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  1. Boys and girls of every age--would you like to see something strange? Some no-account mischief-makers on a raid between realms... What's in the sack?! A hostage! A fearsome king with a deep mighty voice! Clasping bulging sacks in his big great arms! They call him...Sandy Claws. More turnarounds: The Pumpkin King, Mister Unlucky, aka Halloween Jack, has got it into his head to try a new job. He's got the basic idea, but never really understood. Snakes and mice get wrapped up so nice, with spider legs and pretty bows. Again, more pix: "Release me or prepare to face the dire consequences! The children will be needing me, so please come to your senses!" This was another fun project. Gauntfield makes a magnificent Jack Skellington. The Santa is the Bones version of 50208. I'll be honest, when I painted the Grave Minions a while back, I had Lock, Shock, and Barrel in mind for the color schemes. Guest appearance by the Tree of Despair, 44131. The Sally analogue is Autumn the Scarecrone, from Bombshell. It was simply meant to be.
  2. The BRAIN SQUIDS! Psionic invaders from another continuum! Wielders of strange powers! Masters of DEEP TIME! We've seen some of them before, but Bombshell has recently put out some new sculpts, including the high-ranking Edo Primelings: These robed hierophants are given charge over weighty matters of strategy. Here are the two new plastic ones and the old metal version. Another Primeling, with collar of office and Rod of Authority, with the new version of Destroys Nulls, helmeted and given a Mind Scepter. (Notice, the new version is slimmer and smaller than the old Destroys Nulls, below, although much fancier) Here's the whole crew of new Primelings and Dominators: And a group shot! Hooray! The scenery is from a playset from Avatar: The Way Of Water. Found it on clearance and it was money well spent! Finally got to introduce my players to these tentacled creeps the other week. The ray guns served as Ontological Disruptors--essentially removing a character from existence for a certain number of rounds. The perfect tool for chronological meddlers! Hope you enjoy, and KEEP WATCHING the SKIES! Guard your BRAINS!
  3. Life! It flourishes in manifold forms on a thousand thousand worlds! Some of these worlds, for whatever reason, don't go in for depth perception very much. Introducing the mighty AQUACLOPS! An armored brute with the strength of ten men! (We have seen the Little Creeps before.) I feel like pretty much anyone who encounters a Little Creep wants to pulp them with a huge rock in short order. The Aquaclops is no exception. In fact, that is its preferred strategem. A good call when faced with the deceptively fast-striking venomous Eye Slug! (The Eye Slug, from Bombshell's Sidekicks line, is another excellent canvas for eyeball practice.) What the heck, let's get some shots of our Mercurians in here! The Princess is Chronoscope Bones from the expansion, and I hope she makes it to the main store! A perfect vavoomian Barsoomian. And as a bonus: I found a Pandora setpiece on the clearance rack, and it has a button that lights up UV LEDs. I've been using Vallejo fluorescents for the Mercurians and Aquaclops, and also to brighten up the green women of Retro-Venus. Turns out this really pays off! Opens up a whole world of possibilities!
  4. You read that right. Bombshell minis is planning to release a Counterblast RPG setting through kickstarter soon. Details are scarce at the moment but we know they'll be using the Savage Worlds system. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bombshellminis/counterblast-for-savage-worlds-rpg
  5. It's 2023, and if it's not THE FUTURE yet, when will it be? Meet the Family of Tomorrow, the Rocketsons! From Solar Studios, c/o Hydra Miniatures. Hard-working family man and sprocket engineer Rod Rocketson, at his office (he's there three days a week, a real go-getter) His vivacious daughter Rita with a futuristic device that both acts as a camera and radio at once, His genius son Elwood, on his way home from school, and his lovely wife Renata, seen here organizing the house with the help of a robot servant. (Bombshell's HLpR modified lightly with a GW Ork wrench clamp) (The table/chairs, washing machine, and Screen-O-Tron are from Bombshell's Galley/Rest area set. Rod's desk is from Crooked Dice. ) Together, they are a nuclear family for the atomic age! Wishing you all the best in this futuristic year!
