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Found 20 results

  1. This is Bombshell Miniatures Fa'o the Cat Huntress (SKU 10049). Fun figure, painted to tabletop standard. Another one off the partially painted pile.
  2. Spotted this at Adepticon and found the idea of a steampunk mermaid too fun to pass up. She is exquisitely sculpted with elegant little hands and careful details. I think I would like to paint her a little like a tropical fish, bright yellow with orange stripes. This is my basic figure priming: Removal of mold lines (not too many of those), epoxied to the base, primed thinly with Titanium White and washed with Burnt Umber. I then started building up thin layers of Yellow Ochre (aka Mars Yellow aka Yellow Iron Oxide), a nearly-opaque earth yellow, normally a little dull in color but brighter in thin layers, lightened in places with Titanium White, and a few Titanium White highlights. I used Raw Sienna, a very slightly browner yellow, on the base.
  3. I've decided on the figures I'm using for this project now too, they changed since last time. I want to enter it into this year's Reapercon Diorama category (of course) and I want it to qualify for Bombshell Babes diorama, so I'm picking out 5 babes to battle the keeper (RBG) and his summoned demon (reaper glabrezu): 1) Celeste - Sorceress/wizard, 2) Khai the Huntress - ranger, going to weapon swap her to give her a bow, 3) Thorga Half Orc - Barbarian, Astrid Thunderhammer - Cleric, and Sister Vasha Fane - Paladin. This piece will be 2 stories tall, it will have a lot of details and a lot of action, with a summoning circle that the Glabrezu is inside of at the time the heroines come rushing into the Keeper's Sanctum. The badelf adventuring party! Vs..... The Keeper and his summoned Glabrezu
  4. Bug Spray from Bombshell Babes minis. Think maybe need to do some more wet gooey look on the base. Not 100% happy with it atm. Is missing that...something.
  5. This is "Achik" my Aztec Warrior from the Lost World Project I'm working on. WIP HERE: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69308-lost-world-project-xherman1964-paints-coldblooded-creatures-and-conquistadores/& She is on a Micro Art Studio Base, and I added a resin spider from Ristul's Extradorinary Market. The mini is Tepeyolottla from Bombshell Babes.
  6. Hello again, forum friends! Life has been crazy lately as I have temporarily been working 12-hour shifts (alternating days and nights) at work, so that has made painting a little more difficult. But now I'm back at it and getting all ready for ReaperCon! (Which I can now also say after experiencing both GenCon and ReaperCon is definitely my favorite of the two!) So, first up, here's where things sit with my Bombshell Miniatures entry (which will be entered in the Diorama Division as I hungrily search for the Gold in that category which I fell short of last time): I got as far as basecoating her sleeves today, but I was so surprised by how much I am liking their base color that I am seriously rethinking my whole color scheme for her. I will call her "Solomina Kane" (for rather obvious reasons ), and I can't wait to reattach her to the base so she can fight some evil! When attached to the base, her pistol points directly at the tallest skeleton's skull. Meanwhile, I have also been prepping to teach my ReaperCon classes. As a part of that, I wanted to whip up a mini for the Conversions class that would give me a starting place for what to demo and help me figure out how much I could reasonably fit in a two hour class (though I would love to show more stuff outside of class). So, I present you with an... interesting... take on Reaper's Goldar the Barbarian: I really want to just turn everyone loose in the class (with as much or as little guidance as each person would like) with their own Goldar, some random weapon from one of Reaper's Weapon Packs, maybe a shield, and a bit of green stuff! I'm quite looking forward to it! And then, while I have been working on my stuff, my wife has been continuing to paint and improve at an alarming rate! I keep telling her that she needs to enter this mini in the painting competition at ReaperCon, so we'll see if she takes my advice! Okay, so this first post is way too big, but I'll try to make up for it with more frequent small posts!
  7. Some shots of my Warfare Wombat in progress... This was about a week ago... This is tonight.
  8. Hello again, everyone! As some of you are already aware of from watching my WIP page, I really want to enter a Bombshell Miniatures piece into this year's ReaperCon painting contest (since Bombshell Miniatures is offering a unique prize for that). Therefore, because of how much I really love Solomon Kane, I couldn't help but be drawn to Mira the Inquisitor! I also had some awesome Reaper skeletons sitting around that needed a good home, and well... you can see for yourself where things ended up! I sure hope you like her! Thanks a bunch for looking!!!
