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  1. So here are two delightful bugbear lasses that I just finished painting this morning and got set up on bases. As I've said before, I really dig Michael Evan's sculpts, always full of personality and not so typical of what's out there. In this case, two rather buttock kicking female bugbear lasses, a Rogue and a Warlord (war lady?): First the Rogue: and now the Warlord: These are 3D STL prints, from Mike's collection on myminifactory.com. He's got tons of really cool minis out there and the collection keeps growing, definitely worth checking out, especially for you who have those delightful 3D printing machines. Anyhoos, enjoy!
  2. Good evening everybody, love or new and old miniatures! In this case we're going to be seeing some old miniatures, from days gone by. If you ever used these in your games, it probably says something about how long you've been around, here are two Grenadier bugbears. I painted them at the same time I painted the Stonehaven ones. Definitely a different aesthetic, but fun nonetheless. I've got one more bugbear I want to paint in the near future, the female bugbear that Reaper put out. Need to buy it first. In the meantime, here are some old school pieces of joy! I'm pretty sure back in the day they came back in a blister pack of three, and I'm not sure if the third one was different or if it was a repeat of one of these above. Anybody have any idea?
  3. I started this guy the other day. Details are phenomenal, although distinguishing resin tags from fur is tough. I wanted to try something a little more challenging with the colors, given that the details are already great, so I’m trying for a dark reddish skinned critter with dark purple fur. Lots to do, but this is basically all blocked in, with the leather and club getting most of the attention. Painting the horns is a blast! I think it needs stronger highlighting and more of the details (belt horns, underarm satchel, wristbands). Sorry about the pictures - this guy really sucks up light! C&C welcome and encouraged!
  4. I painted this guy twice during 2022. This is the first copy (from the virtual expo) that I did in July or August. He's got a nice attitude: whatever is in that cannister is definitely none of your business, chum. Base by Secret Weapon Miniatures.
  5. For some Halloween fun, I painted up the Punkin' Headed Bugbear:
  6. My version of Klargg and Ripper from LMoP. These guys will serve as the template for the rest of the Reaper bugbears that I have. My hope is to get enough done to run the numbers that are called for in the various modules (e.g. Dwellers of the Forbidden City). Pretty straightforward stuff, paint wise, but I have to say I love these old bugbear models. Each one is loaded with little details to make them feel like unique and important characters, rather than chaff.
  7. Did someone say "pumpkin"? No? I must be hearaing things...again... Anyway. I present to you: the Punkin' Headed Bugbear! Because pumpkin. The highlights on the flesh are a little less splotchy to my eyes, and the fur doesn't "pop" quite that much. Overall, to my eyes, it actually looks a little dark. I thought that the pumpkin and punkin' guts would brighten up the bugbear but it doesn't quite bring it up enough. I also think I started too dark on the fur (starting at Muddy Soil--which is so dark brown as to be nearly black). Truthfully it makes sense that it would be so dark (as to let the pumpkins serve as camouflage and obscure its form), but that doesn't tend to make an interesting miniature. I should have gone lighter on the fur. Still, not bad for only a few hours work. And it's another pumpkin! Thanks for dropping by!
  8. There are those that say that the monks at St. Fiacre's should not plant their vegetables so close to the churchyard, that it is unseemly to fatten the marrows, squashes, and pumpkins so close to human bones filled with human marrow. Of course, the same voices don't complain when those same vegetables come to market, ripe and full of rich flavor. But that is another tale, and... ...wait, what is this? Who comes here at this hour? A ruffian in disguise, bent on disturbing the bones in the cemetary?! Nay, ruffians plural! Grave robbers, here to trouble those at long rest under stone! And who is this?! A sinister figure, clearly the ringleader. "Go now, and find me that wizard's grave!" A little foxfire around the eyes and mouth of a carved pumpkin will frighten the superstitious into thinking these grave-robbers are haints. "Not one stone in ten is as it was in the old times; be sure where ye dig!" "Wait, lads--what is that light?!" "That's no sexton's lamp! Take to your heels, boys!" It is, perhaps, only fair that those who mock Jack O'The Lantern get to see the original. A variant of Jack In the Green, easily summoned. "BOOOOO!" "YOU WHO TRESPASS ON THE ROW / YOUR FLESH WILL MAKE THE PUMPKINS GROW" "'Tis every man for himself, lads, and devil take the hindmost!" "TAKE THE HINDMOST? SO BE IT!" "AH HA HA HA HAAAAA!" As I said, the pumpkins from St. Fiacre's are always welcome at market. Something about the tender flesh and delicate taste, the kind you don't find elsewhere. Rumors that a wealthy patron of the monastery was a sorcerer are just that--old wives' tales. And the story of a guardian appointed to keep his rest secure 'till doomsday? Obviously also fictitious. Old wives will talk; this is well-known.