  6. The Housekeeper from Crooked Dice's Island Priests set. I think it's based on a British TV show but not one I'm familiar with. A nice lady with a pot of tea. The sculpt came with a hand holding a mug, but--being a chump--I lost it. The Bits Box delivered a backup hand, though. A cozy home with all the modern conveniences. (Stove, fridge, and washer/dryer set are from Bombshell's galley and rec room set; table and chairs from Eureka.) Left the burner on? No, just got it good and hot for the soup. Guests are coming over for tea and gossip! Who has been up to what? and who's been seen with whom? you simply won't BELIEVE what Myrtle said to me the other day...etc. Tabletop advice: In your investigative RPGs, never discount the information-gathering power of curious homemakers! Featuring 50235, Edna, as the oldest and most cantankerous of the neighborhood gossips, a Pulp Figure detective with binoculars, and a young journalist from Cold War Minis.
  7. Another from Bombshell! Logging is a dangerous occupation. Lots of falling trees, sharp blades, bad weather...these are all part of the job. But there are OTHER hazards, too. Take care where you lay your axe--some areas of the forest are Off Limits. Spend long enough harvesting and culling and the local spirits learn how to do it too. Hopefully they have learned sustainable forestry rather than clear-cutting. (Group shot includes a Saproling, familiar, Spirit of the Forest, and Swamp Shambler.)
  8. The Protectorate used to have a stranglehold on the nutrient paste supply, and most of it was unflavored, for logistical reasons that have been discussed. This changed after contact with alien species; the Krodox Incursion could have gone very differently. Many lives were spared by the Solar agreement to provide quality protein with wide-ranging taste profiles and accurate ingredient labels. (For example, before the Krodox Flavor Accords, the "meat"-flavored nutrient paste was labeled as 100% vat-grown clonebeef but often contained up to 30% space-rat and 10% Void Slug. The label is correct now.) As is the nature of causality, one thing led to another and now there is a chain of nutrient paste automats across the Belt and orbiting most of the outer planets. The Kettle Belly Nutrient Paste concern is the result of a consortium of human, Krodox, and Mole Person chefs creating a menu of nontoxic cross-species hits, crowd-pleasers from multiple worlds. Tiny quantities of Venerian spices go a long way and (after a few setbacks) everything should be almost guaranteed non-allergenic to most organic species. (Sadly, this means the popular Peanut Butter And Banana with Toasted Carbohydrates was discontinued and is now illegal contraband. Tubes command a high price. The same is true for Rotting Leviathan Carcass IV, outlawed in the Solar system for...different reasons.) [Side note: the engine on this asteroid was build from a base made of squirt gun parts.] No matter your taste, there's something for you at Kettle Belly's! Might be Crunchy Bamboo, or Bloodworms in Ammoniac Sauce, or Lobster Mayonnaise, or Red Beans and Rice, or Rotting Leviathan Carcass II, or Venerian Zazzberry, or the ever-popular Butter Plankton Algae Surprise, or the fusion-cuisine Bloodworms in Curry Sauce! There are also vending machines for flavored beverages and delicacies. Always hit-or-miss if your favorite flavor is in, though. Some days it's Hot and Sour Soy Product with Mushrooms, and some days you're left with Rotting Leviathan Carcass III. No one's sure why that hasn't been discontinued yet. It's no Rotting Leviathan Carcass IV, that's for sure. The automat is a repurposed Walther's Dairy Queen, with some Reaper Cav Large Storage Tanks (72614) and other greebles added. Featuring Bombshell's vending machine from the Counterblast crew area set, Reaper's soda machines (49035), Reaper's Argamite Explorer (50346), Space Mouseling 04134b, Gray Alien 50255a, and assorted other space weirdos.
