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Found 8 results

  1. Hi everyone! It's been a while since I have posted something, but here we go! I have decided to take a break from my terrans and try something new. There were several new techniques I had been wanting to try, including camouflage, washes, and edging. I also wanted more practice with OSL and jeweling now that I had purchased some Matte medium. I had been going back and forth about how I wanted to paint my ritterlich force, when I came across this wonderfully painted starship fleet over at triple zero painting: https://triplezeropainting.com/category/spaceship-miniatures/brigade-mo
  2. Hey everyone! Newbie here. I got the CAV kickstarter box a few weeks ago and have been really itching to paint something with hard lines for once (old 40k tyranid player). I decided to start with the terrans because I bought planes, tanks, and CAVs from them so it would give me a nice wide range to get comfy with. I decided on a theme similar to that of the imperial fists from Warhammer 40k- yellow with red accents. As I went on, however, the scheme changed more and more until it became a much more rugged desert theme. Take a look: I didn't choose a very time-efficient pai
  3. Here are two CAV Dictators I finished painting up, in honor of the CAV Kickstarter fulfillment completing (...never mind I've had these since the early Ace level shipping....) I figured a pair of Dictators would be a good starting point since that's what the quick start rules calls for, and the Dictator is easily one of my favorite CAV models. I have a real hard time photographing orange/red like this. For some reason, my camera tends to blow the color out too much. Oh well, you'll have to believe me the shadows/lining are a bit more pronounced in person.
  4. Welcome the Friday Feature for 20 February, 2015! First up, the CAV: Strike Operations Quick-Start Rules! The CAV: SO Quick-Start Rules feature optimized rules to help you learn the basic concepts involved while playing your first game. Centered around the Dictator CAV, players will each play one of the feared Rach Empire machines as they pilot it into combat! Model cut-outs and data cards are included for play. High-Res Version (19 MB) (for printing): CAV: SO Quick-Start Rules PDF Low-Res Version (15 MB) (for viewing): CAV: SO Quick-Start Rules PDF We also have th
  5. Welcome the Friday Feature for 27 February, 2015! We have been working on the website (www.cavhq.com) and I had hoped it would be further along today as we have a LOT of new Data Cards (everything from the KS plus a couple of more) to put up. Alas that has not happened so I'm going to start loading a few and keep adding to the thread throughout the weekend until they are all up. Updated Construction Program: CAVCPv1537.zip This build includes Data Cards for all of the models featured in the CAV:SO Kickstarter! NEW CAV: Strike Operations Data Cards!
  6. Welcome to the CAV: SO Friday Feature for 23 January, 2015! Updated the link to the CAV: SO Construction Program with the latest version. This is the final version in regards to any last minute rules tweaks we made before the book went to the printer. I will be updating the existing cards (from earlier Friday Features) with these versions. The main thing to note is the removal of SA: Bulky from Extra-Large Chassis CAV models. Here is a link to it as well: CAVCPV1412.zip Reaper Con 2015 is coming up quick and here are the events we will officially be sponsoring. We hope to see you t
  7. Welcome to the first Friday Feature for CAV: SO in 2015! Rulebook Update: The last of the artwork finally made it in and we have updated those sections that were waiting and will be forwarding them on to the printer who is waiting on them to give me the print run date. Our final page count ended up at 144 and is in full color from front to back. While I would love to set a final release date based on the printer's estimated finish time, I hate to get burned should something come up. I see the light at the end of the tunnel and I hope to have some information on a digital copy release but I ha
  8. This last Sunday I hosted a game at my shop on the board we will be using at ReaperCon this year. I thought I would put up a couple of pics and show the opening rounds of our battle as well. It was a Adon vs Rach using the following CAVS: ADON Chancellor Challenger Wyvern Sultan RACH Dictator 70B Weasel Vanquisher A Tiamat First off the board: Im playing the Rach, so I move in to engage the enemy! Unfortunately for my opponent I get far enough ahead to catch him crossing the rough terrain of the dry river bed. My Weasel CAV opens up with a salvo shot of 4 LBG 25s at extreme range
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