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  1. About this project Welcome to Modi Dice, we've come up with a dice design (Manufactured by Q-Workshop) that incorporates a plus modifier built in. Ranging from +1 through +4. Many times during a game session we've experienced the time-consuming process of adding up modifiers, a simple process yes but one we think can move along faster with the help of Modi Dice. For example, in D&D 5th ed, you have ability scores and modifiers. Lets say you are a MIGHTY WARRIOR (Gnome...) with a Strength score of 17! Giving you a +3 strength modifier. Using a Mace +1 vs Fey folk (1d6 bludgeoning) you smite the unsuspecting Pixie (Finely picking on someone smaller). Ok, the search begins...(glances at character sheet for STR modifier +3, looks at weapon damage die 1d6, notices the +1 for added Pixie damage, total equaling a +4). Now if this was already established and written down, you would only have to roll the Modi d6 and simply use the design to quickly reference the +4 and calculated result. The great thing about these dice is they can be used with any tabletop dice game that uses modifiers. Our goal is to bring Modi Dice to your gaming table. We already have a set of working prototypes manufactured by Q-Workshops. With game time precious and in short supply during our busy lives, these time-saving dice will help in getting more out of your game sessions. "Nah... I already have enough dice." Said no gamer, ever. - Aardaerimus
  2. About this project All In 1 Simple and easy. 1 - Product 1 - Product Option / Add-on 1 - Reward Tier 1 - Week Campaign 1 - Month Delivery The Player Core Made from hardwood cherry and designed to store your: Dice Character Sheet Pen Minis (In the lid) Holds around 50 polyhedral dice Holds around 60 D6 dice 6.5" Wide 6.5" Tall .67 Deep each half Pockets are .55" deep Rolling Surface is .55" deep Branded on the back so you 'll always know which side is up. Plus it leaves the lid free for laser etching or engraving What goes where, and how. It also allows you a mini-rolling tray and a nice clam shell design to allow it all to come together go with you wherever you game. Open the clam-shell and access all your favorite dice, miniatures, writing tools, and characters. 100% compatible with our full Dice Base™ line. Tons of dice... multiple pens and minis. Cherry and leather. A place for everything, and everything it its place. Finest super thick vegetable tanned leather to pamper your best dice
  3. This is my 5th Kickstarter and the largest offering of individual parts to date and the usual big piles and cheap prices. You will receive 25 miniatures as depicted above in the Robots starter kit when you pledge $45. There are 96 parts (83 metal and 13 plastic bases) in this kit. That equals $1.80 per miniature or 53 cents per metal part. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/967512676/robots-drones-cybers-28mm-miniatures-sci-fi-alien
  4. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rwgdesign/hardwood-storage-solutions-deck-boxes-dandd-board?ref=category_newest Double Dice Storage/Rolling Trays, Bit Boxes, Minature Storage, Card Storage for 3600 Double Sleeved Cards, Game Accessories, Mix/Match About this project About this project Introduction Hey there guys and gals! Roger here again to talk to you a bit about your personal storage needs for all of your games and components. What I've come up with this time around is a series of hardwood boxes in several sizes, with a variety of uses (Not just for cards this time! Ok, a couple of them are!). I'll get into the specifics of each box further down the page. But first, I just wanted to thank you for checking out my Kickstarter! Take a moment and appreciate the fact that you are awesome! As some of you already know, and the rest will find out now....I'm pretty new to the online world for woodworking. Not that I'm new to being online, I mean I still remember dialing in to old BBS's on local phone lines with my 2400baud modem and my 386DX266 (Awesome at the time PC). But I've never actually put my work online beyond a simple FB page until now. However, in recent years, I've noticed my back starting to fail on occasion. Which, for a construction guy, signals the end of the line. I can't count on my game store to cover my bills (It's a game store after all.). I had to find something else to do. So, I opened my woodworking shop and have been pushing it mostly online. I specialize in game related items. I've also started a YouTube channel and stream there almost daily. These 2 tools (Band Saw & Drum Sander) will help me increase productivity and reduce prices. This cute little box will make sure you always have a place for all of those tiny little bits that keep getting misplaced! And at only $25 for Standard woods or $40 for premium woods, it won't break the bank to look good! Here are the bands I ordered to keep your bit box closed. The color you receive will be random unless you message me directly and request a specific color. PLAY The Dice Tray to keep all of your lucky dice in! It even splits so you can share with a friend. $35 for standard woods and only $60 for premium woods.
