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Found 4 results

  1. Picked up some Hordes minis cheap and thought this guy would make a fun monster for my players. Came out a bit glossier than I intended. Put on some matte sealer on after the gloss, but I think I oversealed it. The white markings are supposed to be tendons and ligaments. A friend pointed out that it looked like it had outgrown its shell, so I was trying to make it look like raw, exposed muscle. The bones are done with a simple bone color, followed by a wash, then highlighted and finally given an edge highlight. It doesn't show up so well here, but there's a fair amount of Blood For the Blood God slathered around on the red bits. The basing was done with oxid paste, painted and highlighted, and done up with a little static grass and some swamp tufts. Not sure what stats I'll give him, but it should be a fun fight.
  2. I picked up a Carnivean real cheap a while back. It was already assembled and painted. I didn't do much else to it, no puttying, just completely repainted it, twice. I wanted to make it into a special project, repainting it using the scheme the previously owner did. My pink and blue didn't look so great and my wife requested pink changed to black. I didn't think straight black would look good, hence the blueish highlights. The only color idea I kept from the original paint was using metallics on the spiny growths. The previous owner had all silver. I figured it was so cheap I could do what I wanted and completely colored it different than the rest of my army. In the future he will probably get a name and become the black sheep lucky charm of my army, we shall see. I was experimenting with the liquid stuff for the base and actually think I may be able to do some cool stuff in the future with it, but for now it remains sort of abstract. The Spell Martyr models were sweet in the fact that they took no assembly. I did sort of a rush job on them, but the end result is decent. Carnivean Spell Martyr
  3. I finally got around to painting a Carnivean. Wow, this and the Reaper Cloak Fiend... 2 models painted in one week. oh yeah!
  4. First, as always, thank you Reaper for letting us post non-Reaper things to this forum. Second: I have finally painted my battlegroup for Legion of Everblight! I've only had it for two years. A few friends and I are planning a casual journeyman league, so I figured I should at least have the initial group painted...it's only 13 points of the 113 I own, so I still have plenty of "hobby points" to earn if I paint things during the league, and it's nice to have this much done. The Carnivean (the big dude on the right) was done some time ago; you can see his Show Off thread here. I'm quite pleased by Lylyth's cloak; the freehand symbol of the Legion came out pretty well and stands out on the table pretty clearly. The colors for the army work well, and although it drives me crazy to have some really rough blends on these, it only took me about 6 hours of total work to paint all four Shredders and the two Stingers that I've posted in this other thread. So yes...some rough spots, but they look nice at arm's length, and an hour per model is really really fast for me. Army painting is hard, as there are things I keep seeing, starting to fix, and then telling myself not to worry because those transitions will look fine at arm's length. For those unfamiliar with Privateer Press' Warmachine/Hordes games, the diamonds, lines and triangles on the bases show the front arc and center-front of each mini, which is important for the mechanics of the game. The writing you can see on the Shredders are their names, so it's easy to tell the similar units apart. The shredder's names are Happy, Hoppy, Beggy and Bargey. Lylyth, the Warlock (leader), is not labeled because she's completely unique in the army, and the carnivean isn't labeled yet (his name is Midway, because he's a carny). As always, C&C welcome!
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