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Found 100 results

  1. This is my first time posting any of my figs and this is my first big one. After getting my Kickstarter I just had to do this, plus we are playing razor coast game. I will admit that I viewed 2 others on here before starting to get some ideas, I also pulled up pictures of squids and octopuses. Also I have to figure out how to post from my tablet. So no promises. Also I hope my colors aren't too off, I am partially colorblind so they may look funky. After taking this close up I really need to work on brush control. The mouth was my hardest part but to my eyes it looks good. Again need brush control and better glasses and magnifier since I see more with camera then my eyes. Joe
  2. I would like to have an idea when each wave is starting to ship so... Please post here when you get a confirmation email that says your Bones has shipped. Do post the wave you are in and the date you received your confirmation Please do not post any personal info (address etc) If you want let us know what goodies you are going to be getting, by all means list them Please only post if you are the one that actually received the confirmation, don't post for others please I'm so excited! ~ S ~ [MOD]Please read this section if you have any issues with your delivery![/MOD] General reminder: when emailing Reaper, remember the following information:
  3. MisterSwarm

    Orcus Demon Lord

    My first bones 2 mini. http://www.coolminiornot.com/377386- Vote and more =)
  4. Lochar

    77279: Narthrax the Golden

    So, continuing on my metallic dragon set, we have Narthrax the Golden. And yes, I can see where his tail didn't quite fill in perfectly. I'm not playing with greenstuff yet. :P
  5. March was hard - I moved, Elderspawn had spring break and my mother-in-law stayed for 10 days. Most of what painting time I could scratch out was put into spring exchange minis. One green, and one unfinished, but I can't post pics yet. So I had to figure out what I could finish in the last three days of the month. I figured it was animals or troops. Bones 2 was short of troops so..... The Wolf, The Bear, and the Wolverine I also did a male lion, but missed the cat that was actually part of this set. The bird I skipped on purpose. Edit: added the Cat
  6. So for my RPChallenge this month, I went a little light (but much bigger and better things in store next month) 3x of the Dragon's Teeth and 1x Jersey Barrier from expansion set 3. I probably had the most fun "battle damaging" them like they just took a hit from some sort of larger gun. Each of the dragon's teeth has the damage done slightly differently.
  7. terminalmancer

    77249 Large Barrel

    This barrel (keg, really) was briefly used to hold a halfling during the Pathfinder Society scenario God's Market Gamble. Those of you who have played or run it can probably imagine the hijinks that ensued. Beyond that, it's a barrel. Took me about 5 minutes, I think. Something like that.
  8. Maybe this was addressed and I missed it, but weren't the miniatures from the Heroes and Villains set supposed to be able to detatch from their fancy bases?
  9. Werkrobotwerk

    Cassiatta 77204

    Another bones 2 mini, selected for no reason other than it looked cool when I was washing off the bones. I'm not a fan of dark elves as RPG characters, I don't much like their bit. And bizarrely they just look so much better than normal elves. So, light blue and glow eyes it is.
  10. Werkrobotwerk

    Bones 2 skeletons

    Painted up my favorite kind of undead, a pile of skeletons. Who are conveniently enough made of bones. first up the two archers 77237, and 77245 Then the axes and spears 77244, 77241, 77243, 77239 and last, the swords 77238, 77242, and 77240
  11. Werkrobotwerk

    77370 Troll Slayer Sophie

    Sophie painted up better than I thought she would before I started. She seemed a bit too thin with a bunch of flash, but once I got her cleaned up, and unbent her it all turned out well.
  12. Keianna

    92847 Angel of Protection

    Yay, my 1st Bones 2 mini is finished! My mother asked me to paint something for my Grandmother and this is what I chose. Mom loves it, but I haven't heard about Grandma yet. There are a lot of things that I like about how she turned out, and some I don't. Her face had an awful mold line down the middle and I should have removed the wings to clean and paint it. It looks ok from straight on which is acceptable because Grandma will put it on a shelf and not look at it sideways. Oh well. Lesson learned.
  13. I have a bit of a question about how to assemble the new gelatinous cube. what is a good glue to use for assembling the two halves of the cube? I usually use krazy glue or a generic Cyanoacrylate glue on my other bones, but I've always heard that it is a bad idea to use such on clear items because it creates a white film as it dries. So what is the recommended glue for putting it together?
  14. Werkrobotwerk

