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  1. 94003 Razor is the tiny chicken walker guy with no arms. Store Link 94004 Assassin is a standard mech guy with non-symmetrial weapon pods on his shoulders. Store Link 94007 Wight is a big running CAV with square pods and long arm-guns. Store Link Also, having just looked these guys up on the kickstarter page they (and my Spectre from before) all belong to the yellow ankh-dagger faction, which is a nice coincidence in case the rules ever come out. (cough) Usual prep: Filed off (some) mold lines, boiled to straighten things out, washed with a soapy toothbrush, rinsed, dried, and stuck to bottl
  2. Well, I decided to finally throw my hat in here, and use this forum to help me get serious about this work. When CAV KS fulfilled core set, I got 2 partial kits, that reaper was awesome about replacing with complete ones...however, this left me me with some spare parts. This is what I have to work with so far: All I got so far is to dismantle the little arm, take the gun portion to add to the body of the unit elsewhere, and the pentagon type piece to bulk up the underside of the torso. It will likely still be a chicken-walker style, but a little beefier...not sure where else I'm going from
  3. Got started on the Tiamat this weekend. Nothing much, but a simple layer of Blue Liner on it. On my way on this! Woo hoo! Going to do a simple paint scheme. Other than the liner, I'm planning on just four other colors, all of which were selected randomly by the computer. Those four turned out to be about what I wanted anyway, so it worked out. I'll reveal the four colors in subsequent videos and posts. Older video hidden for faster loading:
  4. I decided to try and paint up a few of the CAV models I got in the Ace pledge, for my son. He selected two Halberd, Assasin and Wight models to start with. These were cleaned up a little, the mould lines are that obvious on these models, and in some place add to the detail. They were then clean and boiled for a bit to straighten the bent guns, followed by a quick dip in cold water. I initially tried to prime them in a khaki brown colour made with a brand of paint form Howard Hues, but this rubbed off far too easily, so I ended up going for a coat of Steel Legion Drab (GW), th
  5. A Cougar from the Bones range dressed up in Omani Orange Desert DPM Camo.
  6. As a test piece, here's a Wight I've done up in a variant of Sweden's M/90 camo pattern. Finally printed myself a backdrop for photography, too! Now I just need to get some more versatile lights than those in my kitchen and I'm set!
  7. Hi, Here is a quick shot of some CAV Halberd I reposed. I like the regular standing straight pose, but I wanted to vary it a bit in my force. So i made one walking with laser extended, and one with a more open stance like taken mid-pivot. The third one is just a minor facing adjustment of the weapons. I'm using the same paint scheme as my Ritterlich force as I will be integrating them into it (which now has to become Merc). And here is a shot of the fully painted Ritterlich + Halberd force (there is 1 outlier Halberd in Camo which was a test scheme... I'm just not sure if I should re
  8. Hello, Here is a fun project I started to make use of some mis-packed CAV SO Bones Kickstarter rewards. Story: Out of the 32 CAV minis included in the early bird CAV SO Kisckstarter reward, I got 2 mispacked CAV: One Halberd with 2 left arms One Wight with 2 right arms Reaper Support was top notch, and they sent me as a replacement a full Wight and a full Halberd. So I was wondering for a while what to do with those 2 mismatched but FREE minis... ... Then I went Hobby knife crazy and chopped them up... For the Halberd, it was fairly easy to fix the arm as the shoulder pad is
  9. Okay, to clarify, when I say "fail", I mean it didn't work out how I intended it to, and while it came out quite interesting, I doubt I'll use the same technique again. One of my players, who I've offered some of my spare Bones CAVs to (hey, I've got to have an opponent) was interesting in seeing what digital camo would look like. I found a tutorial and we agreed that while it didn't look like actual digital camo (which would be much finer size on a figure at CAV scale), it was certainly a pleasing effect. These are the steps we followed. Firstly, the mini got a coat in tanned leat
  10. So what's the status on the CAV:SO Rulebook? With the EB minis shipping, I was talking with my FLGS owner this evening about starting up a CAV group and/or doing some demo games. But we don't want to do that until he can get the rulebooks in stock.
  11. Hi all, this is my first post on this forum and I wanted to share my progress on the CAV bones early bird rewards. So here they are: #1 Tiamat: #2 Cougar One is reposed in a more static stance. #3 Assassin #4 Razor #5 Specter #6 Wight One is also reposed (I'm not a bit fan of the running stance for those ones). #7 Halberd (in a quick and dirty speed painted camo) ************************* I also stumbled accross the templates to build a Hercules Dropship in foam core, and I knew that I had to make it. (It was a fun project with my daughter
  12. My turn to show my trials (and errors) or painting CAV. First up, the Tiamat. Coated with Americana avocado green, sponged with yellow and Oiled Leather, washed with Secret Weapon Sewer Water and then somewhat highlighted (still working on that). Forgot to fill the gaps at the base. Added some sand and some burnt static grass.
