt likely do to using cheap plastic brushes (includind a Testors brush from a model car I had built) So I had very little ability to add detail. Also I had a much more limited selection of paints to use at home rather than at the paint n take at Gencon.
  3. FIGURE...REAPER (# 02321 = Black Orc)...Conversion (removed sword and added chain mace hand)... NOTES IN REGARD TO FIGURE...I executed my figure in my standard way (as other black orcs I have posted on this forum), but made the following changes/alterations as suggested by a couple of Reaper members. 1. I placed this orc on a darker base setting which is less pristine (Ying-Yang) and more as part of a flowing/belonging into the scene. 2. I dulled down the flesh skin tone and flesh coarseness on the creature. 3. I dulled down the shiny aspect of the weapons and added a slight rust aspect to the chain on the mace. Please advise...if you like this type of execution better. Paul (Catdancer)
  4. FIGURE...REAPER (# 02321 = Black Orc)...Conversion with axe removed and battle staff added. FINISHED...This is the finished and mounted figure from my (WIP) posting of step-by-step painting of same said figure. I hope that you like it,,,and my style presentation of the Black Orc. Paul (Cardancer)
  5. FIGURE...REAPER (# 02321 = Black Orc)...Conversion with axe removed and battle staff added. FOLLOWUP...This is a followup posting to my (WIP) dated 2-7-2014 and a reply to a (PM) that requested how I paint my black orcs and materials I use. STEP-BY-STEP...This is a brief basic step-by-step process that shows how I paint (my) black orcs. PHOTO 1...My figure is primed with Krylon flat white...first basic body/skin cover is a mixture of (midnight black/espresso/hauser dark green). PHOTO 2...Body/skin highlight is done with a mixture of (dark flesh/medium pink flesh/ac flesh/sable brown)...dry brushed on all higher areas...(let dry)...body is washed with paint mixture of (hauser dark green/midnight black/dark flesh)...(let dry)...body is washed with mixture of (lettuce/citrus/eggplant) artist ink. PHOTO 3...Face done...(eyes are mixture of bright yellow/mint green)...(mouth is mixture of berry red/true red/pink parfait...washed with strawberry ink)...(teeth are a mixture of Wicker white/cool white)...(face highlights a done using pink flesh tone/melon/pink parfait). PHOTO 4...Upper torso leather work is a mixture of (espresso/brick red/burnt sienna/deep burgundy)...washed with midnight black ink...highlights added with (brick red/deep burgundy)...metal work is metallic steel...horns are (wicker white/cool white)...all leather areas are washed with brown artist ink. PHOTO 5...Lower torso work...kilt painted as Russian red bear...mixture of (espresso/midnight black) base coat...wash with jet black ink...highlight/drybrush with (chocolate brown/light cinnamon/sable brown/honey brown/brick red)...boots (same process as upper torso leather work)...sword is a mixture of (metallic steel & charcoal)...washed with eggplant ink...highlighted with sterling silver cream...(let dry)...wash entire figure with mixture of (egg plant/jungle green/night shade) artist inks. NOTE...Since the battle staff is a conversion and not part of the original figure...I will not discuss the painting of it, since each person may have their own taste as to how they wish to paint it. SHOWOFF...I will post the finished figure in the Show Off forum when the painting is finished and the figure is mounted to his base. I hope that you find this short step-by-step posting useful/helpful. Paul (Catdancer)
  6. FIGURE...REAPER (# 02321 = Black Orc) TITLE...Uruk-Hai with battle staff!...I removed the axe and replaced it with an orc battle staff from my parts box...The figure has the first body color base coat which is a mixture of (black/espresso/hauser dark green)...as shown in Photos # 1 & # 2. NOTE...This figure will be my 3rd contest entry in (Painting Excuses Jan-Feb 2014 Single Entry Thread) ADDITIONAL PHOTOS...Are a reply to a PM I received from a member who was interested and asked about the paints, brushes, glues, etc. that I used in my work on figure, vignettes and dioramas...Believe it or not; I am a miser and hate spending money on high priced paints, brushes, etc...so I work with what is the least expensive and that works for me and what I want to accomplish. PHOTO # 3...Shows the (6) flesh tone colors that I use on my human figures (usually mix 2 or 3 to get the tone that I want)...you can also see the (2) colors that I use for the shadings on the flesh skin...All are acrylic paints. PHOTO # 4...Shows (26) of my acrylic paints (have 130 varied shades)...also show (8) of my artists inks (have 40 varied shades). PHOTO # 5...Shows my basic items I use...white glue, hot stuff, brush cleaner, metallic creams and the gold paint I received from my Christmas Sophie. PHOTO # 6...Shows my assortment of brushes (none of which cost me over $ 5.00)...each cut down and shaped to how I need it for the specific job it does. If you look carefully...you will see that I also use cosmetic brushes from female cosmetic sets. PHOTO # 7...Shows my very simple paint pallet...a piece of hard board with aluminum foil...as well as my water bowl for my acrylic paints. PHOTO # 8...Shows my chalks...that I use on most of my wood (real wood) work...also for rust, dust, texture, etc. So you see that I do what I do with the most simple items...and to answer your last question...NO, I do not use an airbrush (do not have one, have never had one and have never used one). Paul (Catdancer)
  7. FIGURE...REAPER (# 02321) TITLE...Uruk-Hai (Black Orc) NOTE...Figure is entry in (Painting Excuses Jan-Feb 2014 - Single Entry Thread)
  8. Here is my first black orc WIP I primed him white and painted the skin black: Painting him every part with main colors and put dark green highlighting on him: After washing him in armor wash, chestnut was and black wash: I'm not sure if I will put black wash again on the skin and start after it with the highlights. It is the first time for a long time, I didn't use any quickshade...
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