  9. I've been working on cobbling this together for a while using a Frisbee-style disc, some styrofoam and airdry clay, bits, bobs, and greebles, and most importantly the fueling station bits from Bombshell's Counterblast line. When you're out in the black, you can let Newton's first law of motion and a sliderule do a lot of the work for you. But not all! You want to have options, emergency maneuvering capabilities. You need some of that good old delta-V, and you don't want to be beholden to the tyranny of the rocket equation! And where there's a need you can count on good old Earth ingenuity (largely supported by Martian and other xenotech engineering) to fill it. The Asteroid Belt is scattered with local Gas Giant Fuel stations. These are, surprisingly, not the work of the Protectorate, but rather an enterprise run at a loss by an eccentric Earth family with fortunes in ramscoop vessels. Some say it's run out of humanitarian (or humanoiditarian) concern, others out of religious reasons. However it is, it charges IOUs rather than credits-in-hand. The stations are force-field protected and fissionable material is kept inert via proprietary nullifier technology. This shouldn't actually exist, either legally or in terms of physics, and its origin is the cause of much speculation among people who like to speculate on these things. There is also an information kiosk hooked up to the Hypernet. Most of the standard fuel types are available at the pump. Oxygen is not only a fuel component but a lifesaver if the ship's atmospheric scrubbers are struggling. Ammonia is, of course, free of charge. The station scans your ship and records your withdrawal, sending an automated bill to the main computer. It's a lot better to be in debt than dead in space (at least, if the debt is to Gas Giant Fuels, LLC--even in the optimistic spacefuture, your mileage may vary with other debts.) And serving time sweeping vapor with a ramscoop isn't a bad way to spend a few months; Jupiter has plenty of the stuff, as long as you can cope with the dreams. Guest-starring a Zombiesmith Yog and Reaper's ALF-24 bot (50138) If you need fuel for your organic body, you'll need a different asteroid--but that's coming up soon.
  10. Finished Bombshell Miniatures Nyborg crew from their last Kickstarter. Fun figures to paint! Tried to stick with the color schemes from the movie. In the case of the robot he shows either grey or blue grey and I decided to go with the blue option for more visual interest. Same with his eyes. In the movie he's just carrying a basic clipboard but Bombshell sculpted a more hi-tech option so I tried painting in an outline of the Pentagon. 😝 All painted with Pro Acryl paints.
  11. The Frost Salamander from Nolzur's has a wonderful chunky head and heavy-jawed face, and that won me over. It also has six legs, so not your average Earthly amphibian. Good thing there's always room for planetary monsters! And it's a great canvas for patterns; salamanders are often brightly spotted or striped. Let's make him a denizen of the steaming swamps of Retro-Venus! More angles: Bombshell makes some amazing sci-fi ladies and this is one such! I took some liberties with my interpretation as a Venerian Amazon--the sculpt indicates that Wanda here is wearing leggings or tight pants rather than the singlet I painted, but her headgear, belt, and boots fit very nicely with Hydra's Valkeeri sculpts. More angles: Let's put the two together! Why does a huge predator need vivid warning coloration? Well, on Retro-Venus, there's always another, bigger predator. I *do* love putting bright colors on weird beasties. Hope you enjoy!
  12. Once more we return to the hallowed halls of Miskatonic University, this time to the research laboratories, where keen and possibly unhinged minds push the boundaries of interdisciplinary knowledge! Helen Salinger here (dark hair, clipboard) is one of the keenest. Whether it's fauna mutated by exposure to colors out of space, or crystals growing at hypergeometrical angles, she's on the job. (Colleagues have been seen before under the Miskatonic tag, but I gave them a touch-up recently so these are Better Pictures.) Jessica in the long coat is from Brigade Games, while the tousled fellow with the tentacled horror is from Crooked Dice. The commanding lady in the pink skirt is from Black Cat. Bonus! Updated pics of Laura Pringle, 50052; and chemists Friedman (50046) and Froschmeister (50061), with updated chemiluminescent glows. (Glowing means science, and the glowyier something is, the more science it is, as we all know). Here's our brave Science Department, ever progressing towards truth (madness). Sometimes to make an omelette you have to TRANSGRESS a few BOUNDARIES! You'll show them, you'll show the ALL! Also here: a Zombiesmith scientist, Reaper's Mad Scientist 59014, and Psychologist 80066.
