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Found 2 results

  1. Ok, here we go!! Round 2 of the Sir Forscale and traveling box of goodwill is set to begin. As before, I'm in charge, and Ub3r N3rd will continue in his tenure as my second in command. He's my back up in case I'm unavailable ( I do need to travel with my job occasionally ). Remember, if you've got any questions the rules are in the first post here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/59448-the-travels-of-sir-forscale-round-2-sign-ups/ If you can't get your answer there, contact your coordinator, if they can't help (or you are the coordinator and need some help ) hit me or Ub3r N3rd up and we'll get you sorted out. The coordinators and their groups are as follows: DSmiles-Sent March 3. Received August 1 Lt. Coldfire-Received March 7. Drusander-Received March 23. Sent--March 26. AlexGates--Received March 28 Sent... RobDean--Received April 16. Sent April 22 JCG--Received April 24. Sent April 29. Wyvernfire--Received May 1. Sent May 11 Mindfade Von Krieger--Received May 23. Sent July 30 Ub3r N3rd-Sent February 26. Received May 14. Korimar-Received March 2. Sent March 7. Samurai Jack-Received March 9. Sent March 20. Hibou--Received March 24. Sent March 26 Generic Fighter *--Received March 28 Sent April 7. Talae--Received April 9. Sent April 23 CashWiley--Received April 28 Sent May 12 Catbat *=Generic Fighter will be out of town until March 12th or thereabouts; his placement should ensure that he will be back to receive and send on the box. Little Bluberry-Sent March 4. Received August 3 Darsc Zacal-Received March 11. Sent March 14. Traxia-Received March 14. Sent March 25. Robinh--Received April 1. Sent April 4. OneBoot--Received April 13 Sent April 23 Klarg1--Received April 28. Sent May 1. Buckyball--Received May 1. Sent May 2. TGP--Received May 2. Sent Jul 31. Bonwirn-Sent March 6. Received July 3. Kharsin-Received March 11. Ulfheathen-Received March 25. Sent April 2 NomadZeke--Received April 4 Sent April 18 Wolfie907--Received April 22. Sent May 3. Aard Rinn--Received May 12 Sent May 26 SGHawkins009--Received May 28 Sent June 4. Hungerfan--Received June 8. Sent July1 ChaosWolf-Sent March 2. Received June 24 Madjack-Received March 3. Sent March 11. Flamehawke-Received March 13. Sent March 23. David Brawley-Received March 25. Sent April 3 Thes Hunter--Received April 7 Rgtriplec--Received April 20 Kangaroorex--Received April 25 Hand delivered to Kay13 Kay 13--Received from Kangaroorex and delivered back to same. Sent June2 Jasper the 2nd--Received June 10. Sent June 16. Marvin-Sent February 25. Box Received. Fishnjeeps-Received February 27, Sent March 23. IzzyLobo--Received March 25. Sent April 2 Pingo--Received April 7 Sent April 8 Fanguad--Received April 10 sent April 14 Arc724--Received April 17 Sent April 20 Kadence--Received April 23 Sent April 28 Ironhammer--Received April 30. Sent May 4. Froggy the Great-Sent March 7. Received May 15. Keianna-Received March 9. Sent March 13. Dilvish-Received March 16. Sent March 20. Miss Melons-Received March 23. Sent April 2 Evil Halfling--Received April 4 Mailed 9 April Baphomet69--Received April 11. Sent April 17 Pcktlnt--Received April 20 Marineal--Received May 2. Sent May 12 Girot-Sent March---.Box Received Dr Bedlam-Received March 14. Sent March---. Inarah-Received March 20. Sent March 23 Talespinner--Received March 26 Sent April 7 Sirithiliel--Received April 9 Sent April 14 Tiniest Rhombus --Sent May 14. Marsya--Received May 16. Sent May 18. Red Ambrosia--Received May 21Sent May 30 You'll notice that we went with slightly smaller groups this time around; what do you think? Please respond in the chatter thread. Target date for boxes to start is March 1st. If your box is already packed and ready, you don't have to wait, though. I'm supposed to be getting Bones 2 this coming week, so I'm going to try and wait for that so I can add some of it to my box. We had a lot of interest in this round, so thank you to our 3 newest coordinators: Marvin, Froggy, and Girot. Lets have fun with this, everybody! No chatter here, please. Do it here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/59449-the-travels-of-sir-forscale-round-2-chatter-thread/ Coordinators: If you want to juggle your groups around at all, that's fine, just let me know so I can update this list. Myself or any of the MODS that are involved will edit this post to document arrivals/departures. If anyone has any suggestions for a better title, discuss it in the chatter thread. edit--minor lineup shuffle
  2. Winter got you down? Tired of snow? (I'm getting there, fast) Do like getting presents? What about surprises? Would you like the postman/woman to bring something other than bills to you? You may have heard about the fabled 'Box of Goodwill'. Maybe you were involved last time, maybe you're new and would like to see what it's all about. Well, you're in the right place!! Read on: This is the official, soon to be patented sign up thread for round 2. As before, please provide the following info in your replies to this thread: Where you live If you'd be willing to ship internationally (more expensive) If you want to be a box starter (depending on the amount of interest) Everything seemed to run very smoothly last time, so I don't see any need to change the 'rules', here they are: Basically, put some stuff you don't want/will never get to/think other people will find cool into a box and send it to someone else. That recipient will take out whatever interests them, replace a like amount of stuff and ship it to the next person in line. And so on. The last person will send it back to the coordinator ( the person who originally sent out the box ). What's allowed: 1)Any miniature 1a) this means any material, any genre, any manufacturer, any subject matter. If you put lead in, please label it somehow (separate baggy or whatever) 2)Anything mini related 2a) bases, basing material (please package this very securely, and label it), terrain, scenic bits, whatever. 