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Found 4 results

  1. So I finally got my Gorkanaut on his base, though not the base I wanted. I tried several times to build a grot sandcastle but it just wasn't happening so rather than keep failing I decided to let it go for now and just finish him off as is. Pix:
  2. Everything I could think of to say about the Three Wahss Mayun could potentially be offensive. But comments are welcome anyway... Say, why don't we have more figurines with mullets?
  3. To whom it may concern: I have noted, along with many of your other customers, that you did not release your splendid and very desirable Nativity Set all at once. Apparently, for reasons of which I am not aware, you chose to release it piecemeal -- a shepherd here, a Wise Man there, a Baby Jesus here, and suddenly a donkey. This is fine. This is OK. I am not going to tell you all how to do your business. However, this particular business model has caused me some headaches, and I feel compelled to let you all know about it. Y'see, at the cost of bein' a tad verbose, I am currently workin' on
  4. A co worker of mine is a huge Elvis fan. So I made this for his collection. Uhuhuh, you'd better like muh songs...
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