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Found 12 results

  1. What good is a small town without adventurous children to explore its mysteries and get into scrapes? 50042, Modern Children, to the rescue! Andi and Bailey here are painted up in a way loosely inspired by Mabel and Dipper from Gravity Falls. The flower sweater was good but needed even MORE color! Andi: Bailey: Charlie is a great sculpt; love the backpack. Schoolmates and friends, they'll be embroiling themselves in mysteries and predicaments. (Also featuring Bombshell's Flakk and Edna the Cat Lady, 50235.)
  2. There's a patch of wasteground on Beechwood Avenue where the old primary school used to stand until destroyed by a bomb on the afternoon of April 11, 1941. Locals have long said that spot is haunted. Pedestrians say there's a cold patch as you walk past it. Kids dare each other to touch the walls, although few actually will. Dogs shy away from the area. Some people even claim to have seen a small girl wearing a gasmask. This is all obviously rubbish. But Rose is still waiting for her mummy.
  3. I painted up Yoon. She is so adorable! Since she's a kiddo, I wanted her to seem whimsical so I gave her rosy cheeks and purple and yellow striped pants. Her stuffed owl is SO tiny! I enjoyed painting her. C&C welcome!
  4. Well, I finally got around to finishing this young fella. Didn't see table use but the two fighter types did for a quick encounter in Hero Kids (Light) to introduce my two nephews to gaming while babysitting them. Maybe next round. Here we go with the Kid Wizard from Reaper's Adventuring Kids pack #1. Thanks for looking and any C&C you feel like sharing. Always appreciated.
  5. I've recently been in a position to give some advice and comfort to a 12-year old whose parents are considering divorce, and I'm struggling to know what to say to her, or whether I even said the right things. Background: I don't actually know her much at all, and we've never met in person. In a game that I play (Animal Crossing: New Leaf), there is an area where players can meet people from all over the world and play mini games together, and add them to their friends list if they want to. I did this once about a month ago, and this girl, I'll call her R, friended me, and it seemed like she needed a friend so I friended her back. Today, she told me that yesterday her little brother told her that her big brother was crying, and when she went to see what was going on, she overheard her mother telling her big brother that things might be changing, that her dad would be getting the house, one of the cars, etc.; basically, that a divorce may be imminent. Neither parent has said anything to the family in general, and she's (understandably) scared to ask her mother for clarification. Never having been in that situation myself, I did my best to advise and comfort her; I asked if she was close to her mother (sort of), and whether there was a time/place she could talk to her mother alone (certain days, in the car). She was scared and nervous about how to approach her mother in conversation about this, so I suggested writing a note and giving it to her mother before they got in the car so they could have that time to talk about it. I just...I'm not sure what to say to her. The closest that I've had this happen to me was my dad was going through some intense personal struggles (which did affect our whole family) that necessitated him taking a few days away from the rest of the family to work through. Before I knew about this, my dad had once, when he was upset with me, said that he and mom were considering divorcing, which I of course took to mean that if they did that it would be my fault, etc. etc. I did tell this to R, and she seemed to appreciate hearing my experience, and I made sure to emphasize that it was NOT because of anything I was/was not doing that they had been considering it. So, I guess my question is: to those of you who have been in this situation, or who have had friends or family going through this, what do you wish someone had said to you? What sorts of things made the pain at least a little bit less? I know I won't be able to solve or take away what's happening in her life, I'm just trying to figure out what I, as a random person on the internet, can say to her that might help, even a little. I appreciate your reading this, and I'm sorry if it brings back painful memories. I just want to know what I can do to help. Thanks, --OneBoot
  6. I wanted to share this mini. It's among my top ten favorite miniatures that I have gotten. Just so morbid and horrible. In the style of the Braindead movie. :) Linked offsite due to a nipple showing. See it here.
  7. Yay, my 1st Bones 2 mini is finished! My mother asked me to paint something for my Grandmother and this is what I chose. Mom loves it, but I haven't heard about Grandma yet. There are a lot of things that I like about how she turned out, and some I don't. Her face had an awful mold line down the middle and I should have removed the wings to clean and paint it. It looks ok from straight on which is acceptable because Grandma will put it on a shelf and not look at it sideways. Oh well. Lesson learned.
  8. while painting with my niece and nephew their mother decided she wanted to paint something, here is the result. she descibed them as a post apocolypse family with a slight anime influence once she finished painting
  9. Here's an odd mini that I painted right after Nethyrmaul. Instead of cleaning up my wet pallet (like I ought to) I decided to just use the paints that were already on it. I pushed most of the colors together to create different kinds of neutral tones (it's kind of funny because the undead dragon was pretty bright). Anyway, here she is.
  10. This mini is tiny. She's a little girl on a 15mm base. I loved the spooky gas mask look on the little kid with the British school uniform. I tried to paint the base like asphalt, like I did with the Hasslefree vampire figure Dionne. The chief difference is this girl has a shadow where the vampire figure didn't. EDIT: 15mm, not half an inch. Still tiny.
  11. So, I painted this guy up and gave him to a party member for her birthday. I'm not entirely sure what she's going to do with him, but I had painted him up, and have now decided everyone gets a painted mini for their birthday... whether they want it or not! :D So, without further ado, something I've painted! C&C welcome/requested. -Dave
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