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Found 24 results

  1. My quest to complete all of my Bones Kickstarter minis continues. Here we have "Fly Demon" -- pretty spry for a fly guy. I've done the base colors, most of the highlighting, and now I need to do something more with these giant yellow eyes. Suggestions? On photo review, I'll go clean up the veins in the wing a bit more. I am considering adding a metallic glaze to the chitin and the wings.
  2. Painted up the Rats from Bones 2 at the end of October, beginning of November so I'm posting them as a group! Rebased them on various bases I had gotten from ReaperCon over the years and at least one is a Stones base I got from Frontline Games recently from an online purchase. I wanted the Giant Wererat to look like some kind of undead abomination and my OSL painting skills can always use lots of practice I tried making the Assassin's coat look like it was really grimy/dirty to juxtapose the gleaming weapon he uses for his work. The Berserker was asking for a warpaint mask... Not sure if I pulled off the gemstones on the Stalkers bracelet; they're REALLY small.
  3. the first figure I started after alfanso's NMM workshop The NMM just looked dull so I decided on full Earth and sky reflective armor. then realized that metal in shadow is less reflective, and turned half barck to regular NMM. not quite satisfied with the sword it needs better blending now that I look at the detailed pictures. yes i will go back and fix it,.
  4. This cloak was crying out for freehand. But I had had some others recently that just failed. Time to put the big boy pants on again. the fact that I was sitting next to clever crow at paint club may have been a factor.
  5. I need to keep rolling the bones, so here are two paints from this weekend. I'm not sure if they are actually speedpaints, as I lingered over the NNM a little on the centaur. The rogue was less than 2 hours. the centaur less than 3. going for tabletop quality.
  6. A friend who had not painted anything in a while came to visit for a week. While the wives an kids were off entertaining themselves, I offered a mini from the bones 2 core grab-bag to try his hand. He picked one that reminded him of the Old D&D cartoon, and got as far as base-coating. His paints had long since dried out, so he left it here. As I "Must Paint All the Things!" I finished it up, the shield came out as one of my best freehand designs. I also took an indirect suggestion from a poster in the paint my bones facebook group, and added another highlight to the shield.
  7. some barrow rats, painted up for ROUS challenge
  8. painted in 2 days. this guy was fun, a refreshing low stress paint job. I primed 3 other beastmen but this guy got all the love. revised back to reduce lining
  9. Continuing the WIP from http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/64819-lexomatics-fall-2015-wip I'll be working on my shelf of shame minis, trying some bones 2 anhurians, some outstanding hearthstone minis, and maybe some more animals and skeletons, and ice walls and slimes. Also some zombicide crows (as lots of different birds
  10. So I've been secretly painting a little, and not updating. I'm planning on doing a little bit more of both going forward. Currently I'm working on 2/3 of a pack of extra zombies for zombicide, a lot of undead from bones 2 (mostly skeletons, and some ghasts which are just waiting to get varnished at this point. and a few other items I haven't yet decided on - hopefully shelf of shame stuff so I can clear it off, and maybe a few modern pc types. 77159 ghast (#1 yellow cloth) a few WIP photos sometime this weekend.
  11. I'm not fully satisfied with this guy. obviously the spear is still bent. I wanted to base him, but the 1 inch square bases proved too small, unless turned upside down. I used a stamp pad, and tried to fit the greenstuff into the cavity of the base. This caused it to bend, and warp. So I filed it down, then re-cut many of the lines. next time I will just get a washer or something.
  12. So I have to decide if this is done or not? bother. I only have two stages: or thats what I have until I go back and fix stuff. the shoulder plates were devilish, concave and convex at the same time. I ended up taking a spoon out at noon and flipping it back and forth, drawing the reflections. and Then a painting DVD gave me the idea to add read and purple washes to the gold. and reflect the color of the guy in the sword. I any suggestions for finishing/improvements would be great. Or criticism of what didn't work. I might not be seeing it.
  13. Here are 2 quick photos, individual photos to come. Started on my computer because the phone is taking some getting used to.
  14. My father is a Field Biologist and Moss aficionado when I went to visit him at the beginning of the month I asked for suggestions. He suggested this color pattern based on Chicken-of-the-woods. Which is a lovely shelf fungi. Any PC with a few points in survival can quickly identify it as edible, and more that some specimens are rumored to have healing properties. Yeah this poor little guy is going to get eaten.
  15. Originally I decided not to get this set with Bones2, At the time I was living in a cramped apartment and had no display areas and little storage space. I did buy most of the other dragons in Bones2, enough for a full set of chromatics. Then I moved to a bigger house with lots of room to display miniatures and scenes. We finished moving in only a few weeks after Bones2 arrived. So I found this set on Ebay instead. 65$ with free shipping. With the contest running hot for painting Maldrakar in a week I decided that the big draw for me was the deadline. Since I passed on Maldrakar, I thought I would try the same timeframe for the biggest dragon I had, and all the terrain. I wasn't going to do the size 0 brush, or the adventuring party that came with the dragon, I have plenty of painted adventures. I could spend another 3-5 painting days on the dragon, massaging the details, and perhaps someday I will. But for now I have a playable/displayable enormous dragon and terrain.