  13. The Andromedan Dominion controls many cubic parsecs of the local Outer Spiral Arm, decadent hegemons given to backstabbing intrigues, convoluted politics and railgun diplomacy. Controlling the fractious populations of several suns means there's always a need for footsoldiers! 40927 here is a junior cadet, ready for her first off-world assignment. Yes, she's effectively a child soldier; that's the sort of thing you get from decadent hegemonies! It's a good way of cleaning up lines of succession, if nothing else. Notice the ceremonial hairpiece and digitigrade stance of the ruling caste. The plasma jezzail is as much a cultural signifier as a weapon (and it is for sure an effective weapon). It's time to hunt some political dissidents! Success will be rewarded with plumes of glory and silken garments of rank. Failure will be discreetly covered up by the clan matriarch. More pics: B This (Bombshell's Jamad) is the sort of rank our Huntress could aspire to: a statuesque Battle-Chief (or Cultural Magistrate, depending on how you translate the subtilities of the language). Robed with ceremonial silks and armed with jezzail, pistol, and glaive, she has broad authority over a planetary sector and considerable influence within her clan. The menfolk also have some value in Andromedan culture; an armored Dragoon (Bombshell Exile) wields heavy weaponry developed by a vassal species. Illyrian work, by the looks of it. The heavy armor indicates he has seen several successful skirmishes, and is a valuable fighter to protect. worth the investment. He He is also authorized to grow whiskers--a sign of clan rank! More pics: If they all play their cards right, they might even get an audience with Her Sovereignty Messalina XVI Herself!
  14. I've been having fun lately painting base discs up as planets and moons. Hard to have too many of those for space pulp backdrops. Also! here's Princess Auriate, from Bombshell's Babes line. The elaborate headdress and boots, plus the saber, make her a perfect fit with her imperial sisters Azeemah and Khoshta. Turnaround, but not in great focus, sorry. Here are the sisters together: An Imperial Princess lives a life of extreme luxury, but not one of ease. She must be prepared to prove her superiority over any subordinate humanoid (trivial) or savage beast (depends on the beast). This is a challenge: a poisonous Desert Worm. It's also venomous! Noblesse oblige! Couple of bonus shots:
  15. Bombshell miniatures Sister Sergeant Maelee (aka "Heresy" Maelee) is all primed up and ready for color. This is their Con Exclusive version of Maelee, released at ReaperCon. "Heresy" is from some gatekeeping twit on Instagram who declared "This figure is Heresy!". It made me laugh so, that's my nickname for her.
  16. Irresistible fellows, these. Shaggy, bulky bodies like a ROBOT MONSTER or a moa; long, bendy necks; beaks somewhere in the hornbill-flamingo-shoebill-Skeksis-vulture range. From CP miniatures. They came in 3 packs: Soldiers (4 riflebirds plus a squad leader), Diplomats (3), and Auxiliaries (3 riflebirds with hats). The skin color scheme was based on blue, red, and yellow boobies; the beaks were inspired by a number of large birds. I added some headgear for fun and in homage to the dandelion-headed Looney Tunes "Instant Martians." I get the idea they are of a highly organized bureaucratic culture with expansionist tendencies, unlike the tribal Venerian Amazons (Hydra Valkeeri). The Hydra Imperials, below, are also from an expansionist imperial culture, but the Terror Birds are less centralized and more impersonal in their cruelty. They get around. Seen here with Hydra's Slishans, who have little culture and almost no technology but DO know from mineral resources. And seen here engaged in diplomatic negotiations with the highly-cultured Andromedans/Neirans. Both species have a great appreciation for the arts and for manipulation. You wouldn't call either culture "decadent," because of the railguns, but 'Baroque' might be appropriate. Notice that the Bombshell Neirans are towering statuesque specimens. Vavoom to a point that makes the Venerians look puny. Trade talks with a chieftain of the Mole People from Sirius B. and theological disputation with an Exalted Proselyte of the Yoggs. The Brain Squids are an esoteric lot and require a delicate touch.] A disputed claim of precious nuclear resources on the border of the Robot Hegemony. The Robots are prohibited by First Law to harm humans, but your beaky bois here do NOT qualify. A Martian delegation, bearing the wisdom of aeons of progress and aeons of rust. A culture this antique requires more than one specialist. The Krodox are one of the few spacefaring species to outmass a Terror Bird, They are willing to trade ceramic goods for new and exotic meats, and respect bigness in a fellow-sentient. Humans are not known for their bigness, but are slippery customers. Tricksters and clever dodgers. Lastly, a diplomatic summit with representatives from most sentient, spacefaring species. As always, C&C welcome! What do you think their alien avian civilization is like?
