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Found 19 results

  1. Hello guys, question: a few days ago I was told that you can fix the hook that will ultimately happen in a synthetic brush by dipping it in boiling water and reshaping it. Has anybody ever done this/heard of this/tried this and what were your results? Asking right now as Rosemary and Co weasel butt brushes can't be imported currently but they do have some synthetic brushes that they say are the bees knees. I'm still a bit leery though as my synthetic brushes have always croaked rather quickly, with the hairs hooking at the end. Any ideas/thoughts?
  2. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/squidmar/squidmar-kolinsky-miniature-paintbrush Story In Squidmar Miniatures paintbrushes, the insight of accomplished painters, impeccable production quality, luxurious aesthetics and the finest Kolinsky Sable are all brought together to create an experience which combines style, comfort and practicality in equal measure. Our brushes feature a wide body (AKA the “belly”) while maintaining a sharp point. This allows a Squidmar Miniatures brush to hold more paint in its bristles without losing its po
  3. So my niece is turning 13 next month. She already has a huge interest in minis and loves to paint with me. I'm trying to build her a kit or care package for her birthday so we can video chat and paint together. I'm at a loss as to what to put in it though. She has a ton of minis I gave her and a few brushes but I want to get her like a full starters kit of sorts (paint, better brushes, brush soap, etc.). I'm already considering the first LTPK. What would you put in it for someone just starting out?
  4. After a hiatus I am writing a blog post to help my sanity! This next post is all about brushes and brush care. So my question to you fellow painters is: If/when you are/were new to painting what would you like to know or would like to have known about brushes?
  5. So the new Artis Opus KS is live. It can be found here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/artis-opus/artis-opus-series-m-brush-set Be curious what people's opinions are on the "smaller" brushes they are doing here. I've always been taught go for a brush with a larger belly and a good point over something like these. Also how people like the previous ones to see if they were worth the price.
  6. Surprised I did not see this mentioned yet. So my question here once people look at it is this really worth it? The cost seems high given you can get Rosemary & Co or other company Kolinsky brushes far cheaper. What makes these worth the extra cost? I know you get the brush soap (which I would think most of us have already) and a nice case (not really needed perhaps). But seems like $65ish with shipping for 4 brushes seems high.
  7. Hi all! I'm wondering if anyone has any tips for fixing the fishhook tip that develops on brushes after awhile. Is it even possible? I tried brush shaper with no success (although it's possible/likely there's a technique I don't know about that would make the brush shaper work better) I'd love to replace my brushes less frequently, and salvage some I already have :-)
  8. So just a random question, or comment: I have a brush that I always use for sealing my miniatures and thought I at least rinsed it out reasonably well or cleaned it out. Apparently not. Last week when before I used it, I actually took an exacto knife to the brush and started scraping old sealant off bristles, until it was actually much cleaner than it as previously. Has anybody else ever done this?
  9. Quick question on cleaning brushes. How often do you thoroughly clean them? Obviously cleaning them each time you use them is necessary, but do you go so far as to thoroughly clean them each time you change colors? Or do you just give them a good water rinse between colors? Some of both depending on the paint/colors/etc.?
  10. So my old Winsor & Newton series 7 size 1 finally died. Last year (or possibly longer ago) there was some concern about US Fish and Wildlife importing regulations making kolinsky sable paint brushes much harder to find in the US. As a result, I bought some brands I hadn't tried to test out should trusty old Winsor and Newtons become unavailable. I've had good experience with Old Holland paints, so I decided to try their brushes too. Brush size has no standardization or consistency from brand to brand. Each picture below shows a new Old Holland Series 7001 Kolinsky Size 4 br
  11. So I've been noticing and it's kind of obnoxious that every so often I'm finding really small hairs, maybe a millimeter or five while I'm painting pushing around paint lately. Has anybody else ever had this issue? I sometimes wonder if it's the paintbrushes I use, currently Rosemary and Co. I don't remember this happening much when I was using the Winsor and Newton series 7 brushes....
  12. This isn't really a tip or advice; it's more of an informational topic. As we all know, brushes vary by manufacturer such that a 00 from one company can be different from another. Rather than go with the existing system the WAMP brushes are stamped by their intended purpose, though each brush does include an "equivalent to" in the description. Still, that's a comparison back to a system without a standard so I thought it would be helpful to snap a picture for actual comparison purposes. I didn't purchase all of them, but if you were curious about the WAMP brushes here's how they compare to
  13. I'm referring generally to series 331 as well as some of the synthetics, 2230, 2240, and 2250. I guess these things are usually called rake brushes? Anyway, I've got some Deinonychus antirrhopuses I need to paint up and as a bit of an amateur paleontology observer nerd, I'd like to cover up the '70's era scales with something that looks like feathers. I'll probably try my hand at sculpting feathers someday, but not now! Has anyone tried using these rake or comber brushes to paint feathers? Any tips or tricks for avoiding abject failure? (I am okay with most failure, I just have to
  14. So just yesterday, after ordering them Tuesday night from England, received this package of Rosemary & Co. brushes. They came very nicely packed together as seen, and in a cardboard support wrapped by rubber bands. Very nicely arrived, and considering it took from Tuesday to Friday to get from the UK to Omaha, Nebraska I was extremely impressed. Apparently there were no issues getting the brushes through customs. These brushes are their series 33, Kolinsky sable brushes, hopefully in every way just as good as the Winsor & Newtons I've been using now for a few years. I haven't had
  15. So, I am trying to organize my painting area better. I recently made a new box that has room for over 100 bottles of paint, organized by colour, so the first problem is sorted out. The second is my brushes. Are there any tips on how they should be stored to prevent problems, and still have them at hand?
  16. I'm trying to figure out a graduation gift for a co-worker who paints. He uses craft paints and the cheapest brushes he can find, and I'd like to get him some better supplies. I think I've got the paints figured out -- just some GW stuff from their Citadel line, since he's a Warhammer 40K player. But I don't know enough about brushes to know what are some really good ones. When I asked what he looks for in a brush, he told me he just buys the cheapest ones he can find, one really big one for drybrushing and base coats, and one really tiny one for detail work. So ... if you were buyi
  17. So as to not disturb Professor Buglips' thread, I'll post this question here. I need some advice on some good dry-brushing brushes that people use. I've heard that some smaller synthetic brushes (not pointed) are the best to get the technique down and have the best control. Right now I've been using (to bad effect) an older LTPK sable brush, but it just sprawls out like a lazy cat on a Sunday afternoon as soon as I start working with it. So I'm wondering if people wouldn't mind linking the brushes they would most highly recommend so that I can go pick a few of them up online or at a lo
  18. Hey I wrote this up for those of you who are interested. http://tacticalrock.blogspot.com/2013/05/hobby-care-and-feeding-your-paint.html
  19. Hi, Just looking for some advice it's been around 10 years since I painted any minis and I backed the Kickstarter so just wondering what kind of brushes people have been using and where do you get them? The small town I live in has no hobby shop! Any help is appreciated thanks in advance.
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