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  1. Here are 3 CAV:SO Wolf tanks, done in the same UTF colour scheme as the Dingos I did a few weeks ago. It's a beautiful day out so I took them out on the deck to get some quick pics... As with the Dingo, the turret seems to stay fine so I haven't glued them. Hopefully by the end of next month I'll actually get a CAV painted for my CAV:SO Terran army.....
  2. Recently received my CAV:SO kickstarter rewards. I'm going be painting up some United Terran Federation figs first, because I got the most of that faction. For them I'm going to be going with more traditional military colour schemes. So, for my first Big Stompy Robots, I went with....tanks....Having never done Big Stompy Robots (other than Robotech, which don't count, since they got painted more like the cartoons.) I wanted to start with something more, well, real. Plus, tanks are cool, which is why I got a ton of them. These were very quick to paint up, maybe 4-5 hours total
  3. CAVFM is finally finished, with all features implemented and fully functioning! The last part to be included is the Random Force Generator, allowing you to create dynamic forces quickly and easily. You can create forces as small or large as you please. The program can generate forces up to just shy of 10,000,000 TVP. That’s about 6,000 squads and up to 30,000 units! This is larger than anyone should be able to organize and play, though we’d love it if you proved us wrong. ;) All the random unit generators we’ve ever tried seemed to have the same problems. They would have the same ha
  4. I wanted everyone to know that the CAV KS models are on the boat and expected to make port Jan 29th. Once they clear customs and are transported to the warehouse in Denton, TX we will begin sorting and shipping out every order that has been "locked in". As a result the CAV: SO pledge manager will be closed Jan 15, 2016. If you have ordered anything, want to order, want to add to your order and have it go out in the first shipment you must have submitted your order and LOCKED it in by that date. More information will come out tomorrow as part of the Friday update so pay attention to your emai
  5. Sorry for being AWOL a bit but our house remodel is done and we are moved back in. Unfortunately I chased it up with getting sick so just getting back up on my feet. Anyway with the fulfillment date getting more solid its time to get back in stride ready for the big release. Stay tuned for more information!
  6. The new CAV: Strike Operations Blister Card!
  7. As additional files become available for various CAV: SO related materials, I'm putting this thread together to have a single place besides the website to grab them from. GENERIC BLANK DATACARD GENERIC BLANK COLOR DATACARD Here is a blank, generic 5"x4" Datacard in PDF format that you can fill out, save, and/or print. You have to do all the math and type in any data but I've had several requests for one. CAV:SO Construction Program and Force Manager Updated 12/18/2016 The following file compiles all of the data cards from the CAV CP and puts them in one master PDF file
  8. In case you don't already have them: Our website: www.talon-games.com or www.cavhq.com Our page is under development and we will be adding more and more exciting content after the book release! Our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/CAV-Strike-Operations/287005291501343?ref=bookmarks Our Twitter Page: @cav_boss Contact CAVBoss jon(at)talon-games(dot)com or cavboss(at)reapermini(dot)com
  9. Our staff painter MasterGunz used the splash page from the new CAV:SO Rule Book for some inspiration for a 1st Regiment "The High Guard" Malvernian Wight... Great job Todd!
  11. A preview of the new rule book's cover...
  12. So Im playing around with ideas for new models to fill in holes for Force Group selection and you can see just by this chart for the existing Terran models we have a LOT of holes to fit. Here is a quick anti-infantry CAV with 3 DTs that show you even with the little guys you can get a lot of variety with the design.

