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Found 11 results

  1. I've been trying to tick off some of those D&D Monster Manual entries, and painted up a bunch of large beasties. I kind of speed-painted these (spent a bit more time on the Oni), but am pretty happy with how they turned out. Feels good to produce stuff for the collection. The Brass Bull is from Reaper of course (the Bones variant), the four-armed ape is from Bombshell Miniatures, whilst the Iron Golem, Stone Elemental and Fire Elemental are all from Otherworld Miniatures and the Oni is from Zenit Miniatures. They're all really cool minis I think. Anyway, hope you like em!
  2. Admittedly, it is basically finished. Originally I wanted a clean look, but the contrast between the coppery and silvery was too strong, and I did not like ti so clean, so I added rust/verdigris. Then I tried to fix the eyes and other details and screwed up, so now I have to fix it.
  3. Hi all, As of late, I was inspired to convert some of the Bones beasties I have, as mounts for some other minis. So, after Verocithrax as a ridden dragon (http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/63159-77361-verocithrax-as-ridden-dragon-bones/), here is the Brass Bull: And I couldn't resist to make it be mounted by an Ogre (Here a GW Orge). Because no matter how big the Brass Bull is, it looks like a pony when an ogre climbs on top (and I find that quite hillarious). C&C Welcome
  4. Had a fun paint session with family on Saturday. My brother-in-law and his daughter have never painted a mini so I asked if they wanted to join in as my daughter and I painted something. They had a great time. Even the brother-in-law who got so into it and when anyone asked if he was having fun would just say "it is something to do". My daughter chose the Brass Bull: My niece chose the Chimera: And the brother-in-law was given the Sharkman: He already has plans on what he wants to do next weekend to finish it up. So we will need to get him set up at the table once we are back from Reaper HQ. A pic of the girls enjoying their paint session: I continued work on my metal Dire Bear when I was able to do so. Between helping out where I could and keeping the girls from trying to pour out their own paint I got a few swabs of the brush down.
  5. For the March painting challenge as I am working slowly through my exchange mini I decided to do some constructs and try my hand at some craft. So I have the Brass Bull, Stone Golem, Battleguard Golem, Goldar and a DMGinfo Bookcase.
  6. This is 77256: Brass Bull, from the Bones II Kickstarter. It's not in the store as yet, apparently it's due for release in June. I wanted a Gorgon, not a Brass Bull, so I painted it in rusty iron colours. Note, that's a D&D Gorgon, not a mythological Gorgon. It was a very quick and easy paint job, but the gunmetal dry-brushing didn't photograph very well at all.
  7. The moment I saw this model in the Bones II list, I knew I wanted to buy it. Marouda likes Bulls, as she's a Taurus (not into astrology, but likes the animal and imagery). As I've written before, the Brass/Bronze Bull is a thing with a strong Ancient Greek heritage. As much as I like the Foundry Model, this one is a good bit bigger, and as such, more impressive. Incidentally, this model is a Bob Olley sculpt, and a nice one at that. I started this a little over a month ago, after starting a brief survey on how to base it. Reaper's Brass Bull. You can sort of see the glowing eyes I gave this one. Now, I know that most Reaper Miniatures are essentially "counts-as" models for various Dungeons and Dragons beasties. What was interesting to me was when one of my friends was over for Friday Night Zombicide, and saw the part-painted model on my paint desk, and remarked that he recognised it as a "Gorgon" and talked about it turning enemies to stone (ok) via a breath attack (huh?) Now, as I've mentioned before, I'm not a huge D&D guy, and to me "Gorgon" always meant a snake-woman of Medusa's Ilk. Medusa being the name of a specific Gorgon, rather than the name of the snake-haired woman's race. Because, you know, that's what they are. This shot shows off the freehand Hoplon shield. I'm quite proud of it. So I did a bit of Googling the next day. I found that, yes indeedy, a Brass (or Bronze) Bull is a proper D&D Monster that petrifies its foes via a breath attack. Huh. Still, it required a bit more reading to figure out. Eventually, I found this blog post by F.Wesley Schneider (of D&D and Pathfinder fame) who explains it all in a way that makes it all make sense. It'll still never make it a Gorgon to me, but I can absolutely understand and respect the reasoning behind it, as well as the many years of legacy to those who play and are familiar with D&D. It's much the same kind of acceptance as my own to bright green Orcs, which was not something I'd ever considered or pictured before my introduction to and immersion into Warhammer in my early teens, but now after several decades is a thing I automatically default to. Showing the discarded Kopis sword. A couple of flank shots. When I saw the photographs of these I noticed a small amount of wear (already!) on some of the scales. I've gone back to retouch those bits and will be giving them a bloody decent shot of varnish tonight and tomorrow. Finally, a size comparison shot. We have Stabby McStab, the Chronopia model, the Reaper Bull and finally, the Wargames Foundry bull. While the basing does make a difference, the Wargames Foundry bull is significantly smaller. I'll still manage to work out a use for both in the eventual Mythical Greek Army. I've got some ideas, and both bulls would remain very nasty opponents. I might add some flower tufts to the base of the Reaper model, though. I like the contrasting effect that flowers have with such a terrifying monster of Brass and Steel!
  8. Alrighty! I think he's done. The poor matador had to be carted off for burial. That'll teach him to take on a construct! The lances are shaved toothpicks. The cape is greenstuff and the base done with freehanded lines. Colors are the ocher gold triad plus mahogany brown and 3 whites- leather, pure and titanium. The cape is mahogany brown, spattered crimson, big top red, fire red and some highlights of lava orange then glazed with clear red. The lines are the snow triad. I did the blood with the reds plus some walnut brown and gloss medium, then a bit of water effect mixed with red. Enjoy! C&C always welcome! He'll be a gift for the Reapercon Free Auction so come out to Denton, paint, have fun, and feel free to bid on him!
  9. Alright. I was sleepy and bored so I did a very simple paint job of the Brass Bull. Since larger is preferred her are decent sized pictures of the Brass Bull. Colors used
  10. Since I'm doing a similar color scheme, I'm working on these two together Right now they're just a coat of Antique Gold over a Olive Green base
  11. So a neat thing happened to me on my way back from classes today... What was it? Oh, nothing major... just my BONES II, motherhuggers! See? It was full of lovelies inside, including this, which I am framing: Cool, right? So what's an Aard to do? Well, even before looking at it all, I wanted to paint! So, I ripped open one of my cores and one each of the expansions and chose what I wanted to start with... From Expansion One! I liked these guys (and the zombies) so much that I tore into my second expansion to get at the rest! More needed, deffo! I just did three layers - dark red, light red, and wash - but they're just for gaming, so no biggy... added nice blue eyes and teeth, and some pointy hooves! Gotta come up with a way to base these... might go for the D&D prepaint method of the plain black disc, tho... Speaking of zombies... The remaining two are done as well, but have fallen behind my desk and I'm too sore to get them out! Still, for speedy things they came out fine. I was waiting to blood them up until I decided if I liked it, but I think I do... it adds something, IMO... Last but not least, my favorite of the night... The Brass Bull! Super quick paint job (brown, gold, light gold) with a matte dark brown for horns and hooves. Took like a half hour, mainly due to it's size, but came out looking the best of the lot... This figure's not hard at all. I'll do the next one silver, I think, but I'll probably wind up with a fleet of these, too... they have to be in pairs, see, and I want an underwater one... and a lava cow'd be neat... maybe add wings? Anyways, nothing but speedpaints tonight. I was tired and lazy... I'll open things up and see what's around tomorrow. I'm thinking giants?
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