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Found 20 results

  1. My husband and I run the Paint and Take table at a local convention, Recruits. It's held at the high school, admission is free for all area students, games are child friendly, etc. We get really good turnout. The paint table is free for kids of all ages, even grownup kids, and it is funded entirely with donations. All of the figures, all of the paint, water cups, brushes, etc come from the wonderful community we have here, from the internet, and from vendors. It's typical for me to arrive early Saturday to set up and find one or more anonymous boxes of figures or paint waiting. A couple of years ago at Reapercon folks helped fill a box with mouslings for me to give away. I could not do this without the support I get from the painting and gaming community. So here is this year's class: (BTW, if you got stuff in your Bones4 core that you do not want, find me at next year's Reapercon, I will see it goes to a good cause) This is our table about ten minutes after setting up. Busy the entire day. Some of the fine works of art created by the kids who participated. They look forward to this all year. Got to pick up more baby dragons next year. I only had the one and it resulted in crying. :( More later,
  2. My crew of five drew an earliest hotel registration time of 2:00 this afternoon, which wasn't enough to score a room in a connected hotel. It looks like we'll be out by the airport again this year, so that will place a premium on traveling light, and shopping responsibly. Next task, decide whether we're driving, and how to configure two different miniature war-games for air travel. Perhaps this is the year when Fat Dragon fold-flat buildings will cover the table...
  3. For the last three years, I've gotten to attend Origins in Ohio, and have really loved doing the Reaper Speedpaint (and even won last year). I was hoping to go and participate in the Speedpaint again this year, but I was going through the Origins 2019 event schedule and didn't see a single entry from Reaper. Is Reaper not going to be at Origins this year, or at least not hosting any events?
  4. Sooo .... who else is going to Paizocon? That's .. erm, May 25th to 28th - so I might be a bit late asking for some of you. ^^; I know Mr. Thorne and I will be there. Don't know what all we'll be doing exactly, but I know we'll be there.
  5. Anyone else going up to the Cold Wars Wargaming Convention in Lancaster, PA this weekend? I'll be in the Paradise Room (the "HAWKs' room") most of the time, so stop in and say, "hi!" I'll be co-GMing a trio of off the wall games on Friday night and Saturday: 1) Santa and the Great Zeppelin Attack (Fri. 7PM) 2) Duke Morrison and the great Zeppelin Raid (Sat 9AM) 3) A Lily Pad Too Far (Sat 7PM)
  6. I recently got my ReaperCon goodies from my convention buddy. Since I caught a cold right before coming home from Kuwait, this mini felt especially relatable to me. I looked over Buglips' and Guindyloo's versions of the mini, and they informed how I went a bit. Guindyloo's eye in particular was something I wanted to try replicating. I think I did an okay job. I should have picked a lighter color of blue, though. The pupil doesn't really stand out from the iris. My tissue box's lines ended up not being quite as clean as I would've liked. I need to practice my freehand more.
  7. I saw these in the art show at Capricon 37 last weekend. They are NOT MINE. Someone did a nice job, including quite a few Reaper minis. Please excuse my so-so cell phone photography.
  8. Are there any rules, restrictions, limitations, or suggestions for demo-ing CAV if I'm not a COG? Honestly I don't think I have the time or travel budget to do Reaper proud as an official rep, but I do have a TON of CAV models and would like to help support the game, especially at our local (Southeast Michigan) relatively big con, U-Con. If someone is already repping CAV at U-Con, then it seems like my work here is done, but if not, how should I go about getting involved? - V
  9. I was just wondering if any of you all were going to be going to the Fall-In wargaming convention in Lancaster PA, Nov 6th-8th? http://www.fall-in.org I'll be there all weekend in the Paradise room running games with the HAWKs, and Sunday I'll be in the flea market. Stop by and say 'Hi' if you're there.
  10. I have never felt so humbled by my fellows, nor so honored to recieve an award. There's just no way to express how important this is to me, just as is difficult to state how much it means to be part of our community of friends and our chosen hobby. Reaper continues to exceed itself in its devotion to miniatures, its fans, and above all, to constant innovation and achievement. Thank you, Reaper Miniatures and Reaper Peeps. The only way to follow this is to keep sculpting! :D Jason Wiebe
  11. just got the event book, yup my games are printed correctly. I guess I should go sign up for painting classes rather than just showing up (which is how I do RPGs at this con) .. huh none in the book ... not online ? grrrr. anyone know what happened?
  12. So the husbandish and I are trying to make plans to come to RC '14 and I can't find any of the informational threads about RC '13. I assume they were deleted or archived which means I need some help from you guys. What hotel(s) are used by most people attending? What hotel was used by Reaper for some of the events of RC? When does check in start? What is the start time/day of activities? When do most people get there? What is the end time of activities? It's looking like we'll be able to make a 2 week vacation (road trip) out of the con so I want to make sure we are looking at reserving rooms at the right hotel. (anyone out there that might want to share a room with a guy that snores??) TIA for the help!!