  13. Introducing the 17th Terran Legion "The Iron Horses" I painted most of these yellow today. On some of them, I need to go back over the yellow and touch up some of the black. This is most of the force. I have a few more Katanas and a Simba to prime still. I like the yellow, but I think it is too bright, but it was the only yellow I have. I am loath to do a wash, as I screw that up each and every time. C&C welcome.
  14. My first painted CAV (though not my first miniature by a long shot). This was largely experimenting with a few techniques: there's a base coat of light brown, with a sponged pattern of dark brown over the top, and a toothbrush-flicked spatter of stone grey. The wash I applied somewhat muted the effect of the grey; hopefully, that won't be replicated in the Cougar I'm painting in the same pattern. The wash is going on before the grey on that one.
  15. The colours for the Templar 99th Auxiliary Regiment I'm devising. The transfers on the shoulders haven't worked out as well as I'd hoped, possibly from being pretty old, so I'll probably skip them on any future models.
  16. So here's the second Bones CAV I've finished, a halberd. I ended up borrowing the color scheme from a transformer because I've been reading through a comics backlog. I've left him unglued because the joints are fairly tight and I like being able to twist the torso.
  17. Hey all, I apologize up front because I can't recall who or what thread talked about swapping torsos, arms, and legs, so I can't give credit for the idea. I spent a little time with the eight CAV from the Ace Level reward box seeing which ones would fit with what. And so here's the two charts I made that I'm releasing into the wild. No guarantee I've done things right, so use my guide at your own risk. First up is the Torso and Legs chart. Green is good, Orange will need some work, and Red isn't recommended. Biggest issue I saw was that the Halberd's arms are very long compared to the oth
  18. I keep promising to post this, so, rather than procrastinate further, here it is: This is a Bones Dictator from the CAV Kickstarter Alpha package. I did not go for a top-level show piece, instead I painted most of it up in about an hour at New England paint day a few weeks ago. Last night I took another hour, or so, to clean it up a bit and add some minimal basing. 2 hours for a CAV-sized mini is super-quick for me! I have no idea when I'll paint even half of my remaining CAV, but they make a fin change of pace.
  19. I finished my first bones CAV received from the early bird kickstarter. Its been years since I've painted a mech so its not quite as great of a paintjob when compared to the fantasy stuff i've been doing lately. Still, it was a joy to paint up the first member of the Black Dragon Mercs. As usual, feel free to comment. I could use the direction on how to improve my mechs.
  20. He's big, he's a robot, he has missiles, and he is green.
  21. Haven't posted any WIP pictures of these, mostly because they were done just for my own fun. But they're finished, so figured I'd show them off a little. These are a Concussion (24518) and a Centurion (24570) behind two Dropzone Commander Juno A1 Infantry Fighting Vehicles. I thought they were tanks, but just did a full name search and I guess they're not. Eh, oh well. Enjoy!
  22. I am not sure how many know about the buildings and roads you can download from Hawk Wargames. I am downloading them but have yet to print them out to assemble. I have seen one in another post and appears about the correct size.
  23. So, I am looking to get some infantry for CAV... so I look on the website and find the following: PA Medium Mortar: It shows three hex bases with troops for $5.99... Or is it really just one hex base with three different views in the picture? Same for this PA Infantry, Panzerfaust: where the middle hex has the front guy kneeling, and the other hexes do not have a guy kneeling The reason I am asking is this: Heavy Infantry, Heavy Mortars: doesn't have a picture. When I ordered it (took a chance), it came with one sprue with four men on it. Now, if I can order the first two li
  24. as a bit of a warm up for the bones CAVs I painted up a pair of metal CAVs. A nightshade and a custom built off the arms and torso of a spitfire with tomahawk legs.
  25. I've debated for nearly two weeks on if I should start this thread at all and have had this window open on the post being written for more than two days. But it's time to just fire it off. And since this is going to be a long wall of text, I'll post a short tl:dr summary: tl:dr summary: I've decided to design and build a CAV dropship, but to put as much engineering realism into it as possible. But I need help on two things for sure, "What is the heaviest squad you've seen/played/think-legit?" and "What's the dimensions of the tallest, the widest, the deepest, and the overall most voluminou
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