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  1. This week, I've been working on some of my CAV vehicles from the Kickstarter, and I was thinking about a box of leftover Mechwarrior clicky base stuff I had, and the idea came to me to make a destroyed mech or two to use as scenery on the tabletop. I wanted it to look like it had sat on a long-forgotten battlefield for decades or centuries. I began by slicing the mech from its clicky base, and then I used a pair of pliers to rip the arms and head off. I then used a drill to make a big hole in the torso to look like where a missile had hit, knocking out the mech. I also used the dr
  2. I decided to post a WIP on some of the vehicles I currently have on the table. After a few hours with my sons emptying all the bags and building the tanks I selected a reasonable batch to paint up. These were then washed and straightened prior to being given an undercoat of grey primer. The model lines were cleaned up on a few, but given these are for tabletop use I am not too fussy with them as they are not too bad. I continued with the earlier smaller batch of Terran vehicles at the moment I am doing batches of four models. These were painted green, highlighted and then g
  3. Continuing with the Terran CAV force I am currently painting here is a unit of four Ashigaru. These are the only ones I picked up in the Kickstarter so I feel an order will be placed for more when the go on general release. First up is a shot from the front and back. And finally a group shot of all four models. As always comments welcome.
  4. Here is a set of completed Naginata from the recent CAV:SO Kickstarter. These continue with my current Green paint scheme for my Terran force. Here is the front and rear shots of one of the tanks. The turret has a rather large canopy, the numbering again is a subtle use of additional red panels on the turret. Here is the full unit of six Naginata's And finally in keeping with others who are painting CAV here is the Terran force to date. I may need to actually paint a few mechs at some point ... As always comments welcome and thanks for looking.
  5. Hi, I made a bit more progress on my NOD-like Rach Force and painted the Tyrant and Vanquisher B CAVs. These sculpts don't really appeal to me, so I quickly slapped some paint on to call them done and move on to other models (or maybe take a break...) Still, they look nice in my Force: Tyrant Vanquisher B Incremental Group shot.
  6. Hi, I ramped up a bit my painting output this week-end and painted a pair of Rach Imperator for my CAV SO Rach Force. They are painted in my usual NOD-like colour scheme. The imperators are really great looking sculpts. And their big MAC guns are a good base to go crazy with my green lighting. (Because in my head, their Magnetic Acceleration Cannons emit a green light... and no need for more explation ) And the usual incremental group shot: (the increasing numner makes it hard to fit it on the backdrop...) C&C Welcome
  7. Hi, One more done ! My quest of getting my CAV SO Rach Force from the Kickstarter painted in a NOD like colour scheme is progressing! Here is the Rach Emperor. This CAV sculpt has a nice bulk, making it quite... Imperial ! And the usual incremental group shot of the force: C&C always appreciated
  8. Hi, I'm continuing to paint my Rach force from CAV SO kickstarter in my NOD-like scheme. For this post, I went easy with only 1 mini added: the Rach Kraken. I wanted to keep it simple with mostly grays and just a bit of red. But then, somewhere along the way, I lost track of this idea and made the bottom look like a X-mas tree with plenty of lights... Anyways, this mini was also the opportunity to experiment with painting the boosters at the back. C&C welcome And the usual incremental group shot:
  9. I've probably filled and emptied my reapermini.com shopping cart ten times trying to decide how much infantry I ought to buy to make my forces a bit more well-rounded, and I wanted to try to get notes from anyone who has either done the math or played infantry-focused forces themselves. My questions would essentially shake out along the lines of: How many stands do you have / do you want / are you fielding? What combinations are working for you? What's your opinion on transports? Not that anybody asked, but: I have about 50-ish stands of infantry ranging from the basic light in
  10. Hi, I'm continuing my slow progress on painting my CAV SO Rach force with a "NOD-like" colour scheme (credit to @Tosek for making me realize this). Here are the Conqueror and a pair of Warden. Paint strategy is the same: quick, simple and efficient. (Though I got sad when I couldn't find any relevant spot on the Conqueror to put a little green light...) And here is a group shot of my little force so far. C&C weclome
  11. So...because I'm so great at being timely, and this has been on my artist page for some time before getting it here: My RPchallenge Bonus: Fools Guild...Mercenary Group "The Eye." While technically masking electronic signature is more important than physical appearance with such powerful electronics...some ideas are still just bad. Like painting yellow Seriously I don't know how yall paint yellow without going mad.
  12. Technically, this is batch 3 - I painted 10 more Malvernian CAVs before this round, but: ADON! Since I have so few Adonese units, relatively speaking, I figured I'd dive in and knock out the whole force at once. I managed to pick up those APCs on the cheap, so I am very tempted to add some infantry, but the rumor mill says there may be some new space-elfy units coming up soon, so I'm pumping my brakes. Paint job: Speed paint. Pic quality: rushed. Still, hope this helps people get motivated to paint!