  9. So I have decided to try and paint a mini from all of the new (To me anyways) companies I have been discovering through Kickstarter or being (grumble) enabled... Since Her Darkness is almost done, I decided to assemble and prime up a Bombshell mini from the last Kickstarter, and since I am currently playing in the Pathfinder campaign 'Reign of Winter', the choice was pretty easy as to which one.... so Here she is! I am thinking light greys, teal, and blues.... Thoughts? I am thinking some sort of sea shore base.... George
  10. I completed my first Bombshell mini, and she's going to be my character in my first Pathfinder tabletop game, so I'm pretty excited. May I present, Khai the Huntress as Habriel Almaeya, Tiefling who is half elf instead of the more usual human. C&C is very welcome. I'd love to hear some opinion on her to see if what ya'll see are the same spots I thought needed improving, and if I'm on point with the parts I liked. I will say her hair is purposely not blended, I wanted it black and white.
  11. My husband gave me a number of Doctor Who-related miniatures for my birthday and I've started painting them up. They include figures for Jon Pertwee's Doctor and the Brigadier, so when I noticed that this figure, Bombshell Babes #10019, "Dr. Helen Salinger", looked an awful lot like the Pertwee-era companion Liz Shaw it just seemed natural to throw her into the mix. I've already gotten her a bit off and running. I glued her to a base, primed her white, and washed over her with Burnt Umber. I've already painted her face, hair, and glasses. Liz Shaw doesn't wear glasses so I've painted them as sunglasses. Her hair is a new experiment. I had felt that the blonde hair I painted on earlier figures was too yellow and brassy, so this is a much more subdued, colder brownish-grey mix. I believe it contains Titanium White, Raw Sienna, and Burnt Umber and there might be a dab of Carbon Black as well.
  12. So, I was bored today and decided to goof off. This diorama/vignette was the result. This is the only bombshell mini I have, courtesy of the melt table. I'm still working on blending, and then her ankle fell off... so she's not competition quality for sure, but she was fun. :) Those glasses were a pain though.. I definitely need more practice with that as well... Let me know what you think! C&C always welcome!
  13. For my Spring Exchange, I had RomulanCmdr and knowing she likes sci-fi stuff, I embarked upon a journey to paint up a piece that I thought she'd like. I had gotten Sally Starfield a while back (she's a bombshell babe sculpted by Patrick Keith) and this particular figure inspired me to think about where she'd be and what she'd be doing. Figures: Sally Starfield by Bombshell Miniatures - SKU# 10002 Bones Chthon by Reaper Miniatures - SKU# 92639 Without further ado, here's the story of Sally Starfield and her encounter upon Planet 045Z-Beta. Encounter on Planet 045Z-Beta Sally Starfield, being the lead scout, was selected to visit Planet 045Z-Beta to search for any intelligent life upon the service as the scans from orbit indicated that in the absence of life, the planet was rich in resources. Scans couldn't penetrate the strange radiation coming from the planet to determine life though, so Sally was selected to go forth and explore. She walked along the desolate surface for a while when suddenly a hideous creature sprang forth from the ground. It was clicking and clacking it's huge mandibles and a green ooze was emanating forth from its body. Sally quickly drew forth her laser pistols and took aim...
  14. As some of you know I have become obsessed with the Pulp genre. To date I have confined my explorations to Pulp Sci-fi. So entranced am I by everything Pulp I am now exploring other areas of the genre. This is my first foray into Jungle Adventures and I find it a refreshing change of pace. The sculpts both come from Bombshell Miniatures and were sculpted by Patrick Keith. The Cave Girl is one of his Babes and the Spider is an Edo Tracker from his new Scif-fi game Counterblast, which is part of the Bombshell Babes family. The large plants are aquarium plants that I painted and are commonly used by painters within this genre. The flower patches are from Scenic Express and the leaves are from Secret Weapon. I carved the stone she is standing on from Super Sculpey. Thank you for looking.
  15. I painted this figure for forum member Malefactus to place into his most colourful world. I named her after myself for him and she now goes by the name Anne the Assassin. Now Malefactus and I go back a good ways and met well before I joined the forum. He's one of those people that I just clicked with immediately and when we first spoke it was like starting in the middle of a conversation that began when I was a child. He is very dear to me. I've been away from the forums for quite some time as real life keeps me quite busy. However, I have painted regularly and have four other figures that are complete and photographed. I'll get round to posting those over the next couple of weeks. Thank you for looking.