3) Free stuff--leftover bits, drawings, etc. Please label these items as 'free' or 'giveaway'. If you want some of this stuff, take it, you don't have to match it. 4) Keep it reasonable; try not to put in anything larger than 54mm. That's gonna eat up a lot of space, and create a lot of 'what's it worth' question. What's NOT allowed: 1)Paint/liquid 2)Perishable items How it works: A coordinator will put together a box of stuff and send it out to 8-10 people in his/her circuit. When you receive the box, take out whatever you like and replace it with a like amount of stuff.The value of what you replace should be equal to or slightly exceed whatever you take. We're gonna use the honor system here, so it's going to be somewhat subjective. Trades should be on a one-for-one basis, unless you're taking something big, in which case it's one-for-two. For example: If you see 4 orcs that you want, take them and replace them with 4 other roughly man-sized figures. If there's a larger figure (54mm ) that you want, take it, and replace it with either 1 similarly sized figure, or 2 man sized figures. Once you're finished, pack it up and send it to the next person in line. Here are some other specifics: 1)The coordinator will put together a box and start it on it's way. Each coordinator will pm me with the tracking info of the box as it sets out to the first recipient. After this, each recipient will pm the tracking number to their coordinator (the person who started the box) AND the person that they're shipping it to. 2)Participants will publicly announce when they have received the package (pictures would be cool, but aren't mandatory), and again when they send it off to the next person. For example: I received the box o' goodwill from Chaoswolf. When ready to ship, 'I'm sending the box to Pingo'. 2a)Participants will also be responsible for contacting the next person and getting their shipping information. The people involved in any given circuit will be public knowledge, so feel free to exchange shipping info how/whenever you wish. 3)Each participant will have 1 week from the arrival of the box to make their swaps and then send the box on to the next person. 4) For participants in the USA, shipping will be via flat rate boxes. Tracking and insurance are included in the cost. In the event of loss, the person mailing the box will make the insurance claim and use the proceeds to purchase items to fill and ship a replacement box. 5) I'm anticipating roughly 3-4 months for each box to make a complete circuit (8-10 people x 1week per person + travel time). Once all boxes have completed the circuit (returned to the coordinator), we'll open up a new sign up thread and start the process over again if there's interest. Coordinators will need to pm me so I know that all circuits are complete. 6) This will be open to everyone. We have had several people express willingness to run/participate in a circuit for the newer members; I feel that this somewhat offsets any concerns about anyone's 'reliability'. Perhaps I'm a little naive, but the feeling I'm getting from both public posts and pm's is that everyone really seems to want this to work. Newer members are defined as anyone who hasn't been active on the boards for a year,or without at least one completed exchange. 7) Sign ups will end Midnight February 20th (east coast time). There will be a little wiggle room allowed here to allow for different time zones and whatnot. Once I get up on Saturday morning, it's closed. I'll figure out how many people are involved, how many groups there are, who's going to coordinate and post that information in the first post of the chatter thread. 8) Individual coordinators are able to exercise a bit of leeway within their circuit. They will be setting up the initial package, so they can just stuff a box, or do a quick survey of everyone in their circuit to determine preferences. If they want to suggest everyone slap a color on Sir Forscale (or his designated representative), that's up to them. I'm thinking that the coordinators can run things pretty smoothly. If there's a question or concern, hit them up. Coordinators: if you're not sure how to proceed, hit me up and we'll work it out. 9) if something comes up and you need to drop out for whatever reason (life happens), please contact your coordinator as soon as possible so that he/she can make the necessary adjustments. 10) Have fun! Ok, I'm pretty sure I've covered everything. If I missed something, or it's unclear, please bring it up in the chatter thread, or PM me. Don't add it here. Suggestions for a different 'group paint' figure and/or title can go in the chatter thread, too. ETA---I'm don't want to make any assumptions here. Even if you were in the first round, please indicate if you'd like to do round 2. Thanks
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