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Found 7 results

  1. Well, it took me long enough but I finally finished painting an entire board game's worth of minis. The final minis I painted were a cluster of Space Bugs! Thematic paint used - Hazard Yellow for the eyes. And, since I finally painted all the minis, here they all are (well, at least one of each) for a group photo. Time to get this to the table.
  2. I actually painted these up a few months ago but finally got around to photographing them. I wound up using the camera on my phone because I was having a difficult time trying to get the focus right for my real camera. I debated long and hard about doing their eyes, but since these are for a board game, I decided to leave well enough alone. My skill isn't quite up there yet. Thematic paint used: Punk Rock Pink on the Yeoman's space suit Only some space spiders left, and some touch up work on some other models and this game will be complete!
  3. These are the Leaders from the board game Space Cadets: Away Missions by Stronghold games. I was working on these guys from before Christmas, but then had to put all my painting equipment away. It took me a while to finally get it all back out and finish these guys up. I think they painted up a bit better and easier than the minions, though it may have just been that there are so few leaders in comparison. Thematic paint used - Blood Red. These are bad guy leaders, after all.
  4. Allright. I finished 32 Saucermen in about a month, which is pretty intense painting for me. They aren't all perfect but I played a game with some of the painted ones and they looked fine on the table. I probably just shouldn't worry as much. I experimented a bit with various color washes because I think the black was a bit too harsh on the outfit, but in the end I stayed with Reaper's Black Wash. The Flesh Wash wasn't too bad up close, but from far away you couldn't tell it was there. Thematic paint used - Pumpkin Orange. It was October when I did most of the painting so it still counts. Focus on the four different poses. The crouching, single pistol Saucerman was a pain in the rear to paint because he was blocking his chest. The "lightning" design was already tough enough to do without access being restricted. Group shot!
  5. I managed to finish off my set of 12 thralls for the Space Cadets: Away Missions game. These guys are mind controlled humans who effectively act like zombies until you cudgel them over the head and rip out the mind control device. I am not too proud of these paint jobs, mostly because the washes were too uneven. Hopefully I can improve on that when I tackle the aliens. Thematic Paint Used - Alien Flesh...on the helmets. Yeah I know. Next time I'll do better.
  6. Brains in a Jar from Stronghold Games "Space Cadets: Away Missions", a dungeon crawl style cooperative board game set in the classic sci-fi movies of the 50's and 60's. The original concept of the Brain in a Jar was, sadly, lacking a glass jar. The final version is a two part mini with a removable "glass" top and it looks much better, even unpainted. NOTES: I didn't paint directly underneath the brain because I was afraid the jar wouldn't fit back on or be able to be removed again if it did go back on. However it is much more visible than I thought it would be and now I'm debating if I should try to fix it and risk messing up the brain or leave it as is. Also, there is a painting error as I accidentally got some Beacon Yellow on the base of one of the brain cases. Thematic Paint used: Braaaaiins pink, for the brains Bonus thematic paint: Beacon yellow, for the beacon
  7. Space Cadets: Away Missions is a cooperative, dungeon crawl style of game set in the era of classic science fiction. Stronghold Games funded the game through Kickstarter in order to add some nicely detailed minis to the game, and by the end they included over 100 minis in the game. For a board game, they are very nice minis and while they are mostly fine as is, they are practically begging for a good paint job. Before I tackled the heroes and classic, Mars Attacks! style aliens, I quickly pained up the Space Leeches and Sentinels to see how they would look.
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