  5. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/847530101/future-worlds-modular-sci-fi-terrain-for-28mm-figu?ref=category_newest Future Worlds Modular Sci-Fri Terrain for 3D printers is fast and flexible enabling rapid building of unique and complex terrain. About this project I've been playing role playing games, tabletop skirmish and wargames for nearly twenty years. I've been building and designing scenery for nearly that long. I've always found something magical about the miniature world and narrative created on the barren wastes of the kitchen table, broken by the rocky outcrops of painted polystyrene or the depths of space conjured up by a piece of MDF painted black and speckled with white using (someone else's) toothbrush and paint. A table with great scenery looks amazing and even non-gamers are drawn to them. But not everyone has the time or the inclination to scratch build scenery - and quite often scratch built scenery has the unfortunate tendency to be fragile and nothing breaks the gaming mood quite like desperately super gluing something together mid game. So, what does the Future Worlds Kickstarter have to offer? Simply, great looking, economical and sturdy scenery. With the advent of affordable, high resolution, three dimensional printers it's now possible for me to provide you with high quality three dimensional modular designs which can be printed over and over again. Want just a small compound? Easy. Want an entire table filled with a maze of corridors, service ways and access hatches? Print them up! After the small initial outlay for a set, you have all the designs required to make any size installation you want, from small and simple to huge and complicated. Just print pieces as needed - and all from only cents per piece. The Future Worlds Sci-Fi modular scenery project offers three distinct styles of modular walls and floors: Completed High Tech Sections Completed Industrial Sections Steampunk Prototypes - designs to be confirmed All sets are interchangeable, giving you the ability to further customize the look and feel of your layout with pieces that not only look great and are built to last, but with a simple, and rugged clip together system, can be set up in moments.
  6. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/whimsyworks/owlbears-fantasy-rpg-themed-designer-plush?ref=category_newest Are you ready to build your Owlbear Army? Owlbears are adorable, tubby, role-playing game themed plushies!
  7. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1615843621/release-the-ronin?ref=category_newest
  8. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/davidlarocca/elder-dice-lovecraftian-themed-dice-for-all-tablet?ref=category_newest Designs consist of: The Great Cthulhu, Star Elder Sign and Lovecraft Elder Sign. Also includes magnetized eldritch spell book boxes!
  9. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gydran/the-elsor-varo-28mm-sci-fi-space-dwarf-miniatures?ref=category_newest We have a set of 28mm Science Fiction Dwarves in heavy armour that we want to bring to you, our backers.
  10. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lmetcalf/fosc-anansi-rpg-adventure-module-1e-and-5e Shadow of the Spider Goddess Silent crawlers with a venomous bite. Web spinners, creating sticky, beautiful homes that double as deadly traps. Nature’s most artistic killers. What fools would grow these tiny killing machines into the size of ponies or even larger? Gnomes! Opportunistic dark gnomes, looking for profit, who stumbled upon an inter-dimensional substance—experimental, yet undoubtedly powerful. Then something came creeping down the strand that connected the spiders to the inter-dimensional world, a shadow—the Shadow of the Spider Goddess! It comes in hardback and soft cover. This author/artist always delivers on time.
  11. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/battlegrounds/mapforge-battlemap-creation-software-for-tabletop?ref=profile_starred Low-cost and easy-to-use map-making software focused on creating gorgeous hi-resolution tile-based tactical-scale battlemaps.
  12. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/montecookgames/a-strange-box?ref=profile_starred
  13. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1627453715/rpg-table-top-fantasy-maps?ref=category_newest
  14. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/vedragames/csw-armoured-warfare-ii?ref=category_newest Reboot that expands the range of new sci-fi armoured figthing vehicles from the universe of the wargame COLONIAL SPACE WARS.
