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Found 206 results

  1. I want to order a metal CAV so that I have something to compare the Bones CAV to, and just to paint. I'd like it to be one that I won't be getting in bones though, and while I'm primarily interested in looks, it would be a nice bonus if it was also a good CAV in terms of game mechanics or a niche missed by the upcoming Bones CAV. Just looking at the pictures in the store I'm leaning towards one of the following three (in order of coolness): Centurion http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/cav/sku-down/24570#detail/IG_1152_1 Butcher http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/butcher/sku-down/24569#detail/IG_1880_2 Thug http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/cav/sku-down/24540#detail/IG_956_1 What do CAV veterans think is the best missing CAV?
  2. Hi, I am new to CAV so I have been looking for a way to wrap my head around models, factions and tasks. I started working on this spreadsheet to help me better understand how many of each faction we would be getting in the Kickstarter and how rounded those forces would be. I need the help of more experienced players to tell me if I'm on the right track. There are plenty of other spreadsheets out there so is this even necessary? I'm looking for feedback to either make this better or drop it all together. If others find it useful I will post it in the Kickstarter comments as well. The sheet is based on the MODELLIST PDF on CAVBOSS' web site. It seems to be the newest list available but there are a few holes in it. If you can fill any of the gaps then I will add the data to the original. I highly recommend downloading the file and opening in Excel or your favorite program because the online viewer looks horrible. I am not especially talented with Excel so don't be too critical with my formulas but constructive criticism is welcome. I'm especially interested in improving the content and the presentation of the data. Error reports are also welcome. Original FILE HERE, including new Example Forces worksheet 17+ mb New Lite Version (without Example Forces) 2 mb Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. Alright, so here they are. The Dictator is unfinished because many moons ago, I was layering green on it in many transparent layers for a deep and lovely finish. Then one night my then-very-small daughter Evie got into my paints and resurfaced a lot of the mini. It got packed away shortly thereafter and I never got back to it. The Despot is painted to work with my 28mm humans-in-power-armour army, that being the UNE from Legions of Steel, using Defiance: Vital Ground to mediate conflicts between them and a mate's Space Marines (which he has heavily modified to take advantage of the huge range of options available in the DVG troop and weapon builders)
  4. Hi Folks! I have found several sets of data cards for CAV 2. The first set is from Reaper's CAV page. These files are named simply <faction>.pdf but show a copyright date of 2007. I also have a set of files that are from RCo8 named RC08_<faction>_beta.pdf and show a copyright date of 2008. Is there a later set than the RC08 beta cards that are not beta? Or are the cards I d/l'd from Reaper's CAV page the official cards for CAV 2?
  5. I was looking at the CAV-SO Pledge Manager today, and notice that each of the miniatures is listed as being for a specific faction. I'm pretty ignorant of the rules and background for CAV so I was wondering how flexible these assignments are? The reason I ask is, if they are fixed, then the distribution of miniatures in the basic pledge is very uneven. Adding up the 32 core miniatures plus the current freebies, the Empire of Malvernis gets twice as many CAVs as anyone else (full half the original 32), while the Grand Order and United Terran Federation are way behind with only 4 and 2 CAVs, respectivly. Maybe I'm jumping the gun but I was think about how to split up the miniatures into different playable forces, so I was wondering if the Razor, for example, can be used by anyone or only the Empire of Malvernis as listed? How much flexibility is there in creating faction forces in the game? Thanks!
  6. Hey all, I did this bash a few years ago and just never got around to painting it.....until now. Its in Battletech Republic Standing Guard colors and for the life of me I know I have stats somewhere but heck if I know where, lol. Enjoy! I think the legs are from a Sabertooth, the torso a Wyvern (modified with green stuff) and the turret is from a battletech tank that I don't remember the name of. Enjoy! -Gunz
  7. So I have painted a wee little rocket-bearing truck from Reaper's CAV line. Even with the rocket raised it only reaches the heads of my miniature figurines. I'd say it's the smallest vehicle I have ever painted, except so far it's the only vehicle I've ever painted. WIP thread here.
