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Found 68 results

  1. I'm putting together a Lovecraftian themes group for a game and have been painting some Bathalians. Here are two Primarchs, an Exarch, a Centurion, and a Hound of Tindalos. One of the Primarchs is metal and the other is Bones. Can you tell which? I used these to experiment with new washes and colors I rarely use. I still have a handful of Kulathi to paint to round out the group. Here they are with Cthulhu.
  2. Didn't post this earlier because I wasn't sure if anyone here played Eldritch Horror, but the KS is only $200 CAD away from it's next SG! About $10 USD ($10 CAD + shipping) will soon get you *12* blinged up dice for Eldritch Horror and Arkham Horror! If you like your dice simple, you might want to look up Tom Wilfong's dice instead, but if you're into the baroque stuff, take a look at this. Most of the time you won't need to read the numbers. The easiest way to read them is to only look at the blue numbers if you're Blessed, red numbers if you're Cursed, and green numbers otherwise. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/xuanhu/cucu-dice-custom-designed-dice-for-arkham-or-eldri/description
  3. Hi ! Just a little dioarama for the "All of shades" contest in Cmon ;) : http://www.coolminiornot.com/376047
  4. Hi, my name is Yann, i'm French (sorry for my bad english). This is my first post here... Call of Cthulhu 1:350 (with Tamiya boats) : http://www.coolminiornot.com/372937
  5. Here's some photos of the finished Cthulhu from my WIP thread: (http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/57825-gcb-paints-77194-cthulhu/) For some reason, I forgot everything that I learned about model photography and spent most of the afternoon fussing about with the setup, only to discover most of them were useless because I didn't set the white balance right -- Blue and pink Cthulhu in almost every picture! I'll have to come back to it later, to take the 2015 paint contest photos.
  6. Okay, new project! Last weekend, I based C'thulhu with FolkArt Multi-Surface Paint (thinned with water and airbrushed), which I've found really sticks well to Bones and MSP sticks to it. I chose Thicket Green for the body and Bark Brown for the base. I chose to use the Moss Colors Triad as the main colors for the body. I sprayed Jungle Moss for the undercoat, with Highlands Moss sprayed as zenithal highlighting. I then drybrushed the shadows with Highlands Moss, and the highlights with Pale Lichen. Nice... I haven't really decided what to do with the base yet, but I like the idea making the main colors of the model green and purple, so I started the base with Violet Shadow. ...and that's where I ended for the night.
  7. Fairly simple paint job on this toddler cthulhu. It's a very cute little mini with loads of personality.
  8. One of my modified minis from RAC in October, finally getting around to starting painting him. Still toying with his color scheme, but I think I've settled on enough to start working
  9. So here it is! Pics of all the conversions my husband and I did this weekend! This will be my WIP for painting them all! Some of the pictures are truly terrible and I will take better ones tomorrow to replace them. But this is a teaser for now. In a later post i will try to break down what is in each conversion =P In order of the pics below: First and second area goblin archer riding a spider and a mage that I went all out to convert and modify. She's got so many different parts! Third picture is a hybird of two different lizard men, and the barbarian that was on the goblin archer's new base that I decided looked really good on the treasure chest Fourth is my husband's three conversions [he was very excited to finally get a mini dual wielding tridents] Fifth is our Bones giants from the converting the undead bones giant. Mine is the one on the left [with Spirit of hte Forest branches growing out of his shoulders and two heads!] Sixth is one I'm proud of, done this morning while sleep deprived and feeling nasty....a unholy mash up of Nethyrmaul and Cthulhu! I went a step past what was asked of us and did a head and arm transplant as well as wing transplant [since no one was using their arms...and they're both right arms BTW! and there was ONE spare head laying around]
  10. 77113: Eldritch Demon (50mm base) aka Cthulhu Again, simple drybrushing on black undercoat. No washes or advanced techniques. This is practice for the big one…Ph’ngui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn
  11. Summoned forth from unknown reaches, the power of this sleeping dark god is manifested only partially in this terrible monster and is barely contained in the simple vessel and the runes upon it's flesh. I strongly considered painting the 'bumps' on this miniature's hide as glowing dots but I felt like that would be a little over the top and would come off as too 'fishy' so I opted to just let the bumps be bumps. Besides, I felt like it would take away from the menacing eyes and from the other work I'd done on the piece. A few of the transitions are a little rough, but they're pretty minor and I'm eager to work on the next Bones v. Metal challenge, as well as some SciFi contest entries. Not enough time!!! C&C always welcome.