  15. This Kickstarter is to get the rules and other non-miniature components of Broken Contract into physical print form, with new miniatures as stretch goals. I backed the 1st Kickstarter for the miniatures and they are excellent sculpts and casts, they are also in the add-on section as well as the 2 player starter set pledge, which also contains the 5 KSE minis from the 1st Kickstarter. Kickstarter link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/401223236/broken-contract-rulebook-relaunch/description Guerrilla Miniature Games play through:
  16. Made with real leather, hand stitched and heat treated. You have your choice of design an color, and each order comes with a complementary CrowScratches D6. This campaign will end on March 10th at midnight, central time. Follow the link to check out the details. www.kickstarter.com/projects/1363199103/leather-dice-cups-from-crowscratches
  17. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/579878362/engraved-gemstone-dice-amethyst-opalite-and-more?ref=category_newest Beautiful gemstone dice, now engraved! Available in Opalite, Blue Sandstone, Tiger's Eye, Amethyst, & possibly more with stretch goals!
  18. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1157482781/the-five-cyclones?ref=category_newest
  19. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/heavygearblitz/jovian-wars-resin-spaceship-miniatures?ref=category_newest Project to make new high quality resin spaceship miniatures for Dream Pod 9's Jovian Wars - Tabletop Wargame, with clear acrylic bases.
  20. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1715915786/mauser-earth-war-for-paris-a-dieselpunk-miniatures?ref=category_newest "Mauser Earth: War for Paris" is a diselpunk skirmish game played with 1:35 (50mm) miniatures.
  21. It’s lighter, innovative, yet beautiful and functional. Starting from the CUBBLE Dice concept, stripped it from everything that made it metal heavy. Only the essential part was kept: the PIP display - the new HOLLOW dice is built on a groundbreaking idea, and it’s ready to be yours. We have completely overhauled the traditional D6 dice again, producing a die unlike anything the world has ever seen. Made of anodized aluminum, this dice has no inside, making it an empty shell. An inverted version of dice that we already funded successfully, this dice weighs just 1.5 grams, making it perfect for anyone who loves tabletop and dice-based games. Processing these dice requires a lot of time and multiple steps. Not to mention that the die is so easily bent during the machining process, we need to pull together some additional resources for this dice. Making manufacturing more of a challenge for us. More about this project on kickstarter.com and search "Hollow" or click here
  22. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1813929815/clown-army-28mm-miniatures?ref=nav_search Intriguing.
  23. Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nordgames/treasure-decks-for-5th-edition-only-12?ref=category_newest About this project The latest addition to the Game Master's Toolbox is designed to bring magical and non magical items from 5th edition out of the Player's Handbook and DMG, and put them into your hands! There are five decks in total, and there are 52 cards per deck. Each deck is intended to be used to generate random loot drops and treasure rewards for different level encounters. Each card has a d12 roll with 4 results that vary in rarity and value. We had so much fun producing Ultimate NPCs: Skulduggery, as well as the Critical Hit Decks, that we couldn't wait to add another excellent product to the Game Master's Toolbox. We hope you enjoy using these cards in your games as much as we do! The Decks Treasure Deck CR 1-4 is perfect for a beginning party. It contains items such as wealth, gems, weapons, armor, and common magical items such as potions of healing and low level spell scrolls. Treasure Deck CR 5-8 is designed for more advanced parties. This deck contains more magical items than the CR 1-4 deck, as well as more valuable loot and collections of items. Treasure Deck CR 9-12 takes it one step further by including up to rare level magical items while still keeping the general theme of the decks. Sometimes instead of simply finding wealth or items, the players are rewarded with things to could be used to advance the storytelling. Treasure Deck CR 13-16 includes up to very rare magical items and starts to get into some of the highest end loot in the game. Treasure Deck CR 17-20 breaks into the legendary magical items and is intended for the highest level parties. These rewards are the sort of things we all seek to find in the most deadly dungeons and perilous quests! Add-Ons Add Ons $12 Treasure Deck CR 1-4 $12 Treasure Deck CR 5-8 $12 Treasure Deck CR 9-12 $12 Treasure Deck CR 13-16 $12 Treasure Deck CR 17-20
  24. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1409961192/how-to-write-adventure-modules-that-dont-suck?ref=category_newest Advice on how you can write great adventures - from the company that has published more than 200 top-notch adventures!
  25. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/643047657/specforce-rangers-outlanders-phase-4?ref=category_newest This campaign features the Government Special Forces on Outland. 28mm scale white metal miniatures for Sci-Fi games in any setting.
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