  8. Just finished this in time for the CAV Bones Kickstarter going live in the morning (i'm a little excited :D). I have no idea what happened to the original missile pod above the cockpit so I modified it with a cannon from my bitz box. The scheme is a custom creation that I did for the FWL 1st Covenant Guards at CSO but it's kind of my baby so my CAV force is getting it too. -Gunz
  9. Ran across this today, and thought "CAV players would love to see this!"
  10. So to stretch a bit out of my comfort zone, and in honor of Amalor Myrnix, who was so into them, I picked up a CAV model, the Ripper truck and rocket launcher, #24576. I am currently playing in a Shadowrun game where my character's day job is as a bakery delivery person. She has a fully armored outfitted combat truck which she uses to transport baked goods across the greater Seattle area. This is not a literal representation of it, although spiritually the rocket on top takes up about the same amount of mental space. Also, I am pretty sure the truck in the game is not purple. But you know what? I am enjoying painting this as a tribute in the spirit of things anyway. It is smaller than what I am used to, but enjoyable. I started with base coats of variations on a mixed purple of Phthalocyanine Blue, Quinacridone Magenta, and Titanium White. I added shading with other tones, and grime with washes of a near-black mixed from Burnt Sienna and Ultramarine Blue. I also used that near-black to paint the windows and tires. I plan to add more detailing and colors. The rocket will be glued to its launch pad, but I am not sure I am going to permanently glue the launch pad to the truck.
  11. Hello Everyone; I am new to all of this, CAV and painting. Here are my first attempts at painting. If there is anyone who can offer suggestions at making improvements or suggestions on different color combinations, etc., I would appreciate any help. Thank you for your time. In this picture the two outside CAVs were done by someone else. More to follow. Black Cutlass rides again.
  12. I shot 30 or 40 images during ReaperCon (there were some terrain related pix shot before I got to the con). Imageshack is giving me fits. I will try to get a proper link to the whole folder if I can ever figure out how. (I used to be able to do this a year ago.. ..but they upgraded, curse them.) Check back later for a working link to ImageShack here. For now I will try linking a shot or two four taken in the contest exhibits area: Fire Giantess by Michelle Blastenbrei The Road to Mordheim by Aaron Lovejoy Morhvana in the Fall by Mary Profitt And lastly: Primeval Princess by Cliff Rockwell http://imagizer.imageshack.us/a/img841/1840/fnn6.jpg Linked for near-nudity and because ReaperBryan advised me to link it rather than post it when I snapped it. (NSFW if most things Frazetta Boris Vallejo are NSFW at your work.)
  13. So, ReaperBryan posted in his questions thread of the possibility that the next kickstarter would be more focused. If Reapers next kickstarter was CAV focused, what five mechs would you want to see in the first offering? What would you want in the next five or so? My guess is that we would not see a Core Set for $100 that contained a bunch of models, but possibly a $40 base set with 10 models or so. Lets help Reaper pick the models to focus on.
  14. Anybody have any experience with the Vassal engine? Was thinking about playing CAV 2.0 online and a bunch of guys at my FLGS use it to play X-Wing. While I like to think I'm fairly tech savvy the initial look through was a bit overwhelming.
  15. Most of this week was taken up by prep work, but I got a couple things done. As always, thoughts, opinions, and thrown pottery welcome. Olive drab - CAV Hunter Urban camo - Pack Rat
  16. I found a few CAV ppieces at a store near Pittsburg... 24428 Sabertooth for $9, 24429 Ogre for $8 and 27360 Dictator II FOR $10. As these are older Not In Catalog pieces, how do you search for them on the website? Oh, and did I do OK?
  17. Savage Storm is built from CAV parts. The legs are from the Mantis, the torso from the Mastodon, the arms from the Starhawk VI, and the upper guns from the Sabretooth. This was done mainly as a practice piece for counter-shading.
  18. Hey, I just wanted to start a thread to try to bring links / advice /suggestions for making n-scale terrain. Have fun, I'll post what I snag.
  19. There is a game shop in Winfield, KS that is struggling. It brings in just enough profit to pay bills, and keep merchandise of the shelves. The only thing the shop sells right now, besides a few board games and comics, is Magic: The Gathering cards. Technically, they also sell Warhammer goodies. The people who volunteer to run the shop know that I'm Facebook friends with a few people who work at Reaper Miniatures, and asked me to talk to you guys about getting some Reaper merchandise at the store. Specifically, Warlord and CAV stuff. However, I have no idea who I should talk to about that. It's the only game shop in the entire county, and I'd hate to see it go by the wayside. Any help?
  20. Ludo

    d10 vs. 2d6

    So, CAV and CAV2 are 1d10 based and CAV:SO is supposed to be 2d6 based. I've heard people complain both ways but nobody has given a logical explanation either way. Anybody want to tackle it? Also I did not major or even minor in statistics so please show your work.