  16. Well April is done and I had a pretty productive month. So now with the Relic Knights KS looming on the horizon I really need to get my skates on this month. Finished Models Reaper Bones Well of Chaos Bombshell Babes Sword Maiden Malifaux Ikiriyo 1 Reaper Bones Callie, Rogue Reaper Bones Spirit Reaper Bones Dark Elf Queen
  17. Recently I challenged myself to set aside my usual bright palette and do a series of pieces in shades of brown. I completed all five pieces in two weeks so there are many things to improve on. But given how slow I usually paint, I felt pretty good about keeping to at least a high table top standard on all five. This is Tillie from Bombshell Babes. Reaper 50226: Ivanetta Kozlov, Russian Sniper Hired Blades from Hell Dorado Reaper 14451: Durthen, Dwarven Berserker on Boar There's some blue on Durthen, so that's a bit of a cheat, but not much. Thank you.
  18. When Martin posted his paint jobs of some of the Bombshell Babes, Emli really liked the sculpts and decided to order a few. I had casually mentioned I loved the paint job on the Sword Maiden's sword (this was around when I was doing some research on NMM). Well, lo and behold, she decided to pick up the model for me. I've never done a WIP before, and actually, never painted a metal mini before, so hey, why not do both firsts at the same time? I intend to stick pretty close to the concept art on this one, and will shamelessly lift whatever I can from Martin's beautiful paint job. First impressions: wow everything is tiny on this model. This is likely to be the most challenging mini I've tackled yet. Good thing I recently picked up a 00 and 000 W&N Series 7 to go with my 0, 1, and 2. First pictures are after a couple of steps (decided to try a WIP after I had started): 1) Cleaned up, glued to slotted base and primed. I found the slotted base didn't provide a snug fit, so I packed some green stuff into all of the open areas and over the top of the slot to reinforce it. 2) Simple ballast basing. I probably need to add a bit more near her feet. 3) Brown liner for lining and a basecoat on the cloak. I decided that I should get the drybrush pieces done before I tackle the flesh, so I next painted in grey/blue base coat for the belt, armbands and necklace, then drybrushed those and the cloak. I may go back and touch up the bracer, or try to add another highlight of pure white. Although the details are so tiny I'm concerned I'll just mess it up, so I may decide it's good enough. Next up, hair, clothing and flesh: 1) I felt the cloak was too black and white, and needed some more color, so I went over it with a glaze of oiled leather, then did another very light drybrushing. I think it helped. 2) Next up was the skirt and boots. Base coasted with a mix of ruddy brown & blackened brown, then drybrushed some highlights. I tried to go for a different shade of brown than the cloak, although I think it came out a bit too similar. May need to glaze those next time. 3) Hair. Jury is still out on this. I started with a brown/crimson basecoat, which turned out a little darker than I wanted. I started adding streaks of rusty red, then added in some orange, then finally a touch of yellow. I need to clean up a few spots (paint doesn't seem to want to stick in the small crevices between locks of hair). I need to figure out some highlights too; right now it's just sort of everywhere. Perhaps a reddish glaze over it all, then try to pick out highlights more in tune with a consistent light source. Hair is hard; suggestions on this are welcome. 4) Flesh. Nothing too exciting, just a basecoat of fair skin shadow mixed with tanned skin, and a touch of rosy skin. I gave the eyes a shot before doing this. Disaster. I need some flesh color in there first or I'll never get it between the eyes and eyebrows once they're done anyway, so paint over it all and try again next time. Next up I'll probably give the eyes another shot, then work on flesh shading and highlighting.
  19. Got this based Friday night after I got home from ReaperCon and put some paint on tonight. Just skin tones so far. I've found that I like highlighting boobies.. probably because I've been staring at them my whole life I feel like a have a firm grasp on where the light hits them. The red is a litter deeper in person, but I'm still tweaking my camera skills. My original thought was a deep red skin with white hair, but I'm not sure now. Black hair might look better with the red skin tone. I'd also assumed the horns would be light colored, but looking at pictures of horns online dark to black horns aren't too rare. I'm in the idea phase, so suggestions are welcome!
  20. I received my Bombshell Babes from Patick's Kickstarter and I must say I love the miniatures. I backed the kickstarter when I saw Dusty's concept art, so once I got them I wanted to paint her up. To help me stay motivated and to get some advice I figured I would make a WIP. So here she is as out of the box She had some flash and minor mold lines to take care, but overall her details are perfect for the sculpt. Since she is overall simple I hope to have her finished up fairly quickly at least for me. I will try to show the mistakes I make also if I remember to snap a photo of it, to help some of the newer painters that have joined the forums as I know I learn from others when they share there mistakes. Which right away I started with missing some flash after I had her primed and glued to her base. I noticed it so I took to shaving it off with my scalpel and applying brush on sealer to help even it out. If you look close in this picture you can see the flash on her left hand by the fingers and the uneven spots on her coat by her left leg. Here is the after picture you can see the bare metal covered by sealer, I also put some super glue on her right collar to even out a soft mold line I missed also.
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