  17. A barren, frozen planet. A pristine icefield, burnished and cleared by constant katabatic gales. Graven in elegant Old High Martian glyphs a meter deep in the never-thawing ice, a mathematical proof of such beauty and elegance as to make a genius weep...and a series of universal planetary coordinates. No advanced species could forbear to investigate further! These are the work of the Neh-Thalggu, more commonly known as the Braincrabs. Know them. Fear them. Do not trust them. Rugose and four-limbed, the first instar is little more than a brain-shaped crustacean beast. (Little Nolzur's Intellect Devourers, came with the Alhoon or Illithilich.) They are shed when the parent has a surfeit of brains and wishes to jettison lesser ones to make room for greater. Most perish, being less clever than their prey. But if one can bring down a sentient creature through luck and stealth and devour its central ganglion or brain...it begins to grow, absorbing the knowledge and cunning of its prey, much as some sea slugs repurpose the stinging cells of their prey and make them their own. After absorbing a few brains, the instar grows into a juvenile. This involves generating more frontal eyes and a pair of brutal skull-cracking pincers. Recently-added brains are sequestered into thin-shelled bubbles, an adaptation to make sure other, stronger Braincrabs do not kill them when marauding. The juveniles are very dangerous, acting as psionic predators with the strength of a tiger and the intelligence of three or four sentient creatures, all brought to bear on the problem of obtaining more brains. Depending on its previous history, it is very likely to outwit the average sentient being. A Braincrab that has assimilated more than eight brains again metamorphoses, this time into a mountainous, many-limbed hulk, a spiny rugose colossus with a first-class think tank worth of neural tissue working for it. Psionic power abounds, and the elder Braincrab can create immersive illusions at-will or psychically dominate lesser wills. The really unpleasant bit is the way it will out-argue you and succeed. It can make an excellent claim to being a Utility Monster, better at experiencing both reality and pleasure in the cosmos than us single-brained chumps. And what gives it the most pleasure, on the level you and I could never experience? (for so it claims, and has data to back it up--is the data faked? if so, it's too good for us to be able to tell!)? Why, devouring and assimilating more sentient brains! Do you have inconvenient brains in your society? Antisocial or sociopathic ones? It can redirect those energies! Oh, it's a persuasive monstrosity! The Martians fear and detest them, of course, having as they do great juicy brains practically dripping psionic energy. But hunting something that is hunting you, while your strongest weapon is their favorite prey--it's not easy! A Martian High Intelligencer can outwit all but the eldest Braincrabs, but the gamble is a perilous one indeed. You do NOT want a braincrab with the powers of a High Intelligencer. That's how you get a planet converted to a brain farm, which in turn leads to Great Old Ones. Not even once! Oddly, the best defense against the Braincrab is a hive of the insectoid Mandibulate Commonweal. One has the intelligence of a beast, two of a slightly smarter beast, five of an average human...and a whole hive can rival a supercomputer. Their individual brains are not worth a Braincrab's attention, and yet the hivemind can outmaneuver it intellectually as easily as the workers can swarm and savage it physically. The Commonweal will not gain knowledge from the reclaimed brains, though. Only nourishment. Below, how to make a juvenile Braincrab.
  18. We are very excited to be able to come back and participate at ReaperCon again this year! There are a ton of new releases that will be in-stock at the show and a couple of other special items. Bombshell Miniatures presents the 2021 Golden Maelee Award. This is a Sponsored Award section of the annual Reaper Master Series Open Painting Contest. All entries will be awarded a Gold, Silver, or Bronze Bombshell Dog Tag depending on the level of painting and presentation of each entry. The brand new, larger, Golden Maelee trophies will be awarded to the top three paint jobs (Gold, Silver, and Bronze) depending on the number of entries. Entries will need to feature at least one or more Bombshell Miniatures as the prominent subject. This can be anything from Babes, Sidekicks, KritterKins, to robots, or busts. Each entry will be judged on its own merit of painting execution, presentation, and skill. Entries from artists who have been professionally commissioned by Bombshell Miniatures are ineligible for the Golden Maelee Trophy at this time, they may still receive Dog Tag awards. BADGE RIBBONS We have some new ribbons. Come by our booth and receive our Bombshell ribbon for your visit. You may receive one of the other themed ribbons depending on your purchase. THE RESIN VAT This year we will be offering seconds and mis-cast resin parts for sale by weight. Just scoop out what you want and we'll weigh it at check-out. Although these castings didn't pass muster, you may find a gem that is just right for that conversion or terrain project down the line. COUNTERBLAST FOR SAVAGE WORLDS Over the past year we have been working on creating a setting book of our Counterblast game for the Savage Worlds RPG. Come by our booth and get the details to sit in on a couple of impromptu RPG preview sessions during the con. There may even be freebies involved! We are super excited to visit with all of you again and we're looking forward to see what you've been painting! Patrick & Vicky