  12. Painted for a friend as a gift, my first Cthulhu. I have a second one in progress for a friend that commissioned it
  13. Every since the first KS and the addition of Cthulhu I knew I had to have him. And when he arrived along with the rest of my Bone-y goodness, I got it in my head that I HAD to paint him with dry pigments instead of paint. Having followed the efforts of Katheryn Loch over on CMON and some Google hangouts she hosted to explain the process, I decided that this big guy was going to be colored this way. I have been using pigments on bases for a while now and had been experimenting using them for weathering but... this is something new. The only part that really worries me is the face/tentacles as they are the softest part of the model but we'll see how it goes. So far he has been washed, heavily sanded, glued, puttied as I was worried the gaps would be too obvious with the pigment build-up in them, sanded and washed again and primed to hide the putty and to give some better tooth for the pigments to adhere to. I also cut up his base and mounted it to a very large GW one with some cork on it (still not decided what will happen to the base exactly). To describe the process of the pigment application, it is applied with a brush or clay shaper with a reasonable amount of pressure until the area is saturated. Compressed air is then used to blow off any excess and then a fine coat of matt coat is applied to provide a base for the next layer and protect the previous one. Repeat until the desired finish is obtained. You work from light to dark as you can't lighten up your previous layers though you can tint them. Pigments I have are from Earth Pigments. Colour selection to follow in next post once I make up my mind. Fair bit of putty work. I hope the dragons have less obvious gaps in them... Drying after the final touch up of primer.
  14. Sorry about the delay folks, had some issues to take care of on the home front , and hadnt had a chance to get this months proof written up. This challenge will be a little longer as a result, but requires a tiny bit more work on your guys part to get full credit for the themed entry achievement. This months challenge will stretch until the end of May, and yes there will be a separate challenge for May. April's challenge is derived from one of my favorite horror authors of all time, H.P. Lovecraft. Your mission should you accept it is to read one of Lovecrafts short stories, tell us about it, and then write your own short story using the Cthulhu Mythos as a primer, you are free to create new monstrosities and heroes as you see fit. The short story should be a minimum of 2,000 words, and should have at least 1 scene in which the hero/heroine confronts a monstrosity, the rest is left up to you. The top entries will be published on the blog on our website. So don't forget to grammar and spell check your work. Now your thinking , I thought this was a painting challenge, and your right it is. The second portion of this challenge is to create a small scene from the story you just wrote, utilizing whichever monstrosity you had decided to use and the hero/heroine that you had face it. More likely than not , there is no miniature that exists that will accurately represent your monstrosity, so we encourage you to make use of the boneyard on Reapers store to create it yourself, and don't forget the greenstuff, you'll be needing it. Note that monstrosities are complex , usually grotesque interdimentional beings, so please refrain from implementing simple monsters as your monstrosity.(ie, no zombies, vampires , werewolves or their ilk), dont get me wrong, you can implement these types of creatures into your story, but they don't count as a monstrosity on their own. All painted entries are excepted regardless of whether they fit the theme or not , and still garnish points. If you earn the themed entry achievement , by following the instructions laid out above , you will be granted an additional 200% bonus towards your points. A list of all the possible achievements can be found on our website by visiting the painter standings page, a link to our website is listed in our signature below . The challenge will run from now until midnight on June 1st, 2013. And remember everybody, these challenges are meant to be fun and rewarding , so enjoy yourself.
  15. So I finally decided to tackle Cthulhu last month, but I wanted to do something other than traditional green scheme. So where he is. *Disclaimer* I am in no way a professional painter, nor photographer. Judge quality accordingly :) Also, I still have some touch up to do, particularly with the base. But he's pretty much done.
  16. Ran across this just now - a really nifty video of the Bones Cthulhu being painted, using mostly oil washes. Seeing it made me realize that the model has a great back, as well as a properly squiddy head. Not my video, not my paint job, but I think that it may have convinced me to order Mr. C.... The Auld Grump
  17. Hi all, I am creating a series of videos as I paint the Reaper Bones Cthulhu. I hope you enjoy them. Thanks Reaper for an excellent low cost model! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_tKGjwpJ-U&feature=youtu.be
  18. I am creating a series of videos as I paint Cthulhu. I hope you enjoy them http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_tKGjwpJ-U
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