  13. Here is the next set of models that have been finished in my ongoing CAV Terran army. This follows my other sets for the paint scheme. As always comments welcome.
  14. Here is the next pair of models I have recent completed for my Terran army. As always comments welcome.
  15. Hey all - just posting here to start a conversation with my fellow fans of Big Stompy Robots - I got down last night and painted up some Malvernis CAVs. Because I have literally hundreds of models at this point, I'm speed painting, and setting aside a few models to serve as "heroes" or commanders, with which I will take more time and care. Even these, drybrushed as they are, need a little more blacklining and clean-up, but I'll probably do that Sunday. For now: the first of my Khardulis fanatics!
  16. FInished this Raijin in my Terran Desert Wasteland Scheme. There are SOOOO many missiles to paint. It matches the Starhakw VI I painted. I'm starting to achieve a cohesive looking force.
  17. Got tired of painting people, so why not paint some mechs! I tried to go for a really clean separation between the armor plates, I need to go back and darken the lines around the feet I think. I plan on bringing the orange up super bright, almost to a yellow. That part might be a bit tricky though, as I don't actually have any orange paints and have just been mixing red and yellow XD. We'll see how it turns out. I'll also be finding some fun symbols or ID numbers to put on the white spots on the back and the side of the cockpit. I don't have any idea what color I'll pa
  18. Hi all, I'm slowly continuing to paint my CAV Rach force following my simple Dark Gray and Red scheme. Here are the Malefactors tanks and the small Recon CAV Kahn. Also, since I found a pretty simple recipe to give a basic glow effect to lasers and lights, I started to add it almost everywhere... Malefactors Kahn Group shot of my slowly growing force:
  19. Hi, I'm trying to figure out a paint scheme for my Rach force in CAV SO. I want it easy enough to paint in batch, appealing enough, and not the traditional full red scheme. Here is what I came up with for a few models: I really love the Gnomic model. There is something about the asymmetrical look that appeals to me. And a few details: C&C welcome
  20. This is the first CAV for my Terran 101st Legion. I went with a NATO/ Dirty Desert style for these. These are only to tabletop level for ease of touchups later. Colors are: RMS Terran Khaki Army Painter Strong Tone RMSHD Mustard Yellow RMSHD Ice Blue RMS Rach Red Army Painter Black I haven't decided if these will get the same black rock/ green grass base treatment that my other forces have or if I should go with something different. Pics...
  21. Over Easter, I'm trying to get some paint on the wonderful new Bones CAVs I've got. I'm starting with the Cataphract, Silverback and Imperator, three of the new designs introduced in the Kickstarter. The Cataphract and Silverback will be a brown-and-grey camo scheme to go with my existing Ritterlich minis, while I'm going for a garish yellow pattern for the Imperator, since Rach are known for being preening peacocks favouring overt colour schemes. First off, undercoats. The Imperator gets a Muddy Brown base, the other two an Oiled Leather base. Once that's dried, Muddy Brown and Ston
  22. Hi, Here are the Terran wheeled transport vehicle "Tsukai" in Bones for CAV. I wanted to keep them looking "military" with one major colour, and try to give contrast with shade and highlights to make them pop a bit. This was a very quick paint and I'm pretty pleased with the result. I may be re-using this recipe for more units. C&C appreciated.
  23. Here is the second bones model of the evening as selected by my kids. This is the Terran Tsuiseki. The model is not bad for the plastic although a firmer mix would have prevented such warping. The model was boiled and dropped in cold water but I doubt it will improve much past this. Anyway, as instructed I had to paint this with a green colour scheme so this was once again a nice simple base coat, mid coat and highlight followed by a green ink wash and then a repeat of the process. I kept the scheme nice and simple to aid with the painting of the remaining Terran models. As
  24. I received my remaining pledge items yesterday and spent a while with all the models out. The material has worked well on a lot of these. I ended up selecting two with my sons, and under there guidance have painted the Rach Kraken. It just so happens they chose red without any prompting. The model was washed and given a grey undercoat with primer which seems to have worked wonders, next up a dark red was used followed by two highlights. All the paints we mostly GW with some reaper paints used for the matellics. The model was given a full gloss varnish followed by a coat of Matt
  25. Here's my first stab at the cool Rach Kraken. I stole inspiration from a picture I found online of one of the older CAV Krakens (the A model?) that had multiple red hues stippled onto it. I just did some red on top of gray liner and some black for the cockpit. I think maybe I should use some glossy sealer on the cockpit. The mottled red doesn't show as well in these pictures, but I'm really happy with it in person. Pew pew!
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