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  1. My last topic on this forum was a Brandle Birchstaff and I liked him so much that I decided to paint another!
  2. So I have to decide if this is done or not? bother. I only have two stages: or thats what I have until I go back and fix stuff. the shoulder plates were devilish, concave and convex at the same time. I ended up taking a spoon out at noon and flipping it back and forth, drawing the reflections. and Then a painting DVD gave me the idea to add read and purple washes to the gold. and reflect the color of the guy in the sword. I any suggestions for finishing/improvements would be great. Or criticism of what didn't work. I might not be seeing it.
  3. The freehand is supposed to be of a nebula. It's the first freehand I attempted and I think it worked out pretty well as long as I preface with the proclamation that it's supposed to be a nebula
  4. I'm painting up 14267: General Matisse as a PC for a guy in our campaign. He's specified that the PC -- an aasimar -- has hair made of bright blue fire, like Hades from the Disney Hercules. It's going to be challenging, and I'm not entirely sure how to approach it. My initial thought is to base coat it in pure white, then successive layers of blue, shifting from more white in the mix to more blue with each new layer, and starting each pass closer to the end of the hairs to get a gradation from hottest (white) near the roots, to coolest (blue) near the ends. Does that sound reasonable, o
  5. What is it with me and only finishing minis while under pressure? Painted up Khalib, Runelord Apprentice for a player in my FLGS Pathfinder group. He got started it then got distracted helping some new players make characters so I picked it up. I started about midnight (I'm usually in bed 10:30-11:00) and finished about 2am. We had already picked out the blue robes and purple book when we remembered that his god's colors are orange and black. So I made the center panel reflect that. I think the contrast works.....
  6. Here is the TOTALLY AWESOME figure I received as part of the 2015 Spring figure exchange! Flamehawke did an amazing job painting and basing this incredible figure! Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  7. Here we have my finished 77310: Water Weird. The plinth was worked up from a base of Peacock Green to Pure White through a succession of glazes - I was playing around with how high I could take it and have it read as stained marble. The 'gems' I left translucent and coated with Tamiya Clear Blue. The runes were picked out in Vallejo Model Air Silver, then tarnished with Black Ink. The water weird itself is three different 'strengths' of Taimiya Clear Blue. The base coat was diluted 2:1 with Tamiya Thinner. I then hit the crevices on the figure with a 1:1 dilution, and finished
  8. I painted him blue instead. I tried to fade the green on his wings in but it didn't work very well. Any tips?
  9. So this guy is from a D&D game, Castle of Ravenloft. A friend owns the game and asked last spring if I would paint all the pieces. I happily did haha. I'm only sharing him though because he came out so well ^^ I went for a ancient fossil color on him
  10. This was my first mini painted with Reaper paints and not cheapo Acrylic craft paints from Hobby Lobby =P
  11. I bought this guy a while ago at the local game shop during a Serenity campaign. I grabbed the usual suspects but thought someone might want a ninja-type character so here he is... COBRA The Blue Ninja As always C&C are welcome.
  12. I'm planning on painting Ulf Gormundr soon, and I want to get him as close as i can to the painted example on this website. So maybe someone can help me out with some of my questions. To be blunt: How did they do that blue chainmail? How did they do that NMM Gold? How did they get the blonde hair to look so real? On the subject of blonde hair, I have the reaper 3 tier Blonde paints. It works well, but it doesn't come out looking as good as Ulf's hair. While i'm on the subject of blonde hair, I'm also planning on painting Seoni, as she is on this site, and her blonde hair looks post
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