    Bones 9 Suns Henchman 80029

    I painted up a 9 suns henchman, not a bad minion.
  15. Recently got my Bones 2 kickstarter in the mail, pretty impressed with it, overall! Got to painting straight away, picked out some of the cooler looking minis to start with. First up we have Rogan the Orc Thief next I painted Rugg the Bugbear. Almost looks like a leader, so I have painted him slightly different than I intend to paint the rest of the bug bears. Colour scheme I got from another post here.
  16. lordnightwinter

    92852 - Burrowing Horror (Bones II)

    This is actually my second paint job for the Bones 2 line but the other two are still WIP until I can finish bases and all that. So I give you my first fully completed Bones II, the Burrowing Horror! I used quite a few paints in this and I don't remember them all but basically: Tanned Leather (Base) Black wash Dirty Bone Yellowed Bone Bathalian Chitin Oiled Leather (Brown highlights around the bone plates) Sun yellow (additional highlights and eyes) Blazing Orange (eyes) Maggot white (teeth) A different leather on the belly, I can't remember the name!) Devlan Mud wash for the final wash I may still attach some sand or grass between the bone plates but I'm not sure yet.
  17. FireElemental

    77371: Basilisk from Bones 2

    My first bones 2 mini! I love this sculpt. it is very cute. I painted her to similar to Pathfinder's Bestiary art. The eyes are my first attempt at OSL, but the pictures didn't turn out too well perhaps because the glaze medium I used made it shiny. I'll see about trying to take new pictures after I get the matte sealer on as I'd like a critique. Edit: New pics! The glaze it still shiny, but the color turned out more accurate.
  18. Werkrobotwerk

    Bones 2 Mouselings WIP

    Just a work in progress thread for some mouselings. Aren't they cute? I started on the princess, Because I was kind of in the mood to paint a dress. I went with a split red/gold color scheme with a little bit of dark blue for the hair and ghost white for the under skirt. My thinking had been "Spanish princess" in part because I too frequently fall back on pink/purple/blue colors for anything in a fancy dress. Still needs a little more lining on the edges of the dress and some more yellow highlights on the gold section. Probably could use a little more shading on the fur, which is gingerbread cookie/stained olive. So far these are really fun to paint.
  19. Today I will be beginning Golan. I'm picking him up sooner than I had intended in order to work on my lighting and shading, as I assume his larger features will better help me pick out what should be brighter. I'll also be working on my blending and glazing again, as the previous dwarf had some blending issues as well. I've primed him with a grey primer, and now I'll begin the task of picking a color scheme. :) Any quick suggestions?
  20. I wasn't great about taking a bunch of pics along the way so far, but here are what I have: Both minis got a soap bath with warm water, Dawn dish soap, and a good scrub with a toothbrush. Once dry, I primed the pony with Reaper's Brush on Primer - which I had to scrub off with soap and reprime three or four times before it would not bead up. Then they both got a coat of Brown Liner: As you can see, I picked out a 30mm base for the pony. I haven't dug through my bases yet for the bull. I then hit them with a blotchy coat of Ancient Bronze, then Lava Orange, and then Bloodstain Red.
  21. This is the first completed mini I'm sharing. I didn't do a WIP on him because he came together relatively quickly, and I've been painting a fair amount so I forgot to take pictures of him. Will work on doing better and doing WIPs for my other Bones II work. I decided that this guy would be one of my first since I ended up with 2 of him in my Core and I figured it would be good to practice on something I had 2 of (and soon 3 when our other Core set gets here). Anyways, I did a bugbear that's not worth showing first, and have a walking brain (Intellect Devourer) about 90% complete. Will be time to start something new soon. Front: Back: Left Right
  22. Orracle

    77220: Herryk from Bones 2

    I suppose this is my first "show off" thread. He's not much to look at but since there are so few bones 2 painted I thought he could at least be inspiration for what not to do. 😊 These are different pics than the WIP thread, I have different lighting at my office, but they're still taken using my phone. Please let me know what you think could be done better, I'm still pretty new to painting.
  23. Received my Bones 2 shipment last week and updated my old WIP thread only to find out the rules have changed. So, here's my first Bones 2 painted character. No idea what I'll use him for, and I know the colors are not quite... Dwarvin. I've pretty much finished painting him, though I'm sure if I wanted to I could touch up quite a few things. Let's start with Grey Primer and a Solid Blue Base for the cloth items... on a very clean napkin.
  24. While opening up Expansion Set #2, I came across this very nice piece. I don't see anything about it anywhere in the KS pictures, nor do I recall any mention of it: http://chris.heismann.net/IMG_1425.png What's the story?
  25. As the topic, is it too late to add a few things my Bones Kickstarter order?