  21. I received my Starhawk from Reaper and was wondering what tips you guys might have for assembly and painting. I am probably going to pin the arms, but was wondering if folks painted the pieces and them assembled or assembled and the painted? When I dry fit the pieces, it looked like the side of the cockpit and nose assembly would be hard to paint with the Gatling guns on the side. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
  22. fodder


    OK so I have a bunch of rules (CAV 1.0 being near the top of the list) that I want play on a more regular basis with people other than myself. (solowargaming has taken its toll) I got the to build some generic armies in 6mm to play with. How well does CAV 1 or 2 translate to 6mm. I know that it's designed for 10mm, but I got the microarmor bug and decided to just run with it.
  23. Colonel Kane requested that I put up my CAV stuff up ASAP so it's going first. (From left to right:) Dictator-B, Vanquisher, Tiamat, Weasel, and Ronin Attempting to do some rusting on the Ronin. Need to do the detail and touch up the rest. Weasel next to some Infinity terrain I'm painting for The Covenant FLGS. Yes I realize I inadvertently made Iron Man with my paint scheme. Vaquisher hunting prey. I normally won't play with partially painted figs (encourages me to not stall) but I had some itch left from ReaperCon. Wyvern down! Linkinatutu made the mistake of running his wyvern ahead of support fire and it got wreaked by missile salvos. We house ruled that since the model could fit on the catwalk it was legal terrain but it was rough due to the extra effort to keep it from toppling off.
  24. This piece reminded me too much of Arcee from Transformers Prime, that I just had to do it. As always, thoughts, opinions, and thrown pottery welcome.
  25. ************************** 0215Z MAR 18 78th Legion 19 Maniple Whitewald Outpost 0605 0705 0805 0905 Investigate reports of enemy activity in sector. Check viability of recently acquired Rach CAVs as a recon force. Made contact with an Adon recon unit in the church district. Eliminated threat. Heavy equipment loss sustained. Wyvern, Chancellor, Challenger Sultan It appears they were scouting the area for use as a forward base. (4)CAVs Full loadout Frank Bergmann, Evelyn Azevedo Cavalcanti, Lesław Woźniak, Pauli Sillanpää, Nancy J. Hill, Nives Mađar, Amber Piddington, Aiden BlacketTiamat, Dictator-B, Weasel, Vanquisher Weasel makes for good recon but lacks sufficient strength to engage multiple targets. Dictator-B and Vanquisher preform well in solo and support roles. Tiamat was highly capable but need to work on targeting system as friendlies were caught in strike zones. We came upon the Adon force as they were conducting recon and were able to take up a strategic position. They noticed the Tiamat setting up and began to take cover. The Tiamat provided covering fire while the Weasel, Dictator-B and Vanquisher advanced on their positions. The Vanquisher and Dictator-B moved up to the central building and provided covering fire while the Weasel attempted to make a flank up the left side. The Tiamat was able to heavily damage the Challenger, forcing it back under cover. The Weasel was able to fit through an archway but was unable to locate the damaged Challenger. It's rush left it out in the open and it took heavy fire from the other Adon CAVs. When the Weasel went for cover it stumbled across the Challenger. With heavily damaged systems the Weasel was unable to take on the Challenger even in close combat. The Vanquisher and Dictator-B took advantage of the diversion to move into gun range. The Dictator-B was able to get off several solid shots but was unable to shake the Wyvern's targeting system. The Wyvern and Chancellor rushed the Dictator-B to take it down. The Tiamat tried to provide some covering fire but the CAVs had come in too close and the Dictator-B was caught in the blast. It was still able to take down the Wyvern and Chancellor with help from the Vanquisher. The Challenger had repaired during the firefight and came out from cover and took down the heavily damaged Dictator-B before it could get back to cover. The Vanquisher was able to take out the Challenger but went down to direct fire from the Sultan. The Sultan attempted to get inside the Tiamat's missile range but the Tiamat was able to keep the distance long enough to land to solid salvos bring the Sultan down. All pilots and WOs were able to eject safely and were recovered 2vAQG89YNM49UPqb52N166EZ0RfY1HUK **************************. DISCLAIMER: Reaper was out of some CAVs when we were there. Linkinatutu is using the "new emperor" as the Sultan and the Rhino as the Chancellor. Linkinatutu Blue Ludo Red Before you fight, you must have terrain. Got some of Pegasus Hobby Gothic terrain. Technically its 28mm but I think it looks good with the CAVs. Plus its fun to walk the CAVs under the arches. Setting up. It begins! The top of the cathedral fell off so we left it in place and declared it rough terrain. Weasel down! Sorry for the glare. The final fight. It came down to dice. Don't know why the photos are small but you can click for the full versions.
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