    CAV Decals

    Just a quick note. I checked with the guys at fighting piranha graphics to make sure they were still selling decals and had the CAV ones available. They are ready to take your order so make sure to check them out at: http://www.fightingpirannhagraphics.com/cav.htm
  14. OK... the printer has notified us that the complete shipment of rule books will be on our dock August 10th. We are getting a case of books earlier than that to use for some promotions I will be announcing over the next couple of weeks. With that being said I am working on official release to retail dates so watch this thread for more info!
  15. Here is a few pictures of one of the boards will be using at ReaperCon this year all cleaned up and ready for action!
  16. Greetings! This week has been busy getting the website up and going to collect all of the future CAV:SO news and downloads in one place. Right now we have the downloads page pretty close and I wanted to put up the link: http://www.talon-games.com/downloads/index.html Over the weekend I will get all of the remaining data cards uploaded and all the links functional. I just wanted to get the link out there for you!


    So I was sitting here working on the rest of the KS model stats and working on some other variations of the data cards and low and behold before I knew it, I had the Rach Emperor himself! Here is the color version as well...
  18. Well with the holidays behind us and my office manager back today after vacation, Im getting caught up on forum posts and emails. The Friday Feature has been delayed while I waited on some dates. Hoping we get them this week, but I will have a feature up this week regardless. Will update later after I read some more posts! :)
  19. Sorry for the tease but this is going to have to wait a couple of more days. Im so sick of looking at a computer screen today that I just cant get it done. In the mean time, pick two models you want to see data cards for and I will do those based on which ones have the most "votes".
  20. Here is the list of playtester as it stands at this point. This is for playtesting the new CAV. If you want added to the list let CAVBOSS or me know and I will add you to this list. I am making this list for easy of reference. CAVBOSS joshuaslater Colonel Kane TGP battlegnome General308 mercoutlaw +4 NickT (opponent of mercoutlaw) Grey_Elkhound papabees madcat warhoundalpha WarLokk Girot
  21. Welcome to this week’s Friday Feature! Decided to go with a little infantry loving this week. These are just basic versions as infantry just has so many combos you can use but should give you an idea of what they are. Also, I hope to see more and more painted models start showing up with all the Early Bird packages being shipped out. NEW DATA CARDS Light Infantry PDF Heavy Infantry PDF Powered Infantry PDF NEW ARTWORK A little close-combat action! With Christmas next week I will be skipping the Friday Feature but make sure to check out t
  22. Welcome to this week’s Friday Feature! NEW DATA CARDS This week we have a lot of new Data Cards! The rest of the current Bones CAVs and a couple of requests from the poll last week. The Adonese Ogre Ogre PDF The Rach Gnomic Gnomic PDF The Malvernis Assassin Assassin PDF The Malvernis Wight Wight PDF The Malvernis Razor Razor PDF The Ritterlich Tiamat Tiamat PDF The Malvernis Specter B Specter B PDF The Ritterlich Cougar Cougar PDF
  23. Welcome to this week’s Friday Feature! First off, as you may have heard, the new hex base mold hit the dock at Reaper HQ today! As you can see by the picture a little unpacking is needed, but after a little clean-up and fitting to the machine we should be ready to start churning out hex bases. Needless to say we “only†need 64,000 of them just for the early-bird shipments and with the holiday next week, we can’t give you a hard date as to when all that is happening, but progress is being made and we hope you are as excited as we are! Rule Book Update Ive spent the la
  24. To keep things clean and simple I've placed links to each Friday Feature so people will be able to find them later on down the road. CAV: SO Data Card Construction Program. This program is a work in progress as we add more features to it. It’s set up to generate a simple card with all the required information you need while playing any model during a game. CAVCPv1537.zip ***Updated 1/23/2015 Added new data cards and various bug fixes and upgrades. Updated with any rule changes prior to book release*** Friday Feature (10/31/2014) http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topi
  25. Hi, I am new to CAV so I have been looking for a way to wrap my head around models, factions and tasks. I started working on this spreadsheet to help me better understand how many of each faction we would be getting in the Kickstarter and how rounded those forces would be. I need the help of more experienced players to tell me if I'm on the right track. There are plenty of other spreadsheets out there so is this even necessary? I'm looking for feedback to either make this better or drop it all together. If others find it useful I will post it in the Kickstarter comments as well. The s
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