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  1. Presenting Edna, Craaaaazy Cat Lady! I had a lot of fun painting this mini, it's got some great details such as her crabby expression, the fluffy slippers, the rollers in her hair etc. I've been a bit self-indulgent here as I have immortalised my own cat twice in this mini (the one Edna is carrying & the one rolling on its back) & most of the others are cats I've known or looked after . The cats were very tricky to paint as they are so small - I had to paint them while they were still attached to their sprue. The tiled floor was created quite simply using air drying clay with grout lines etched into it. Thanks for looking, c&c's welcome!
  2. Hi ! A little commision work with a precise colors choice. All colors of Chakra ! Oo ... Really cool mini from MicroArt Studio.
  3. Another Demon. So many demons.
  4. So, I wanted to do a group of minis that were more thematic and played on having more character in the minis rather than just the generic fighter, wizard, etc. Therefore, I played on the idea of a rogue as a cat burglar by having the burglar actually meeting the cat. I was pretty happy with how it turned out. I thought the hair and the fabric of the clothing was particularly solid. I've definitely got more room to improve, but I was at least fairly satisfied with this one. The extreme close up of the face shows where I could improve the smoothness of the skin and such. Maybe more attention needed for the eyes themselves. In addition to simply making a figure, I was also thinking in terms of what would make creating a mold easier (for example, how far in should the cat lean, how far forwards/sideways should the angle of his arms be, etc.). I think it would be doable. On a side note, just want to give a shout out to Cosmic_Mastermind for giving some really good feedback on how to improve doing facial features.
  5. Recently, randomly, my... sweet (ya, let's pretend that's what I said) little cat has decided that she just has to sit on the desk I use for painting miniatures. It's in the kitchen, so she has access to it all the time, and I don't have so much room in my house that I can put away my stuff, so it stays out. She knocks over my minis, she gets her *beep* fur all over the place, she's makin' me mad. However, she only does it when no one is around, because she knows it's bad. She's a bad, bad kitty! I swear I'm going to... okay, let's not go into what I'm going to do to her, this is a friendly place. Anyway, what do you folks who have bad, evil little cats do to keep them away from your minis and your workspaces when you aren't around? Aside from closing the door, which I can't do. I love my cat, I really do, but she has her spaces, and she's being a twerp going into mine when she's knows she's not supposed to, and only doing it when no one is around to spank her.
  6. This is my Alice vs. Wonderland diorama I entered in my local con. It took third in diorama/vignette. I don't have a big enough photo setup for the whole thing so please excuse the pics. I was trying a reimagining of the classic tale with Alice and some Wonderland characters as badasses. Alice is 14311: Kassandra of the Blade. The Cheshire Cat is 02480: Sabertooth Tiger and the White Rabbit is a Darksword Rabbit Warrior. I sculpted the rabbit's watch and the paintbrush. The wickets are staples and the croquet balls are pin heads. The cards were downloaded, then printed, cut out and glued together. I wanted each to die in a unique way, appropriate to the characters. The base was made and stained in my school's woodshop. (I teach) I loved building this! My first big diorama. Your comments and critiques are welcome as always.
  7. During the last snowstorm we had in February we heard a strange sound outside our door, looking out the glass we saw a small, very skinny cat eating birdseed out of a tray we had placed on top of the snow to help the doves and other ground feeding birds. Over the past few weeks I have been feeding her and working to get her tame enough to carry to the vet to be spayed and checked out. I can reliably get my hands on her now and have her coming up ready to eat when she hears me move her food bowl. I have named her Persephone. I will post pics when I figure out how to on the new boards system.
  8. Here is a pretty quick paintjob of the old couple from Hasslefree. Since they will be villagers in any tabletop game we play, they only got my tabletop standard paintjob. The cat is from the crazy cat lady set I think.
  9. Basing has been difficult with the past couple of figures I worked on. This wasn't quite my vision, but I love the model and it was a must have when I 1st layed eyes on it.
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