  16. This is my first really big dragon from the Bones II kickstarter. He is the dragon from Dragons Don't Share.... Nathavarr. I painted him as a green dragon defending his treasure hoard. I hope you like! Mu apologies for the pictures as I do not have a good backdrop to take them against so they tended to be a little washed out. Once I get a good non-reflective backdrop large enougfh I will take more pictures. WIP is here (it has a special backdrop at the end under a spoiler take) http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/63532-nathavarr-dds2-as-a-green/?p=1194334 now for the pictures! And the treasure of course (with a touch of Sar Orange amongst the loot) Comments/cheers/booos etc are all appreciated..
  17. Painted up 6 more minis from the Bones 2 kickstarter. The bulette is my first official huge! Bases made from green stuff, pumice gel, and happy seppuku stamps.
  18. I painted up 5 of the skeletons from Bones II, originally for the April Resolutionary Challenge, but once I finished the paint job, I had a complete block on how to base them so fell off the challenge wagon. I wanted them to look like their tomb had been a bit mouldy and damp so I washed all the woods with a mix of green and grey ink, and tried to make the metals look really rusty and pitted.
  19. So this is the giant Krug. The third of my shirtless july trilogy. Murica, Ogre chieftain and finally this guy. It is may largest, and with a little more work one of my best. he recieved 5 painting days, including a CMPA meeting, where I got some good advice on skin glaze from Doug. He probably needs a day six for clean up. If I was planning on entering this guy in compilation what advice would you give for improvements?
  20. Mr. Mureica Is a second generation immigrant who runs a hot dog stand in times square. He is fiercely patriotic and quickly strips down to his costume whenever the city comes under attack. He was granted superhero powers when he was caught in a massive battle as a young boy. A Hydra agent threw some super solider serum into his fathers cart, and one thing led to another. He recieved strength speed and toughness from the serum, (although less than some). He is also immune to heat, cold and disease which comes in handy in his day job. He fights with eagle style Kung-Fu but lacks the hair-whip that so many of its other masters use, causing him to call his personal style Bald Eagle Style. Equipped with mustard, ketchup and a hot dog. He should probably be on a sidewalk rather than a field of violets, but my sidewalk Barasius Pad wont arrive for at least a week. This is the silliest I have painted, although the second place is Ms July, and the third was a red/yellow/blue owlbear. I practically have a flag wearing collection of miniatures. I will retouch Ms July (2013') and and get a shot of them together.
  21. Because I was bored this morning. My daughter helped. The painted bones 1 vampire box vs Bones 2. only fantasy figures were included. Some retail bones figures are included in the painted side.
  22. OK this is my first try at a wip post. This will be on the Mashaaf the Great Old one from the bones 2. First thing I will say is that this guy is ugly, in a good way. The other (and I hope the exception) is that his molding in some parts are bad. I have only opened 2 figures so far from my bones 2 ks, the Kraken was pretty good as far as mold lines. This guy on the other hand was not. For the main body I hand carve a lot off and also heat the pieces to the point of melting to get a good fit. Also it has a lot of seam lines that I had to try and clean. Didn't deal with all of them, but tried to get the worst ones. I have primed him with tan paint because I plan on doing light colors on him. After priming I saw some more lines to cleanup. I am hoping the paints and colors I use will hide some I don't get. Also around the main seam I will use a thicker paint to fill it in (I hope). This is the most challenging part. The mouth piece was not fitting at all. I did some carving and used to heat to try and reshape it. I will have to use green putty to fill in the rest. Unless I see some other suggestions that are better. As for the coloring I am going to use the same colors on the wizkids Cthulu figure. So it should look gruesome and icky. Joe
  23. Here's the third mini I painted from my Bones 2 box. I really liked the pose and sculpt of this mini, so that's why I decided to paint him up next. I don't think i'll ever use him in my D&D games, but damn he looks cool.
  24. Here is the official discussion thread for the Bones 2 Kickstarter. If I toggled all the settings right, it should auto-unlock approximately the same time as the KS Launch. (If not, I'll manually unlock when I can.) A little pre-housekeeping requests (as I am wishing and hoping): Please review the forum rules and play nice. Please make every effort to avoid sequential posting, it makes life so much more difficult for those of us who have to clean up after you. You can always go back and edit your posts to add the thought that comes to you after you hit that post button. Inserting large graphics or videos are tough for people on weaker connections, please try to limit those. You can always reply without quoting, or you can edit the quote down to less than all and keep your posts smaller. The most important link, Bones 2 on Kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1513061270/reaper-miniatures-bones-ii-the-return-of-mr-bones FAQ: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1513061270/reaper-miniatures-bones-ii-the-return-of-mr-bones#project_faq_69411 Reaper's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ReaperMini Kicktraq: http://www.kicktraq.com/projects/1513061270/reaper-miniatures-bones-ii-the-return-of-mr-bones/
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