  19. It would be nice to think about cyberpunk utopias, but somehow those just don't grip the popular imagination. Instead it's always overcast or raining, the sky is brocced, corporations own everything and everyone and surveillance is ubiquitous. There's money to be had, but barely enough to buy noodles unless you're connected...or willing to ignore corporate law. Devo Ranks eats the *fancy* noodles every day. They have Skillz. Click for more angles. Hacking into a Public Service Panopticon? CHILD'S PLAY. If you need muscle? Devo Knows A Guy. Or lady, really. Don't worry, Dez! Those cameras are showing nothing but innocuous looped footage now. No one pays the cleaners enough in the cyberpunk dystopian future. I won't pretend to understand what kind of cyber-heist these three are conducting. But you can be sure they have made Powerful Enemies, as well as enough credits to afford the FANCY noodles for the rest of the year! Devo is a fun one. Gender-ambiguous and tech-savvy. Because cyberpunk is inextricable from the late 80s and early 90s, I gave Devo the most day-glo Nickelodeon counterculture wardrobe I could think of. Dez from Bombshell we have seen before, in the post-apocalyptic Radlands, as well as the little sniper from Crooked Dice. The Public Service Panopticonnouncer was made from SD card placeholders and chunks of expired credit card, along with I think a vape component. The text, like much of the signage on the building, comes from a beer can label artfully chopped into pieces and rearranged into vaguely menacing advertisements. Also some sprue and all the camera-looking Bitz and Gunz in my Bitz Box. I don't have any cyberpunk setting or games planned, but I can feel the itch growing. C&C welcome.
  20. A warrior woman of the wastelands, the mohawked Dez is a formidable figure. Where does she even get hair color and makeup in the Irradiated Zones? She's not telling, other than to say "If it was easy, I'd send a man to do it." Also, she's a deadly shot with a wrist crossbow. More pix: Here she is with a few of her pals (Wasteland Maelee, also Bombshell, and a Crooked Dice survivor). More than a match for the average mutant horror. and a credible threat even to above-average horrors!
  21. Thought some of you might find this of interest: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bombshellminis/isw-71b-scout-ship?ref=user_menu Available as either a physical model or STL Command power. Command efficiency. Command versatility. Command respect. Able to go from atmosphere to Jump in under 18 cronons. Equipped with four Ultonium-powered 418ml SXV-55 Bust-A-Drives™. Voted Starship and Pilot's Scout Ship of the Year. Available with three different equipment payloads. The fastest, safest, most versatile scout ship you will ever fly. The all new ISW-71B. Boldly go. ISW-71B SCOUT SHIP Illyrian Ship Works is renowned for excellence in both design and efficiency. The ISW-71B is no exception. It sets the new standard for classic design with modern performance. The Scout Ship Miniature Kit is a "game" scale multi-part model pressure cast in high quality urethane resin for easy assembly. It is sized to be compatible with most 28-35mm miniatures for tabletop battle games and RPGs. The kit may be upgraded through unlocked stretch goals or with Add-On packs available through the Kickstarter project. THIS MODEL WILL BE AVAILABLE AS BOTH A RESIN KIT AND AS STL FILE DOWNLOADS. In the CORE SET you will get : 1 ISW-71B Scout Ship kit Unlocked Stretch Goals The ship measures 12"/30.48cm in length overall with a 4.75"/12.06cm diameter hull and an 8"/20.30cm wingspan. It should be suitable for any scenario in the COUNTERBLAST Adventure Battle Game and will fit in on the tabletop with plenty of scenery and vehicles for other games. There are two basic pledges - The Scout Ship Resin Kit which is a physical model kit that will be shipped to you once production is complete or the Scout Ship STL Digital Kit which you can download. Each kit has all the same parts and will include all of the the unlocked CORE stretch goals. We have also added the LANCER Backer Level. This is an a la carte level for backers who may want access to the pledge manager after the campaign ends, or may only want certain individual Add On items. *NOTE - THIS LEVEL DOES NOT INCLUDE THE FREE STRETCH GOAL ITEMS AVAILABLE ON THE OTHER BACKER LEVLES* The parts have been test-printed on EPAX X1K and EPAX E10 resin printers. All of the parts have been sized to fit on a build plate that has a 130.56mm (L) x 82.62mm (W) x 155mm (H) build volume. Throughout the campaign we will be sharing pics from other printers in FDM materials too.