  9. Done. OSL effect. Trying to make it look like he's lit from the campfire.
  10. Here we go! It's time to finally give me time to this OSL thing. I saw this model and thought it'd be perfect to do as if this bugbear snuck up on a group of adventurers over their campfire. I'll try to base this guy with a camp fire below him. How's he look? Here's him from the under-side:
  11. I did it! I painted up this wonderful guy sent to us in the Ghoulie Bag. Not gonna lie, he was stupid fun to paint, everything from the chiseled physique to the pumpkins on his back to the bone-handled sickle to the bits of pulp drool coming out his mouth. Comments and advice welcome.
  12. A very fun model to paint. It’s full of expression and has a dynamic pose. Highly recommended!
  13. Hi guys and gals, So just painted these two, which were pretty simple jobs being they didn't have too many things hanging off of them. These are bugbears sculpted by Tom Meier, back in 1983. I had always thought these were odd kind of figures, because my other concept of bugbears at the time were the Monster Manual version as well as the two Grenadier bugbears that were available at the time. One of my future projects is to paint the Grenadier bugbears as well, plus some more recent Partha bugbears and I think I have somewhere the female bugbear by Reaper that I'd like to paint up. Anyhoos, these guys have these huge eyes that I really didn't know what to do with. I thought of one color and not put in any pupils, but then changed my mind. Hopefully green eyes look okay. Anyhoos, enjoy!
  14. So, here is the victim for my #craftpaintchallenge. I did some minor modifications, a little gap filling, and a minor amount of cleanup. I'm going to get started on the primer and base coats. As per my own guidelines I will be using only craft paints. I will also be using primarily Wappel Green Handle brushes for the majority of the work. Lets do this.
  15. Hi all. I may have finished this guy in record time. I am trying this new thing where when I want to stop and get up from my desk... I don't . This is a bugbear that I just primed with a couple others even though I didn't really have any strong feelings about him. But as I started working on him I started to get more excited, which is something that's been happening to me more now. I just start a mini to get more stuff painted and end up liking the job. I have started to put more effort into highlighting because I got a nudge here on the forums and I am so glad I did. I really like the work I did on his armour, bringing the scales up to a brighter orange and ticking the edges with silver to make it look like the orange was paint wearing off. In person he really glitters with that silver, something that didn't quite come across in the picture. I like the highlighting I did with his skin and loincloth and also the silver rivets on the arm and shin guards. I hope you all like him too!
  16. Hi guys, My take on this bad boy :)
  17. Here is the bugbear from the Grenadier Action Art Monsters set. Apparently he is from the “Blue Cow” clan.
  18. my second attempt at painting a Reaper miniature? Any thoughts - not sure how light to go on the skin - or how to finish his facial features cheers Andy
  19. Hello again, friends and monsters (who may also be friends) - we're back with another Fast N' Fancy Reaper miniature. Those of you who may have missed our previous examples and want to check them out can find them through these links: 03100 Thanis the Bonecaller 01614 Con Crud 2017 Convention Zombie But today, we will be doing Dark Heaven Legends 02818 Bugbears by Jason Wiebe. Well, one of them anyway. Since both bugbears are overall similar, we will be doing only one. For multipack figures that are broadly the same (such as skeletons, etc.) we'll only be picking one. Where we might do a multipack with strongly dissimilar figures, then we will do both or all of the figures. So we'll be painting this guy: Also, for those of you who don't know this yet, your Reaper figures now come with a birthday! On blister packs since sometime in 2016, next to the barcode as illustrated by the arrow you will find a production date (or at least a packing date). In this case, my Bugbear was born July 28, 2017. This is very important information for his adoption papers! Should I get him a cake? I should get him a cake. And now for a few words from my painter-partner-in-crime:
  20. Okay here is my finished Bones Bugbear. CC always welcome.
  21. This is an old Grenadier bugbear that I started before Reapercon, and finished up last night as part of Inarahs' weekend painting binge. Painted to my usual tabletop standard, mostly in between waiting for my con projects to dry. Let me know what you think.
  22. This guy was several hours' work, finished him up earlier this evening! I may end up updating the pictures at some point, I'm still trying to figure out the optimal settings on the camera I used.
  23. So I am not sure if I was tired when I cleaned him up, scrubbed too hard when I cleaned him or just didnt notice, but do the 77015 bugbear warriors have a small separation between their head to the back of their neck? is the head and body two pieces? Could I fill it with super glue before I base coat it? Any suggestions or help is appreciated.
  24. Blood Bowl is a fantastic game- and for many years it has been unsupported. This has led to a lot of third party "fantasy football" miniatures, as well as a healthy habit of players converting their own teams. This is the second type. Sometime after the Bones 2 Kickstarter, I found that I had a lot more Bugbears than I felt like I needed. But I started thinking that they'd make great ogres, and if they only were a bit more demonic, they could be combined with a group of Imps that I had leftover from Ex Illis. So here are my team's stars- the Bearded Devils. So far, they've performed a bit better than one should expect of the worst stunty team around.
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