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  1. Theme Category: You're Such a Character Entries for this theme are taking an miniature and then paint it to look like some pop culture character. Ideas could be from, but not limited to, one of the following: Movies TV Comics Books Cartoon\Anime Video Game Celeberty As always, if you're not sure please ask in this thread. Rules for the Theme Category (these are in addition to the General rules below) In your post state briefly why your piece meets the theme. This helps the judges immensely. It can be as simple as Billy Idle to a photo of what you were trying to achieve.Judging Cri
  2. The Story - Two years ago, a friend, who used to run a gaming store, asked if I wanted all his old minis left from when he closed the store, since they were just taking up space. As I have no willpower, I said sure. He said there might be 3 or 4 Diamond boxes worth. There ended up being 9 boxes... Fast forward to last year, when the Kickstarters started rolling in. I now have even more minis I will never really have time to paint. So what to do with all these minis in the boxes? Well, I could sell some on ebay or something , but that sounds like work. So how about I give some away? I star
  3. The Sith Revolt He walked calmly into the dark chamber, the Emperor's Throne Room and saw his master, Lord Vader, standing before the throne deep in thought as he stared out at the star that his space station had just made into a super nova. Darth Cerrak quietly pulled the light saber from his belt and unleashed a powerful blast of the force at his master! Darth Vader was ready for the blast and had been expecting his apprentice to one day try to destroy him, he wouldn't be a Sith if that wasn't part of his personality and how Vader trained him. He easily deflected the blast with one o
  4. Anyone know the names of the winners in the painting contest this year at Origins?
  5. Okay, so I really wanted to participate in the Painting Excuses: Paint Into A Picture Challenge contest but I just couldn't find the time to get anything done ... until today ... the day before the deadline. Well, after some dithering, I decided I'd still give it the old college try and started working on it today. Unfortunately, I'm probably not going to complete it in time to submit it to the contest since my plan has always involved major mods to my KS1 Bones version of 03547: Juliette, Female Wizard and, as I'd never actually used Green Stuff before, I didn't realize how long it takes
  6. Moving this discussion to it's own thread.. so far Demons and giants have been discussed..
  7. Hi guys, I'm not sure if this is the right place for my post. I am the active mod of reddit's minipainting board. We're having a little paint contest for the month of February, and I just thought some people here would be interested, since at least a third of the posts on /r/minipainting are actually reaper figures. Bones are very popular. Here's the link. The theme is "deep blue" -- basically, it's a contest to see who can paint the best blue miniature. Thanks for your interest! See you and around the boards.
  8. started on the dogs of the hunt.. horned hunter will come along shortly.. sadly one FLGS only had one bones hellhound.. I must go find more.. First try at OSL as well.. http://creaturecatalog.enworld.org/converted/view_c.php?CreatureID=734
  9. Hey everybody, just wanted to give you guys a quick update on whats going on over here, before we jump into the miniature challenge segment. We are nearing completion of our first set of sculpts for our commissions and out online store. Also we recently purchased out very own pressure casting chamber and we have all the mold making materials on order. As we begin winding down the February Miniature Challenge, with just over 4 hours left to submit. We would like to thank all of you who participated , you did a wonderful job on your entries, and we will begin grading them soon. Within the ne
  10. A new year and a new Contest. People liked the theme based scoring we did with the Halloween contest so I'm bringing that back, to a degree, but don't worry for those of you who don't like themes as we have an open category where anything will be acceptable, as long as it's Reaper. Also, to encourage more people to enter, we've got a random drawing for a prize in each category! So even if you're not the best painter in the world you have the chance to win something! So without further adieu: Categories Theme: Winter wonderland or horror-land! This should be fairly self exp
  11. Trying to get a consensus on how many would be interested in doing a month to month Miniature Exchange. Show of hands, who is interested? It is not required that everyone participates every month, just simply send me a PM stating that you want to participate in the next months exchange. There is no obligation beyond the current months exchange. PM me with Name email shipping address What types of minis you want to do? What types of minis you would like to get? We would like to get things started by the end of the month, we will also be participating ourselves. If you havnt
  12. We are back for round two. Reaper has once again offered to provide prizes for our little painting shindig so lets get started. First off we are changing the categories a bit from last time as we thought there wasn't enough focus for Diorama so this time around we're making that part themed based and so large based figures are being moved under Fantasy and Non-Fantasy. So our categories are: Single Fantasy (Pathfinder, Dark Heaven Legends, Warlord, Bones, LJC, Mouselings) -- Large base and fancy bases go here as well Single Non-Fantasy (Chornoscope, Savage Worlds, CAV) -- Large ba
  13. Kit said I should introduce myself so here goes, I or should I say we , are a small group of gamers that are in the development phase of a new kind of modular terrain for use in any game system that uses minis, we will offer our terrain in every scale we can produce it in. As of right now we are designing for six different genres, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Steampunk, Horror, Urban zombie apocalypse, and Ancient Rome. We are seeking the involvement from the miniatures gaming community to help us produce a line of terrain that is truly designed with gamers in mind. Please send us any questions , concerns
  14. I'm so excited to share this news: Game Empire Painting Tournament March 25, 2012, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 7051 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, #306 San Diego, CA 92117 858-576-1525 Cost: FREE!!!!! Prize pool includes store credit, brushes from Army Painter, cool stuff from Games Workshop, Reaper minis, and more! Basic supplies, minis, basing materials, and drinks will be free to participants. Da Roolz: Minis from any company, current or defunct, are acceptable. Mini must be primed and assembled when registered. (This rule can be bent, but will waste your precious painting time.) P
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