  22. In the country of the blind, the saying goes, the one-eyed man is king. Certainly when venturing into the obscure unknown of space, the monocular Illyrians are as good as any human, despite a completely different evolution. Their quick regeneration and centrally-located brain-analogue allow them to survive injuries a human could not, while their alien metabolism means resource competition between human and Illyrian is minimal. Here is one brave planetary explorer on a rugged rocky ringed planet. It appears extensively cratered, but the presence of atmosphere and weather should have worn the features down... Well, that answers that! Distant evolutionary cousins, perhaps? Or just convergence? These native life forms are unused to creatures with eyestalks like theirs that can move about freely on the surface! The eye-worms are unused eyestalks from a Wizkids Beholder--they come with a set each of Eyebeam Eyes and Regular Eyes. Waste not! They were inspired by this pulpy artwork--not mine, all credit to the original artist.
  23. Space is full of perils. There are creatures out there that have evolved to be perfect predators, killing machines without remorse or hesitation, carnivores with the cunning to manipulate tool-using sentients and the ferocity to exterminate entire species. One such evolved on Earth, and is greatly in demand for controlling space-vermin infestations on board ship. Don't leave port without a ship's cat! That's how the xenomorphs get you! The handsome fellow in burgundy is Commander Mudpie, from Hydra. More pics below: You thought letting the cat in and out was a hassle on Earth... The humble dog, one of Earth's first pioneers into space, can't be beat for loyalty or tracking. The hard part is making a spacesuit that can pick up scent samples in an airless environment. Who is a good spaceboy? It's this guy! More below: And lastly, another for the Space Apes faction. Having four hands is a real problem-solver in zero-gee. I love the little thumbs on Hairy Herbert's boots. Again, click for more angles. The bubble helmets are clever, and add to the effect wonderfully. I might remove the chimpanzee's faceplate for uniformity's sake. Special guest appearances by Space Roughnecks and Cold War's Space Ape (last seen as Gordy). Keep watching the skies, cadets!
  24. Bombshell just came out with a resin version of their dieselpunk pinup/supersoldier, Liberty. She's a great dynamic sculpt, zaftig and muscular with it. Now, we all know this is evoking some 'what if Haley Attewell became Captain America' vibes, but I've already painted up our red-white-and-blue hero before, as well as an Agent Carter type and even a Captain Canada. So, I might as well continue down the North American continent. Presenting: Capitan Mexica! Click for the rest of the turnaround: Alas, the resin gun she came with was fragile and I had to kitbash on a sturdier one. Her shield is taken from an Aztec warrior from this series. Not so much Nazi-punching to do, but she has plenty of threats to contend with that would imperil the good folk of Mexico: ...some stranger than others! And some downright bizarre: Here she is with her northern counterparts: Guest appearances by: Cactus Joe, 50318; Lobo Sanchez, 50050; Diamond Sue Dawson, 50111; El Diablo, 50035; Incredible Woman, 50212; and John Bishop, 50068.
  25. Bombshell's Dr. Helen Salinger and GDF Security Officer both look like they would fit in with my Spacefuture Moon Communists of Lunarkompleks-Alfa. Particularly the Security Officer, whose hat matches the other Heresy Inspectors' very nicely. These are obviously working miniatures, so let's give them a job to do: generator maintenance and vending machine replacement! Here's 80053, the Starship Generator, and 49035, the soda machine, painted up as a Bouncy Bubble Beverage dispenser. (Drink B3--it's everyone's mandatory drink of choice! A variety of flavors from Extra Classic to Red Blast to Tastes Like Something Orange! All flavors may not be available at your clearance level. Check with your supervisor for details.) Now, thanks to some revolutionary policy changes by the High Commissar (the working man's friend!) these choices can be supplemented with Slurm Classic! Slurm Tropical Explosion! Slurm XXTREME! and Slurm Ultra! Also radical new grain-based relaxant beverage called 'beer.' Spreading rumors that 'beer' is imported from the decadent Earth Government is treason.
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