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Found 1 result

  1. So, I got my Bones. They're awesome. And Wyrmgear is a big dragon (not a BIIIG dragon, I'll get to those eventually, but a big dragon nonetheless), and I'm doing something fun with him, so here's the WiP of the process. First, my wyrmgear's name is Glockendrache. It sounds like it means "Clock-dragon," but it doesn't. "Bell-dragon," I like, if you consider the metal bells are often made from, and the type of dragon Glockendrache represents...wait, bt Bronze dragons aren't actually clockwork... Exactly. My Eberron campaign has a bunch of House Cannith craziness going on. Cannith West, for the sake of SCIENCE!!, likes to play with things the house learned about constructs while making Warforged...so we have cyber-wolves, people with golem grafts, and the like. What very few people know about is that an expedition to Argonnesen managed to smuggle a dragon carcass back to Aundair a few months ago, and Cannith West has been playing with that little toy ever since. Hence, Glockendrache. I'm taking the wyrmgear model and plan to putty some musculature, wing membranes, etc. onto the body. But first, prep work! Dry fitting the model worked well; everything fits nicely, and he fits well on the base I have for him. It's from Micro Arts Studio, in their "Arcane" line. Oh, and that's a Warlord dwarf-lady standing on the base; Sir Forscale wasn't at hand. . The base by itself, next to a 30mm round for scale: . Next, I removed his integrated bases from the feet. I used a clipper to get rid of most of the base, then used a jeweler's saw to remove the part directly underfoot. At first, I was worried that the PVC would gum up the saw; I've had that happen when using a saw to cut pipe. Instead, the friction from the saw melted the Bonesium, which then adhered back to itself. This picture shows a foot, sawn clean through, but still adhering to the broccoli: . Miraculous magic regeneration! I was able to pull with a fingernail against the seam I'd created with the saw, but it wasn't budging. Luckily, it was now perforated enough that a hobby knife went through easily, and now my Glockendrache has clean feet and can sit on the base. . Next up, the wings. the wyrmgear model is socketed so his wings are vertical. For Glockendrache, I want an angle, but I don't want to mess with the weird warping issues that happen when boiling the rigid Bonesium used to make these wings. So, I carved angles on the pegs. Here is one wing peg cut down to an angle, and the other still out-of-box. . And here's how it fits into the socket. It won't stay in place without glue like this, but it looks pretty cool, and players will have a better grasp of his wingspan now. . I haven't glued the wings in yet, but I have assembled the rest of the body. The torso, legs and tail will serve as an armature for the putty I need to put down. That'll be sometime this week; I'll keep y'all posted!
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