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  1. Painted this guy up pretty quick on the Hangout the other night. Not the greatest paint job ever but for 2 hours total, I think I did a decent job. Amusingly (at least to me) I keep forgetting that I haven't actually painted his hair. But I think it looks decent as is so I left it alone.
  2. This one took a little longer. As usual, I got a fair way into it and realised I'd messed stuff up and then had to go back and fix stuff. So, y'know, good times. Pretty typical for painting. A lot of it was done with the greyscale+glazing technique (that I'm pretty sure has a name that I've totally forgotten) but I keep forgetting to push the highlights really high and the shadows really deep, and this one was especially bad for that. Still came out half-way decently.
  3. Painted this one a little while back and never got around to finishing up the base. That's done now, so here she is! (Another relatively quick paint - probably 2 hours total, if that)
  4. This is Reaper's 03681: Nazera Bloodraven, Vampire. I love her sculptural forms. Whichever way she is turned, there is some interesting movement going on. Bobby Jackson did a lovely job sculpting her. I used iridescent interference blues and violets on her armor. I am thinking about discussing how I paint reds. WIP thread here.
  5. Garrick the Bold: 77008 Sculpted by Bobby Jackson For the Sir Forscale Contest I decided to take a try at this with two miniatures. Hope you like them. 1. Green and White Striped. Standard Metal Plate Armor _________________________________________________________________________ 2. Purple and Black: Black armor with Silver and white highlights. *These are both done with Metallic paints for the metals. Sir Forscale Contest entry page Accepted
  6. Hakon, Iconic Skald: 60182 Sculpted by Bobby Jackson This was a commission piece and one of the fastest I've ever done. Hope you guys like it. Here is the WIP for this piece
  7. It's been quite some time since I posted some minis here let alone a WIP. And joining the google hangout reminded me I really should ( thank you for that) . I apologize I switched jobs a few months ago and my life had been a little abnormal since. I also am kinda moved to Lancaster, Pa so if any fellow forum members are out this way, give me a shout I'd love to meet up to paint, game or just chat. Anyway on to the mini. I started Jahenna months ago to use as a test piece to try out a new mix for flesh. Since I finished up everything else on my desk, I figured I'd give her some more time,
  8. I did this as a "Test" in colors reminiscent of the Protectorate of Menoth from the game Warmachine. I am generally pleased with the outcome. It took WAY longer than I had anticipated but mostly because I was trying some new techniques and had several missteps. I tried lining for the first time and while you may not see it as much as I had hoped, there was a drastic change from the pre-lined result which I think really was helpful. I did something different with the base for the first time as well as I thought it was about time that I started making more effort to create a "complete package
  9. OK folks this is my most recent attempt at painting. I decided to do this mini in the color scheme of the Protectorate of Menoth from Warmachine. Basically I am doing a test paint to acclimate myself to the colors and techniques that I will use as I begin painting several minis for the Mk III release of Warmachine. I need some help though, I have had several missteps in this paint thus far and am struggling to see this as a success. 1) How should I highlight the white? Should I do darker tones around the highlight areas? 2) Should I use some liner to try and add some more contrast
  10. Nothing special, another bones figure completed for table top play. The red cloak turned out well I think.
  11. When I very first started DMing for my nephew (then 14), he looked at a Pathfinder DM screen at the game store, pointed at a picture of Valeros, and said, "That's what my character looks like." So I was thrilled when a great sculpt of Valeros was part of the first BONES Kickstarter! A little bit of modding to add a honking huge axe, and he became Clarence Callahan. :) (My nephew came up with that name, too! Creative kid.)
  12. Here's a really quick (took me 4-5 hours) tabletop level commission piece I painted up for one of my D&D buddies, he's the party's paladin that goes by the name of Koncaron. Figure: Logrim, Dwarf Captain Manufacturer: Reaper Miniatures SKU: 14304 Sculptor: Bobby Jackson Material: Metal WIP Thread Thanks for looking, C&C are welcomed and appreciated!