  13. BASHCON XXIX When: Feb 14-16 Where: University of Toledo, Student Union What will be going on: Paint and Take, Dungeon crawl, Speed painting contest, and a Painting class. Come down and join us, it's a fun Con and always a good time For more informaion go to :http://www.bashcon.com/
  14. Since the description of the Reaper General forum states it's the place to gush about Reaper, let me gush. First my thanks to ReaperBryan and ReaperShannon for making my trip down to Seattle possible! It was a very real pleasure meeting and working with them and all the other volunteers from the forums and elsewhere. A chance of meeting the Reaperfolks was not something on my radar as little as a couple of weeks ago, so getting to talk and spend as much time as I did with them was really something pretty special. They really are as nice as people who have met them previously had described them and I'm quite happy for them that the Reaper booth had the success that it had at this years PAX. Now here's a pic of Bryan letting Darsc wear "The Hat". A wide pic of the room containing the "Paint and Take" and the Reaper store. Of course all the Bones were available for sale.
  15. Just curious how many others on the Reaper forum will be going to PAX Aus. I'll be an Enforcer there (hopefully in Tabletop section), so might get to meet some of you.
  16. Since I'm local to Origins I thought I'd see who was coming to town and see if we can arrange a meet up for dinner, bones trading or painting fun.. Its possible I'll be GMing PFS for some of the day, but I'm not sure yet.
  17. I don't know if this is the correct place for this topic; if not, please excuse me for the wrong placement.........Who decides and how do they decide where Reaper Con is held? Is there any chance of it ever being held or coming to Las Vegas, NV? The city has a lot to offer the convention goers and is by no means a stranger to such conventions/gatherings......The (west coast regional) for IPMS International was held in Las Vegas (1970-77) at the Convention Center (drawing about 3800 to 5200 persons) each year...... Stroke & Dagger magazine held (Vegas Con 88 & 89) at the Sahara Hotel (drawing about 1800 to 2300 persons)......Las Vegas hosted a (Dragon Con in 1992)...I can not remember the sponsor publication for this event. I would love to hear feedback from all of you out there as to how you would feel about a fantasy convention in Las Vegas.
  18. The past couple of years, the folks at Comicpalooza here in Houston have been trying to get me to bring my dungeon crawl over for their con. Unfortunately, it usually falls around the last weekend of May, which meant that it has usually followed ReaperCon by just a few scant days. Now, Terri is fairly supportive of my gaming, but even I'm not dumb enough to try back-to-back weekends like that. This year, however, ReaperCon is a month earlier, so I agreed to run the crawl at Comicpalooza. It falls over Memorial Day weekend. I'll be running the crawl 3 slots on Saturday (bascially all day long) and 2 slots on Sunday. Since I'm spanning both days, I'll be using my usual format of awarding prizes to the top players from each table, but also keeping track of the overall top scores, convention-long, on a leader-board at the table. The top 3 scores from the entire con will receive additional prizes! So, if you are local, or even just mostly-local, you might want to come check the event (and the con) out. If I get lucky enough to get my Bones shipment before it gets too close to the con, I might even have Kaladrax out on the table, painted. Regardless of whether or not Kaladrax makes it in time, I will still have over 100 painted Reaper miniatures in use on a massive 4'x8' board constructed by yours truly from Hirst Arts casts, and I can guarantee that some of those figures will be painted Bones from the KS. See you there! ~v
  19. PAX East is in Boston, Massachusettes, USA March 22-24, 2013 We need ONE volunteer who can get to the convention under their own power to help us work the booth and/or Paint and Take. The best candidates for the position will be able to help on the 21st and 25th also. We will provide: Badge in to the show as an Exhibitor. Food before/after work shifts as necessary Hotel room (shared with 1 other adult) Time during the show to play and shop (an hour or two each day) Time to hang with our staff and guests Transportation to and from the con&hotel&meals if necessary Product as additional compensation for time We need: A commitment to be there to help during the show, and with booth set-up and tear down OR to know with certainty that you will not be available for specific times A decent working knowledge of our product, how to assemble, paint, etc. Friendly and well groomed volunteers you to get to us in Boston at our hotel or the Convention Center. Volunteers please send a PM to me. I will select based on how well I know you and whether I believe you will be a good "face" for Reaper in my stead as I cannot myself be there this year*. *That's smack in the middle of planning and real fulfillment, and my responsibilities prevent me from traveling for the duration.
  20. As there has been some technical difficulties I wanted to post about Arcticon 2013, which is scheduled to have a CAV 2.0 demo, as well as a major reaper supported paint and take. Info at www.arcticon.webs.com
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