  13. Doing a quick WIP for a PC (Koncaron) that I'm painting up as a small commission for one of my D&D gaming buddies. He wanted a Dwarf Paladin, I had Logrim, Dwarf Captain (Reaper SKU 14304) on hand and he gave me an inspiration picture to work off of with some tweaks to the color choices. Inspiration picture Tweaks - wants black beard and instead of brass/gold, he wants steel/silver. I've started out with giving the dwarf a Reaper Clear Blue basecoat after priming it, but instead of just Reaper Clear Blue, I added some Reaper Gloss Sealer and Water to the mix. I
  14. ****So fool that he is, the minion has released me to stalk the upper worlds for prey....**** Yes that does mean he is finished.... So I did some last minute touch ups, and worked on his base, and finally got him all together. High Angle B&W And I was told, in no uncertain terms, that His real Minions deserved their own pics... Whatever colors that I thought would look ok on the sewage to make it not so mono colored.. Secret Weapon Stone Wash with GW 'Ardcoat for the sewage covering for the color and shine... Fine Earth Flock, and a mix of Fine
  15. I painted this young lady up for wolfie907. In my head she became Krysta Klaus, Guardian of the North Pole. Not my best photos, but I was rushing to take them before shipping and used my new phone. I want to do her again
  16. I painted this up a few days ago. I really like this sculpt! Very heroic. I wanted to get her tabletop ready, and my bedroom lighting did my cell phone photos no favors. I'm still trying to develop that level before I try anything I'd truly want to display. Or a dragon. I have one, but I'm intimidated by it. Anyway! Enjoy this heroic lady admiring her gigantor-sword.
  17. This resin figure was the "Gold Badge Mini" included as part of your ReaperCon pass for 2015. I think extra copies were for sale at the convention, but I can't remember correctly. I think the resin figures were selling for $25.00 a pop but someone could correct that information. My goal was to put a paint job to the figure that was worthy of such an amazing sculpt, and for the baseline cost of the figure. I envisioned this evil knight to have once been a legendary hero of much repute in his native land. Perhaps he was the 'first sword' of his king before befalling a terrible fate...somethi
  18. Here is a figure I started right after RCon '15. In my hotel room to kill time. I started the NMM one way, then I decided to try out the Scale75 Gold NMM paints. I think it came OK even after all the gloss and dullcote. Thanks for looking. C&C (and even Critiques) are welcome. PS: I'm beginning to think next year I need to add painting wood details better to my list of goals
  19. 03692 Halloween Tree by Jason Wiebe 03233 Townsfolk Children Little Boy by Bobby Jackson 01-095 Jabberwock from IronWind Metals "Jabberwocky" is a nonsense poem written by Lewis Carroll and included in his 1871 novel Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There, a sequel to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. 'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves Did gyre and gimble in the wabe; All mimsy were the borogoves, And the mome raths outgrabe. "Beware the Jabberwock, my son! The jaws that bite, the claws that catch! Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun The frumious Bandersnatch!" He took
  20. First time posting here, but not technically my first mini, I think i threw some paint on half a dozen space marines about 12 years ago, not touched a brush since then. Decided to get back into the hobby with the most recent bones kickstarter, as we play alot of D&D, and thought I'd best have a practice before then. So here is my paladin of St Cuthbert for a friends D&D shackled city campaign, and given the volcanic, dungeon-crawly setting, I wanted to try and go for a darker look for the mini, rather than traditional blingy shining look. I didn't feel confident with my skill tryin
  21. So here' the WIP progress thread I decided to do for my Turanil miniature. I've had the "finished" version of him posted in Show Off for about a week, but I finally got a working SD card reader so I can post all the WIP photos and do a step-by-step write-up on him. Turanil, Male Elf Paladin (Reaper Bones #77044): Undercoated in Reaper pure black and Vallejo german cammo black brown everywhere metallics will be used Vallejo Game Color bright bronze armor base coat (mail, boots, and shield edges), drybushed this on the mail to leave some of the previous black brown in the recesses
  22. Continuing the aquatic theme in my miniatures, here's the Bones version of Bobby Jackson's Eregris Darkfathom, Evil High Sea Priest, not yet in general release. He's got a lot of wonderful robe layers vaguely reminiscent of scallops in their shells, some nasty looking weaponry, and a tiny, difficult-to-reach face inside a fish-shaped helmet. We'll see if I can do him justice. Anyhow, to start with the usual prep for Bones: Scrub with a soft toothbrush and dish soap in warm water, trim off some of the flash (I only did a bit of that), and prime with Reaper's Brown Liner, the wonder pai
  23. Hi ! A really quick paint for my roleplay collection. It's my pathfinder character :)
  24. I painted these guys up to look like the official Paizo art. They get to make PCs unlucky this coming Saturday.
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